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  1. One time a single golfer hit into our 3some. He hits a drive 50 yards past where we were walking, it sails about 20 feet directly above my head. Completely flat hole where you can easily see the green/flag from the tee box. I was pissed. We wait at that green so he can catch up with us and play with our 3some (I was against doing this lol). When the other 2 invite him to play with us, he proceeds to make a snide comment about us not playing fast enough. Screw this dude, not gonna say a word to him. He then says that the 4some behind us LET HIM PLAY THROUGH! Really?!?!? How about no
  2. It seems to be new thing that courses are doing, pairing 2 randoms together in the same golf cart. I guess they want to minimize golf cart gas/electric expense as much as possible, but pace of play can be negatively affected.
  3. Really intrigued by the new T200's as a game improvement forged set (ala Mizuno MX-23s) but they only have a "Forged Face Insert"? That can't match the feel of a fully forged set. Maybe a combo T200/T100 set is the way to go.
  4. I've played with plenty of randoms with no issues but something new happened to me over the past few months that I thought would never happen ..... being forced to share a golf cart with a random player. Is that where maybe you the draw line? Case #1: Booked and paid a Golf Now 18 holes with a cart, get there only to be informed that there is an extra $15 fee to have your own cart. I was a little shocked but all 4 of us had fun playing and my golf cart random was a good player, no issues. Case #2: Another Golf Now tee time, paired with a random and only a twosome for th
  5. Wait.....didn't The Open co-leader blast a bunker shot to the other greenside bunker, leading to a bogey and no golfer getting within 1 shot of Collin the rest of the way? The Barbasol FINISHED with a 6 hole playoff..... so yes, that makes for a BETTER finish. Critical thinking is hard .....
  6. Anyone catching the Barbasol playoff? Better than The Open finish hate to say.
  7. How's the longer, lighter driver shaft working for you? A 5mph increase in swing speed and 15 more yards maybe? I have a 44.5", 72ish gram shaft currently and thinking about going with a 46", 65ish gram shaft but worry that the extra distance will translate to less fairways hit.
  8. How are the yardage gaps with all your TSi3's? The strong 3 wood isn't too close to your driver distance and the gap isn't too large between your strong 3 wood and hybrid?
  9. Mark Hensby with a nice 48 on the front 9.
  10. Course reminds me of Pinehurst #2, with less trees and more(and cleaner) sand.
  11. Hate to admit but I do enjoy easier, wide open municipal courses over difficult expensive courses. More of a relaxed vibe, not an overly challenging walk, still have chances to hit greens after mediocre tee shots, rarely any lost balls or blow up holes, driveable par 4's, don't have to spend too much time reading greens etc... Easier courses make you feel like you're a decent golfer when you're average at best lol.
  12. My best 18 ever(77) took exactly 3 hours(6:15am to 9:15am, first group out). OP might be onto something lol.
  13. Wondering if this might be the case. Play everything upright (irons,driver,3wood) but it looks like the 3wood clubhead sits better on the turf when adjusted to a flatter lie.
  14. Why even put Sergio/Munoz on the clock? Literally 5 minutes after the golf analyst announced that fact, Sergio/Munoz had cleared the green they played while Spieth/Kokrak hadn't even reached the tee box. That means Spieth/Kokrak were playing slow too, right?
  15. Sergio/Munoz got put on the clock for slow play. Spieth/Kokrak are a full hole behind now. That means they should be put on the clock, right? Guarantee it won't happen.
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