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  1. What was the simulator/LM they use at your local GT?
  2. SUArmy

    GoLo Toe Hang

    Hopefully, this pic will help you out a bit. On the left, the GoLo S. Center Shafted with what I'd call <1/4 hang. For comparison sake, I put my Redwood Zing next to it. Looks to be more like >3/4 hang on it.
  3. I don't believe that is a badge. It has the same milling marks on it as the CB1 cavity does. I would assume on these that the irons are coloured black, and then the cavity is milled again to remove the finish, and create the milled pattern.
  4. [quote name='bigeasy' timestamp='1294721943' post='2888340'] i have a set of red dot G10 irons standard length and i set of i10s blue dot standard length. when i place these irons on a table or on the floor side by side, the red dots are 1/4 or more longer, ping is telling me this is normal due to difference in lie angle, pics are shown. please give me some input [/quote] [quote name='titleist1' timestamp='1294722543' post='2888360'] Hmmm, Why would lie angle have anything to do with shaft length? Clubs are measured from the end of the shaft to the heel of the sole. Looks to me like one
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