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  1. That could be a weight in the back? Kinda like the old Nike Vapor Fly Composite Driver?
  2. 2/14/2020 launch date Yes, would like to see all the comparisons once they come out. From what I heard the Tour B RX is an improvement in feel without sacrificing distance.
  3. I'm gathering from the reps and early testing from some professionals; the biggest change of this family of tour balls is the Tour B RX, cover seems to be a little more softer and responsive (reactiv cover) around the greens than the previous model and it's not giving up any distance. Supposedly Couples and Rocco are using it now. Any early testers out here?
  4. New TaylorMade Wedges for 2018 or is MG is the line? Any news......
  5. [quote name='TheMoneyShot' timestamp='1450814601' post='12752646'] Thanks for posting these pics! I'm sure they are super comfy but man are these ugly imo. I wonder what the new TW shoes are going to look like? [/quote]No TW shoe for 2016.......this was supposed to be it.....
  6. Nike Golf FI Premier Shoe for 2016........was supposed to be TW 16? What do you think?
  7. Limited edition Nike Covert 2.0 Performance Driver, Blackout version due in May......anyone have any other info? Added pic from another thread... Member dcosby added it http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/936238-photos-nike-covert-20-drivers-fairway-woods-and-hybrids/page__st__360#entry8603491
  8. PGA professional looking for some feedback on shaft comparison. Currently play and have played DG S300 for the past 12+ years, really like how the shaft works for me. Is it worth my time to experiment with a PX 5.5 flighted shaft in my irons, play VR Pro Blades, have always used a forged blade. I prefer a heavier shaft, have no challenges getting the ball up or keeping it down when I need to. Any feedback or experience with these shafts would be greatly appreciated!
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