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  1. Looking for a used 3 wood that doesn’t spin like crazy. Stiff flex preferred
  2. They had a display of the Ryder cup attire set up in the merch tent at the PGA Championship. I didn't snap a photo but I bet someone did.
  3. This deal is through ebay as well?
  4. The space patch hat looks awesome. I'll keep looking for when it's back in stock.
  5. I bought a few dozen. Some are like the photos above with "SR3s" but others are followed by a star "SR3*". Anyone know the difference? I found some old threads about the s and dot models but not the star model.
  6. Thank you. I have several Bonobos pants...jeans, corduroy, Weekday Warrior, but no Highland Golf -- despite eyeballing them for quite a while. Your 20% off coupon notification did the trick. Much obliged! How are their jeans?
  7. Looks like this is members only still. Tempted to get a membership but with the nearest costco 100 miles away it's probably not the best idea.
  8. I'm in the same boat, only sams club round here. I'd be happy to take some off a members hands...
  9. Apparently there are shoes in the next box. I'm a little intrigued and may reactivate. Any others? $20 off coupon below.. http://i.refs.cc/k29XcpwR
  10. Think we will see another coupon like this anytime soon?
  11. I'm curious how well the stand bags work on a riding cart
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