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  1. 15 years is nothing when you are 65 but I'm happy you responded.
  2. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  3. I found this thread because I picked up a Proto on eBay for $50 and have seen this shaft in many a good driver of the ball hands and I just wanted to read reviews on the By You shaft. I have been using the original Diamana Blue and Red in my Driver and FW woods for 10 years or so and love them when tipped or not tipped properly. Looks like I should be looking at the Diamana Limited now. I enjoyed you thread and hope you make comment comparing the Diamana to the Limited. I'm also curious now about the Nippon 950GH. I'm using my new Apex21 irons with the Elevate ETS in regular. I like how they m
  4. So now in 2021 I go to Aldila site and I'm not seeing specs for the 66,75, and 85 but I do for the 60,70, and 80 gram. But your experience says a lot.
  5. I agree. I bought a set and I couldn't hit the 7-5 iron solid at all and I am a single digit that has played X-14s for 20 years. I could stay with the 14s but I need a change. The Mavs were great up to the 8 iron and I hated the way they scratched up so easy. I sent them back and I am loving the B21 with graphite shafts. Longer and more accurate than the X14s. Easy to hit and I love them. They are much like the Eye2s but better. way better. I never got on with straight blades or forged irons. I like hitting greens. I might be the only cast iron single digit player around. I have had quite a fe
  6. Heavier shaft with firmer wrists will keep it low and consistent is my experience
  7. Try the shafts in the under a hundred dollar range first. Firm tip, softer middle, firmer butt. I use the older Diamana BlueBoard and Redboard shafts. Blue board in my driver. around the 61 gram weight. I have the same driver as you. You will want a lower torque shaft for better control and a heavier shaft will give you more control. The better shafts are stiffer and you may be able to hit regular in those but go with the stiff first in the cheaper shafts. Ebay is a good place to find some better inexpensive shafts. When you can hit a little draw without hooking you have found the correct fle
  8. I spent a couple of hours today hitting balls at Golf Galaxy. Been playing X14s for twenty years with pretty good success. Now my elbows hurt so I decided to try out the Big Bertha irons. Looking for a nice graphite that isn't all over the place. I wanted the Recoil to work but they were terrible.(did not try the ZT9) Tried the RCHi with zero expectations and was totally shocked . Best dispersion, height and distance. I hit over a hundred shots trying to make things work. I didn't have to try that hard when it came to the RCHi. Who knew?
  9. I've played Prov1x for a long time. Tried the RXS and liked it. Played it for a couple of years until the next generation came out. Then I played it and loved it. I played with it all summer and had the best overall scores I'd had for a while. I'm 65 getting scores in the low 70s. Best score last year was 68 on a par 71.
  10. I'm a lower hdcper that plays a cast club. Been playing the X14s since 2000. headcovers keep them nice. Was on a par 3 the other day and hit one that felt really bad. I even turned away. I didn't say anything but I acted like I hated it. I get up to the green and it's 12 feet away on the edge of the fringe. Knocked it right in for a birdie. I want nice clubs but nothing I have hit in the last 10 years has been as good as my X14s. I even have an $1100 credit at Callaway that I would love to spend but the only thing I like are the BB B21 irons. Maybe I'll try the Apex forged when they come out i
  11. Actually the bore hole has a weight in it I believe I read.
  12. No, they came in a degree flatter than my X14s did. I assumed Callaway was consistent in their standard lie and that was my mistake. So when I ordered 3 up, it was only 2up compared to my X14s. Now most would say 1 degree doesn't make a difference but It does to me for whatever reason. When I first got my X14s and had them bent by Callaway to 3 up, I played some rounds and felt like the PW and 7 iron weren't right. I took them to golf galaxy and had the guy check them. He tells me I can't really tell. Then he checked them and said, "I'll be damned, the pw and 7 are 1 degree off" So yea, I
  13. Good info here. I needed to see this. My experience is I bought the reg. Mavs with Elevate95 regular flex. I have played the X14s since 2000 so I thought I would try something new. I score in the low 70s to low 80s. I can dip above and below this range. I absolutely loved the 8-AW. I could not hit the 7-5 to save my life. I don't know why. One thing it may have been was the lie angle. 3 up in the x14 was one off compared to the 3 up Mavs since the Mavs start off 1 degree flatter. Either way I hit the short irons more accurately and higher than the X14s. They were 2 swing weights heavier
  14. My pro told me way back to go with the stiff shaft. I told him I was in between. He said learn to hit the stiff. He said, you will know if is too stiff. Not all stiffs are the same. ha He was right and I played with stiff and it has been good. Now, after 20 years with my X14s which I still love and they look great because of nerd headcovers, I decided to try something new. Mavriks with Elevate95 in regular flex. I sent them back after 3 weeks. They were D3 swingweight and they were long as hell. Almost two clubs longer but the distance was not near as consistent as my short hitting X14s so
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