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  1. You are exactly right. I had dm'd vokeywedgerep on insta, he got back to me and said the same thing. Really nice guy. Solid addition to my par 3 bag. Thanks for your help.
  2. @drpino That's awesome, thank you. Hosel looks like its stamped BO. I'm in San Diego so I guess it makes sense that something custom would pop up here. It has an R300 in it that looks pretty new so I doubt its tour but I'm still pumped about spending $35 on it. The finish on it a little weird, not sure if its oil can or some kind of botched restoration job. Appreciate your help.
  3. Anybody know what model of Vokey this is? Picked it up at play it again bc it looked cool. Couldn't find it in the Vokey archive. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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