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  1. Sounds like you have plenty of swingspeed and should just stick with the 4 iron
  2. Thinking about trying out the DBM Forged. Anybody played the 718 AP2 and DBM? Any insights as to how they differ? Similarities? Edit- Here's some Maltby specs, suggests the DBM should be better for me (picker, common miss is thin and toe)... AP2 vs DBM MPF 508 vs 787 AVCOG .803 vs .676 MOI 14.7683 vs 12.529 Cdim 1.266 vs 1.383 ARCOG .417 vs .580
  3. I just received a DBM Forged 7 iron head that I ordered. It looks way better than I anticipated. Finish is flawless and the thin topline is sublime. Going to shaft it up with an AWT 2.0. Hoping it's not as clicky as some reviews seem to conclude.
  4. Completely agree, something like the unis the football team wore last week. Also, those aren't even the 2020 Hoofer Lites.
  5. I wouldn't put much weight into that report. QST is a great performing golf ball especially for the price. Used it a bunch, always with fine results. Not sure if the nonconcentric MGS results are real or not, but even if it's true, in my experience it has 0 impact on performance.
  6. What if there was just a small ding/damage on the back edge where the gapping hole now is? Could a small ding/damage cause enough underlying structural damage to the carbon fiber to lead to what happened? If that box truly had that damage to it upon arrival, and that damage is in the vicinity of where the back edge of the head was, then I see it as possible.
  7. I think the smaller mark in the middle of the damage looks like it could have been significant impact force, but you're right, no way to really know. I've also received mangled boxes with clubs that somehow survived, fortunately I haven't received broken clubs in undamaged boxes.
  8. Ugh, tough one as that box damage looks bad. Hopefully parties can work something out.
  9. Drop a ball in one of the bottom sections, then tilt the bag around, it will probably roll all around the bottom. Or there should be a zipper access to the inside of the bag in the bottom of the apparel pocket.
  10. By "full length" I mean the dividers run all the way to the bottom of the bag. PING stand bags have dividers that run about 75% down due the the Hoofer base. I'd bet that's the case with the Tour as well.
  11. In that case I'd contact USPS, but I think you're going to need the seller's cooperation since technically seller makes the claim with USPS. If it wasn't insured, then $50 is all you can get so might not be worth the headache. Edit- also, if there was a way to prove the buyer's side of the story, then seller should make the buyer whole. But that's a big "if".
  12. It has the Hoofer base, so safe assumption is that they're not full length, but more like 3/4 length
  13. Bad luck for buyer, but if he received in as stated condition and then hit it, it's now his problem to try to work it out with Cobra.
  14. Courses I've played lately in VA are back to regular ol cups, and pulling flagstick when I putt. So much more enjoyable to putt that way.
  15. Iirc, Mr. Wishon was the first I read to indicate offset adds height to shots more than causing hooks. Possibly the club head mass further away from shaft axis causes more shaft tip flexibility?
  16. I would think so. It's long enough that the bottom should sit a good way down in the bag to keep it from coming off.
  17. 1. Bushnell Phantom GPS device. Only used 2 rounds, works perfectly. Includes box, charging cord, and magnetic clip (includes everything that came with it). Screen is free of scratches. Casing has a few marks on it. ***sold*** 2. Sunfish wool knit fairway cover, red/white with pom. Very high quality cover, as good as any out there. New condition. Asking $18 shipped 3. RocketTour skinny sticks black/white knit cover. Used a handful of rounds, no holes. ***sold**** 4. White with navy blue stripes hybrid/fairway cover. New, never used. Made of an acrylic/sp
  18. Agreed on the similarity to Stitch. Personally I find the Metro to be hideous and feel the same about the Stitch bags, but different strokes for different folks.
  19. Oh yeah, then you'll love the added water bottle sleeve, huge difference when walking!
  20. water bottle holder on the 2.5 looks the same to me as the last several 2.5 iterations
  21. 2.5 has a rather significant change with the added pocket above the ball pocket
  22. I'm not into Cameron covers at all, so I don't know much about them, but if that's fake they're getting really good at it. Even has the AM&E tag on the inside and the velcro looks just like an AM&E.
  23. I see a good amount of offset there, though it's trying hard to hide/blend it
  24. Disagree, feel very similar to most forged CBs I've tried
  25. 2020 Vice Pro neon lime balls for sale. $120 shipped. Currently sold out on Vice website. You're getting the bulk rate price from Vice after tax and shipping, but you don't have to commit to 5 dozen. No trades please. (may need to ship without outer boxes)
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