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  1. I am not trying to throw any bad light at anyone, however having RA is an open book for steroid prescription. My close friend has it and she is supplied all kinds of major heavy meds, that would flag any kind of USADA testing. Phil may be curing his malady while getting much stronger at the same time.
  2. Bringing back the finger lock, great grip. The palm lock sucked
  3. That DFX face felt really good when I had one way back when. Much firmer than the white hot insert, not as mushy.
  4. Titleist 660 Ping eye 2 + Ping Isi nickel jz cushion
  5. Pretty good review, in short he really likes it.
  6. The OG Rapture was the best looking driver ever. The g400 is pretty sweet at address too.
  7. a really great inexpensive set of irons I would buy again we're the Titleist 704cb. stainless steel so they are really durable compared to some of the carbon options. very no nonsense set of players irons.
  8. They probably put it up and bought it back.
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