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  1. As it relates to the PGA TOUR (which is what the OP referenced) the lack of correlation can be explained largely by three factors ... the set up of the courses, the length of the courses, and the distance players are getting off the tee. Most of these guys have nothing more than an 8 iron into the majority of par 4 greens, and coming out of very manageable rough, hitting a green in regulation just isn't a stiff challenge these days. If the courses on TOUR averaged 7,800-8,000 yards long, and the rough grown to four or five inches high, you would most certainly see a greater correlation. Not saying that I'm advocating such things. ;)
  2. I think many people care if their favorite player wins the FedEx Cup. Wouldn't Tiger fans care if it were Tiger? Sure they would. Now if your favorite player has no chance of winning the cup, you're likely to care less, so you are focused on enjoying a great competition. But people still choose sides; if it comes down to a battle between Justin Rose and Justin Thomas, I think many observers would care which one of those two win the cup.
  3. Yeah, it feels like the season is done. GO PATS! :)
  4. Man, that Tiger. Even when he loses, he wins. ;)
  5. I think everyone should go to Paris at least once.
  6. No problem at all. Justin is a wonderful player and a class guy. His consistency has been rewarded.
  7. Congrats, Tony. The USA is going to be very tough to beat. I was so hoping for an even younger team, but guys like Berger, Cantlay and Schauffele just didn't have big enough years. Brian Harman was also a huge disappointment. He was 12th on the Ryder Cup points list as late as the week after the British Open, but he faded down the stretch. But I like our team, and I know both Phil and Tiger will rise to the occasion.
  8. East Lake is as good a course as at least half the venues on the PGA TOUR, which says as much about the tour as it does East Lake. I mean, come on, from June onward we see essentially the same course played week after week.
  9. Seems like Jordan Spieth is finally pulling it together. A victory before the Ryder Cup would be very sweet.
  10. The guys on No Laying Up podcast talk about it all the time. Geoff Shackelford as well. Figures.
  11. No one’s come close to saying that. But Tiger is outplaying Phil lately. The last two weeks Tiger has a T24 and a T40..........Phil has a T12 and a T15. Tiger had a good PGA, Phil missed the cut........but Tiger had 23 putts Sunday including 10 on the front nine without hitting a fairway. He was saved by slow soft greens that allowed him to flag hunt, something that seldom happens in a PGA Tour event. The week prior in the WGC in Firestone, a course that Tiger used to dominate.......he had a T31 and Phil had T24. I see one week in the last month where Tiger played better! Sagarin ranking doesn’t really match the portrait you are trying to paint. http://rankings.golfweek.com/rankings/default.asp?T=world Sagarin ranking?! Who the hell pays any attention to the Sagarin ranking?
  12. I caught a little of Phil's play today between what they showed on PGA TOUR LIVE and the early coverage on Golf Channel. He looked really good. The swing tempo and balance looked great, as did the putting and short game. Hopefully, Phil is getting locked in at just the right time. We'll see if he keeps it going in Philly and Atlanta.
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