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  1. Like new Nikon Coolshot 20 GII laser. Crystal clear optics, great quality build, has 8 sec scan feature with near target acquisition so it's impossible to miss the flag by just scanning across it. Can also use the scan feature for bunkers/hazards to get distance to the hazard as well as carry distance. Includes everything that came with it (Nikon case, lanyard, battery, booklets, box) as well as an extra Craftsman USA flag case that is built just like a Bushnell case. I've had Bushnells and Precision Pro in the past. Build quality is better than Precision Pro, and very similar to Bushnell devices. 5 year warranty is impressive. Asking $165 shipped
  2. I had these when they came out, very solid irons
  3. I only buy used except for Maltby heads. I'd say my limits are: $225 driver $150 Hybrid/fairway $500 irons $100 wedge $0 putter- don't need 1, Anser is perfect
  4. I haven't seen counterfeit midsize grips, but I don't usually buy midsize so maybe it's a thing
  5. Those dimensions put you into a much higher rate. Try 36x11x10, or around that, and price will drop a lot.
  6. Anywhere from $15 to $40 has been my experience. For the swift, a 36" x 11" x 10" box should fit. I always use the big 3 websites and play with the dimensions to see what size gets the best rate. Can save you big time if you happen to be just over with any dimension.
  7. I'm thinking the provided receipt didn't clearly show the actual item in question, or Adidas did something really scummy.
  8. If I understand OP's post, that's because Adidas later followed up with interpretation that OP didn't have a receipt so they had to use manufacturer date since purchase date couldn't be established with proof. However, OP indicated receipt was provided, so something weird there.
  9. I'd just keep it. I'd guess you'd net < $100 after shipping and fees, and that's probably not worth the potential regret.
  10. I've had these Lunar Vapors as my primary shoes for awhile now. I only play about 20 rounds per year, they're still comfortable and clean up ok, but will need to replace soon. I love the fit and comfort, what is the most comparable Nike shoe at the moment?
  11. Nike Air Max 1G in size 9.5 (regular width). White/University Blue colorway. I wore these 1 round, prefer my Lunar Control V2. Asking ***SOLD***
  12. Adams. I'll be buried with my a7 PNT
  13. For a 4 way bag or similar, just grab the club heads that are already in the bag in that compartment, and partially lift those up as you're simultaneously putting the club you just used into that part of the bag. When you get used to it it's just as fast as putting the 1 club in and walking away.
  14. Hard to put a # on it like one can for running shoes with mileage. I'd say it's a number quite a bit less than what you indicated you used those shoes for though. Sounds like you think you get to wear shoes until failure then seek a free replacement.
  15. I didn't mean to discount your specific scenario, and it wasn't meant to be personal. I see things in a value mindset. Let's say I got a pair of shoes for $100 and I got 50 or 100 rounds out of them (whatever the # is, it's an individual opinion). Is that about what their value is? To me it is, and so I don't think a company owes me a brand new pair (worth a 'new' $100) when I've already squeezed just about the full value out of the shoes. So in that type of scenario, I'm just tossing them and buying a fresh pair.
  16. Definitely a tough call for the manufacturer is all I'm saying. For example, I don't think a manufacturer should be responsible for most failures after 500 miles or so. As a runner, a shoe becomes basically unusable as far as cushioning is concerned after about 400 miles, so golf shoes have to have a limit as well. What the manufacturer has to do is figure out where that time crossover point is for normal wear/tear vs excessive so they're not having to warranty excessive use items.
  17. Not necessarily. From their perspective, any manufacturer's defect should expose itself relatively quickly. It would become difficult to account for abnormal wear and tear, storage conditions, etc. over a period longer than half a year or so. However, at the same time the manufacturer risks putting off customers by giving the appearance of not standing behind their product. They're in a tough spot with something like shoes.
  18. That's fine, it's a discussion board, no reason people have to agree. Was just offering my opinion that 1000 miles on a pair of shoes is beyond what should be expected for a shoe's lifetime (regardless of warranty period).
  19. I guess we have different types of OCD, hahaha. I find the 14 way to just not organize well at all (and no way I would organize it how you are, no offense!), so my OCD had me constantly fiddling with it. It couldn't be perfected in my opinion, therefore it had to go.
  20. This is why I can't stand 14 way bags. It's so much easier to organize a 4 way bag, and Sun Mtn has an equivalent 4 way that is so roomy that there is no tangle. Plus it's lighter.
  21. In that case I would just buy a new pair and toss the old ones
  22. I'd go Players 4 of those 2, but would also go Sun Mtn or PING instead
  23. I would contact Adidas to see what they say. However, it also would depend on how many rounds I used them. If I used a pair of shoes for 50+ rounds I'd just pitch them and move on.
  24. Almost certainly redundant woods, and might even want to consider scrutinizing the yardages of the 19* and 22*. Might be able to consolidate to a 20* or so and simplify things even more.
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