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  1. I don't recall if I have refunded anyone since the change, I'll check and if I have I'll see where the fee 'hides'. Edit- I haven't issued a refund since the change. In your scenario, I would expect your balance to show as $0, but would also expect to see a -$3.20 transaction in the 'your activity' section.
  2. If he paid goods and services, you should double-check your account. Bet you're $3.20 shorter than you think. Buyer is unaffected and got his $100 like usual.
  3. Their policy has changed recently, paypal now keeps the transaction fees from the seller. https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/if-a-refund-i-send-is-accepted,-are-the-fees-from-the-original-transaction-credited-to-my-account-faq1672
  4. At least he didn't pay and then ask for a refund before you shipped. If you had decided to go ahead with the refund you'd lose the paypal fees if that's how the buyer paid.
  5. This topic comes up fairly often now, and I'll repeat what I've posted before. The fees on ebay really haven't changed at all. Here's how your fees would have broken down for that sale to TX under the prior ebay model: Total sale price = $233 (with TX taxes of 8.25%, the total the buyer paid was $252.22) PayPal fees = 2.9% of $252.22, plus $0.30 = $7.61 ebay 10% fee = $23.30 Total fees = $30.91 Shipping label = $12.70 Net after all fees = $233 - $30.78 - $12.70 = $189.39 EDIT- my point with these replies is you can figure all of
  6. I'm aware that scammers scour wtb ads. I did request a specific in-hand pic that was provided, which demonstrated the seller actually had the item (not a common item). As I indicated, I'm still optimistic and think it's just a USPS issue.
  7. Agree on benefit of doubt for now, everything seems legit except for the dang "Awaiting Item" status for 4+ days.
  8. Priority Mail, weight probably 4 lbs, relatively normal dimensions I'd guess (collapsible Jones bag)
  9. Agreed, that's why I'm starting to be concerned. Seller has been very responsive via PM and text at least. Indicated his PO never scans when he drops off. If true, I'd request a scan (which I always do anyway).
  10. Just want to get a feel if others are currently experiencing the "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" tracking result for an item they've been told was already handed off to USPS? I bought an item from a brand new member here (I was contacted through PM via a WTB ad I posted). Everything seems legit as I received in-hand pics with a handwritten note in the pic that included the date and golfwrx userid from the member upon my request (since my radar was up with it being a new member and WTB reply). However, I've been told the item was dropped off on Sat, 4/10 and USPS trac
  11. Once you know how to prevent the tangle with a Hoofer then you have the perfect bag. It really isn't hard either.
  12. Just 1 item, a new blade putter cover by AM&E. FCC is Fredericksburg Country Club in VA. Same brand that makes Scotty covers. Asking $35 shipped
  13. My laser is very slim, hoping it fits in the smaller pocket of the Original Jones
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