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  1. I have a heavier head weight for my TS2 that takes it from D3.5 to D7.5. Definitely feel the driver head better throughout the swing and my tempo seems better at D7.5, but do you all experience a loss of swing speed and carry distance with the heavier swing weight?
  2. I've been eyeing a TS2 16.5 for awhile now too. Like the fact that the adjustable lofts range from 15.75 all the way up to 18. I bet it would be a forgiving club off the tee and effective at attacking par 5's with higher, softer landing shots. How's the top end of your bag look? I would have a Driver(adjustable 8.75 to 11), deep face 3wood(adjustable 12.75 to 15), 4 wood (adjustable 15.75 to 18), Hybrid(19) and 4 iron(23). It would be fun figuring out which one of those clubs to drop if I keep a lob wedge in the bag.
  3. That's philosophically my goal with my woods(whether it's actually consistently executed is another story lol). Driver (8.75 or 9.5 degrees, 270ish total distance) - Power fades for normal/long par 4's with no OB/little trouble Deep face 3W(14.25 or 15 degrees, 245ish total distance) - Controlled straight/draws for normal/long par 4's with OB/trouble. Hybrid(19 degrees, 220ish total distance)- Super straight for par 4's 350 yards or shorter. It is annoying when a nutted 3wood off the tee is going longer than the driver. Also I cant really "sweep" a deep face 3W off the deck but a stinger/take a divot 3wood can produce those lowish, running shots that finish longer than a hybrid would, but the hybrid is way more consistent off the deck so why even bother with a 3W off the deck.
  4. Hey MerryTex, Noticed you use Xstiff in your metals but stiff in your irons. Does your driver swing speed hover around 110 MPH and do you swing your irons at 80% or so?
  5. 72... nice!! So the T200's are a good balance between workability and forgiveness? Do they give you good feedback on slight mishits like a normal forged iron would?
  6. Did all the short back-swingers have quick tempos or did they evenly vary between quick, moderate and deliberate tempos? For myself, I know that the longer the backswing, the more likely my swing will breakdown/cross the line.
  7. Looks like AVX and Left Dash are extremely close with regards to half-wedge spin. Guess it comes down to whether you want a very soft or very hard ball.
  8. So if you had to make a list of Titleist urethane balls, from most spin to least spin, would it be this? 1. Pro V1x 2. Pro V1x Left Dash 3. Pro V1 4. Pro V1 Left Dot 5. AVX 6. Tour Speed
  9. Curious about what swing thoughts people find the most successful or effective when initiating a repeatable swing. Visualizing the shot traveling a certain trajectory to the intended target, then reacting? A smooth take away? See the target in a relaxed, positive mindset, then treating the swing like shooting a free throw, bringing back a square club face to the back half of the golf ball?
  10. Driving/tee game is very important ..... putting/chipping/short game is very important.... So does that make your long iron/mid iron game the least important, the part of your game that you should devote the least amount of practice time?
  11. Senden is one off the lead. Check out some youtube clips of his awesome swing. Short swing with a quick tempo, his knee flex and waist/head levels hardly change through out the swing. Really whips the club into the impact zone but swings so smoothly and effortlessly. Master with the long irons.
  12. Let's say you go from playing all the time to something like only 1 round a month with very limited practice... How bad would you expect your scores to get? If you're close to scratch, would staying a single digit be expected/acceptable? Maybe you would go from an 8 to a 12 handicap, 10 to 20 etc....... Or maybe you're one of those players who performs the same, whether playing all the time or just once year lol. I'm sure plenty of golfers have lived this scenario.
  13. One time a single golfer hit into our 3some. He hits a drive 50 yards past where we were walking, it sails about 20 feet directly above my head. Completely flat hole where you can easily see the green/flag from the tee box. I was pissed. We wait at that green so he can catch up with us and play with our 3some (I was against doing this lol). When the other 2 invite him to play with us, he proceeds to make a snide comment about us not playing fast enough. Screw this dude, not gonna say a word to him. He then says that the 4some behind us LET HIM PLAY THROUGH! Really?!?!? How about not being a single on a busy day on the course and join up with a group at the starting tee box like everyone else? It was the closest I've ever come to chewing somebody out on the course. Come to find out this guy recently graduated from Harvard and was going back to Boston in a few weeks for his first biological engineering job. Some people have all the book smarts in the world but zero common sense. Dude just existed in his own little world/bubble. He had to be on the Asperger spectrum.
  14. It seems to be new thing that courses are doing, pairing 2 randoms together in the same golf cart. I guess they want to minimize golf cart gas/electric expense as much as possible, but pace of play can be negatively affected.
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