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  1. The ability to view what others have bid on and purchased on ebay has become a lot more limited lately. You'd have to look through each item and connect the dots, which folks have done in threads like these before. Personally, I've had lots of good buys from ksourh, quickship, etc but I just use 'buy it now' because their prices are the best and I'd rather spend a few bucks extra than mess around with bidding and having to wait several days extra to get the item.
  2. Like you mentioned, I've only seen Sun Mountain offer a lefty bag. They're great bags though.
  3. I hadn't noticed it before, but the last few weeks have been bad. Love Feherty, but he's hard to listen to at the moment.
  4. He'll be back to the PINGman soon enough, nothing feels easier to release than a skinny ol' PINGman, love that grip
  5. True, but swingweight and grip weight is not nearly the same feel difference as a swingweight change via head weight. The ol 'tricks the scale' applies even more so to putters in my experience.
  6. True, but does putter grip weight actually make much of a difference in feel? I've found texture and size to obviously make a difference, but never really noticed weight to matter much. But then again I have < .001 % of TW's perceptions.
  7. If FedEx doesn't deliver to a PO Box, how was the original label even created? Or was it to be delivered by USPS at the end via SmartPost?
  8. Shipping a bag is another $30+, so $85 to repair a bag is excessive imo. Dallasgolf has new Sun Mountain bags in the $140 range if you don't care that they're last years models.
  9. I wouldn't bother with the repair. Between shipping and repair costs you could almost buy a new bag. I'd just cut the divider out.
  10. Another piece of advice, always round the measurements/weight up to avoid an unexpected later charge and more importantly an upset buyer. For example, 5 1/4" is actually 6" in the eyes of the shipping companies, and 8 lbs 1 oz is actually 9 lbs.
  11. I think igolf is the site/app bushnell uses
  12. PING Hoofer Lite is the closest new bag to the 4 Series. I have one to move along, PM me if interested.
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