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  1. Did you consider the Titleist Premium Carry? Looks a little sleeker and 3 way divider might work better when carrying a half set. I might try that one from amazon since price is good and free returns.
  2. Can the Moonlite be converted to 1 strap? I'm down to 8 clubs in my Hoofer Lite and it's a great walking experience, but thinking of going to a single strap and dropping a couple of more lbs.
  3. I received a dozen yellow/red. Noticed the packaging doesn't mention SERM, and they have a slightly different feel to me vs. white QST when just trying 1 with the putter and bouncing off a club head. I'll probably just exchange them for non-divide.
  4. When you get the X Straps adjusted to fit you correctly they're much better/more versatile than the EZ Fit in my experience. Particularly if you like to use it as a single strap for shorter walks.
  5. Others above were on the right track. Shorten the circled strap in the below pic, then let out slack on the opposite strap. Do this a little at a time and this will move the bag up and to your right side, making the hip pad more centered on your back. Finalize the fit with the front straps.
  6. Some one on WRX posted a great idea with a piece of vinyl inserted thru the zipper compartment, will see if I can find the thread... Edit- here it is...
  7. What's the stand mechanism like on the Utility? Does it bind up the bottom like a Hoofer, or more of an exposed foot type design? Looks more Hoofer like in the pics, but never seen one in person.
  8. Pretty much the opposite- I recently broke par for the first time with just 1 birdie to go with 17 pars
  9. I carry 8 clubs in my Hoofer Lite when I walk. Same feel as a Sunday bag since it is so dang light, but all the convenience of a stand bag. Beats bending over all round and trestle sticks make no sense to me. When I ride I can then put in a full set of clubs and there are plenty of empty pockets to hold things I wouldn't normally carry. One bag that does it all for me.
  10. Good timing, just finished my 1st round with it. It's darn near perfect. Takes a little bit of time to get used to the buttons, but it's pretty simple. Walked today and much preferred it vs my laser as it fits nice in my back pocket. Pull it out get the center of green # and fire away. No fumbling with the laser in and out of the bag, etc. For a casual walking round by myself today it was great. Now if I'm playing a more serious round I might want the laser for more exact #s. But I found it was as accurate as I'm capable of hitting anyways. It also keeps basic score/stats (fairways hi
  11. If it's just dirt/stains, then no. I wouldn't even ask PING as it's not a reasonable request imo.
  12. Just received a Phantom 2. As long as it works as well/better than the original Phantom then it's a homerun. Love the new size and the feel is much more premium than the original. While I probably won't use the clip, it's concept is a huge improvement over the original magnetic clip that was susceptible to accidentally knocking the device off and losing it (though the plastic retainer part of clip could have durability issues). The magnet seems a lot stronger with a larger contact surface area. Will report back after on course usage, but not sure when that will be.
  13. Like new Nikon Coolshot 20 GII laser. Only used 1 round, can't tell it from new. Crystal clear optics, great quality build, has 8 sec scan feature with near target acquisition so it's impossible to miss the flag by just scanning across it. Can also use the scan feature for bunkers/hazards to get distance to the hazard as well as carry distance. Includes everything that came with it (Nikon case, lanyard, battery, booklets, box) as well as an extra Craftsman USA flag case (also used 1 round) that is built just like a Bushnell case. I've had Bushnells and Precision Pro in the past. Build qu
  14. 2.5+ much better if you're walking. Straps on 2.5+ are great and the 1 lb is a big deal to me
  15. I had the Collegiate and the straps wouldn't balance right. Very odd feeling, just hated them. Sent Collegiate back right away. Not sure about the EZ Fit colors. I recently ordered a single strap and they offered that in black and navy.
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