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  1. I hope things have gotten better since Dec. Won a few things on ebay this week and all were sent by USPS
  2. 14 is already too many. I'd be good with 10 as the limit, but would never happen.
  3. 1. Stafford, VA 2. 8.1 3. ZX5 4. Yes, can test on a course immediately 5. 2014 Nike VR Forged Pro Combo (4-P) 6. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? ZX5- Very slim looks with game improvement qualities and high ball speeds. 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely.
  4. Ebay provides the best profit and quickest sales in my experience
  5. Looks like it's still the 18-19 Lite, and not the regular Hoofer. Think that's accurate?
  6. I don't know how other golf shops are, but my local shop has so many good, barely used wedges for great deals. Used wedges just don't hold value, which is good for those of us that don't care about a few use marks. If you only need 2 wedges, you could do better than $170 by looking for 2 gently used wedges that fit your loft and bounce needs.
  7. I agree on the looks of the 18-19 range and the new Hoofer. My favorite looking Hoofer was the 16-17. Overall, the 20-21 Hoofer Lite is my favorite for functionality and looks, but there are some strange color choices still. The heathered grey fabric has a premium look up close. If I didn't already have the red/navy/heather I'd have a tough time deciding between it and the black/heather.
  8. I really liked the 16/17 4 series. I think the 20-21 is very similar to the 16/17. Straps and puck are an improvement on the 20-21, but I prefer the water bottle pocket on the 16-17. Cart strap tunnel is a big plus on the 20-21 as well. 20-21 also has a very useful mesh pocket and key clip inside the apparel pocket, I don't remember the 16-17 having that, but not sure.
  9. The ecolite is likely better balanced on the back vs 2.5 due to it's strap system. What I think I've figured out is that the Hoofer Lite is so stable on the back because of the 'puck' system pictured below. The puck is not free to move about except for a few inches on just 1 of the straps and so the bag will not teeter totter on the the shoulders like the Sun Mtn 'puck' (also pictured below) which is free to move the full way in either direction on both straps. The 3.5LS and 2.5+ would always allow the bottom of the bag to tip down while walking and I'd have to keep pulling it back up and s
  10. Instead of focusing on how it compares to the regular Hoofer, maybe look at it as one of the lightest bags of this profile/construction type? It actually weighs exactly 5 lbs whereas most bags that claim to weigh 5 lbs are weighing the bag without the straps and rainhood. The Sun Mountain 3.5LS is the only other bag I can think of that has a similar set up and is fairly ruggedly built (not as rugged as the Hoofer Lite imo), it comes in at about 4.25 lbs so a bit lighter than the Hoofer Lite, but it's nowhere close to being as comfortable on the back/shoulders and it isn't as slim looking eit
  11. There were 4 new Lite colors in the link iirc (slate/black, grey/black, some bright monstrosity, and Mr. PING)
  12. My guess is the final value fee will be calculated on the $75 final price since refund was initiated thru ebay
  13. Since a RF is meant to be held right near the eye, I wouldn't have thought eye relief is terribly critical. Maybe a tad longer eye relief would be useful for folks that wear glasses, but that's all I can think of. I've never had this problem with various Bushnells, Nikons, Precision Pros. Have you tried your other eye?
  14. I'd figure out how to issue a partial refund thru ebay for $10
  15. Better Lite pics... https://www.fairwaygolfusa.com/category/select/pid/31336?region=usa&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgfGzlq-K7gIVFU2GCh1qBwCSEAQYAiABEgJ6K_D_BwE
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