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  1. Not that it should matter if on receipt or not, but did you check your spam/junk mail folders? I know over half the stuff I order ends up with the order email in a junk folder even from websites that don't always go to my junk folder.
  2. They've had some good colors and then some horrendous colors, nothing in between. That said, love the heather grey/navy/red, so I'm good for awhile.
  3. Resurrecting an older thread to see if anyone else swapped into a steel shaft on the U85? I have a 23* with a Recoil 760 F3 and it's just too darn light (364 g total). It also seems a little long. Makes tempo/timing a challenge, but when I do flush it feels great. Don't want to give up on it yet. Thinking about throwing in a 110ish gram shaft and playing it at 38.5". Anyone done something similar?
  4. Maybe a little late, but here's some comparison pics of the Staff CB vs a Vokey SM7, both are 46*. The head sizes are VERY similar; top line of CB is ever so slightly thicker. Obviously I can't comment on CB performance, bought a set on impulse and haven't tried them yet. If anything, going from looking at the CB to then looking at my 52* SM7, the 52* looks a bit larger. However the topline is thinner on the SM7, so it is a bit of a visual adjustment. If I put the CBs in play, I'll have to demo the PW vs my SM7 46*.
  5. They'd be so much better off just sending you the dozen, hopefully they do so. I tried Vice and moved on pretty quick. The Pro lime looked nice and played ok, but it's durability was the worst of any ball I've ever tried.
  6. I've always had better luck choosing contrasting colors for headcovers vs trying to match. Ends up looking better imo.
  7. Probably still a good deal. QST at 3/$50 would be great though. I got them for that price back when they had the 6 ball performance packs on clearance.
  8. I'm not seeing it, budgetgolf.com? QST is my ball, would be all over this. Edit- found the Trispeed Tour for 3/$50, not the QST
  9. $72 seems excessive. If I was the seller I'd have made sure buyer was OK with the extra cost before shipping the package. Of course, no excuse for the buyer taking this long to send the funds since you had an agreement.
  10. Wilson Staff Model CB Forged irons. 4-P, standard length, lie, loft. Dynamic Gold R300 shafts, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in standard size with logos under. Clubs have plastic on the heads except the 5, 7, and 9. Only the 7 iron has been hit and that was only a handful of real balls from lush grass (no sandy range balls). You can't tell it has been hit. Decided to stick with my DBM Forged irons. Asking $850 shipped, no trades please
  11. Just based on driver distance, seems like the F9 with R flex will be a better fit for you. Adding loft will also likely increase distance with slower club head speed, so it should out perform your 3 wood
  12. 5 lbs is fine with the PING double strap as it carries so well. That said, I can't think of any functional reason to go with the L8 over the Hoofer Lite.
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