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  1. Thoughts on Harry going back to Atlanta to work with Mizuno?
  2. Here is what I would order: Right Hand 50 Degree with a KBS Tour V S shaft in standard loft, length, and lie. I would also order it with a NDMC black/white grip uninstlled in the box as I like to build up my wedge grips myself.
  3. MCC Align My goal this year is to bring my handicap down three points by being more consistent. I feel the consistent placement of my hands on the club will help in this endeavor.
  4. I was in AZ recently and saw these at the pro shop for a whopping $64. Needless to say i passed on playing them. I am happy with my ProV so why bother paying more for a ball that already works for me???
  5. My best golf shot of 2017 was what amounted to a 50ft putt for eagle that was a double breaker!
  6. I am signed up and love the colors of the bag! Match my Blackhawks team colors!
  7. I loved my original hi bore and am excited the hi bore crown is back!
  8. I have used the FJ wind lined sweater that is similar to the Mizuno and it is great. Much pricier though... http://www.footjoy.com/lined-performance-sweater/001HAL.html?dwvar_001HAL_color=27290#pmid=nosale&start=12
  9. I was lucky enough to meet LVMIKE and can say he is a great guy and very deserving. He for sure will provide some great feedback and let us average swing speed players get a feel for the new products.
  10. Hello and thanks for a wonderful opportunity! ​Current USGA handicap - Hmm...I dont really keep one as the kiddo is keeping me from the course. In my head, where most of my golf is played these days, I am around a 3. The last time I kept one consistently I was at a 7. What are your current irons and shafts (be specific) I play Mizuno MP-54 irons in standard L,L,L with KBS Tour V S Shafts. Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? I was fit for my irons and shafts separately. My last fitting was in September 2016 where we found the KBS Tour V To be the best performing shaft
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