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  1. I love the back look on these. So clean and I love the satin, but much prefer the previous gen from address. The T100s is the unicorn iron for me. First "tech" iron with tons of forgiveness, little offset, decent distance, but can be just as accurate as with blades. Only been searching for an iron like this for 20+ years.
  2. Been a TM ball guy for many years because of their low spin option. Played 13 holes with the new one this weekend and didn't like it. Spun more off the driver and irons and the cover was getting eaten up. I'm either going to hoard the '19 version or switch to the Chrome X LS. Tried left dash already and it spins less than the TP5x. Not a ton, but noticed several chips that didn't react the way I expected them too.
  3. The biggest problem I have with most companies Gap Wedges is the grooves spin the ball too much and you have to loft down to get the proper distance gapping. This was a problem in the SM6's which is the last Titleist wedges I've tried. Have they fixed this issue in the SM8's? I'm wanting to try one again as TM has failed to solve this issue. My PW is 45 degrees and I want what should be a 50 degree next. Thoughts?
  4. Got two great sets of irons today. Only trades I'd be interested in are a set of Titleist T100S or a set of PXG Gen3 T's (can work cash into deal too). Tour Issue Callaway Apex Pro Double Dot H Stamp Raw 4-PW. A pretty cool set that is surely rare. The badges were removed and they added epoxy with tungsten weight in it. They honestly aren't super heavy, but not sure of the swing weight. Shafts are KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff and standard length. Not sure of loft/lie, but lie at least looks standard. Played less than 10 rounds total. Grips are Golfpride CP2 Wrap Midsize. Looking for $1400 $1300 shipped OBO.Fourteen FH1000 4-PW with Steelfiber 95i Stiff in 6-PW and Fuji Pro i95 in 4 and 5 iron (they provided a little higher launch). Standard length and lie, 1 degree stronger in loft. I played these for about 6 months, but take care of them and always wipe the face off with a towel between shots on the range. They are the "newer" version of the FH1000. Grips are Golfpride CP2 Wrap Oversize. Looking for $700 $600 shipped OBO.
  5. Need to be careful when looking for a used set. Ordered one advertised as Dot version, but they weren't. Worked out for the best though, ended up finding some double dot raw ones and they are on their way.
  6. Man, I wish I hadn't just gotten in a set of the single dots and had waited for these. Ugh.
  7. I don't have the numbers, but yes I couldn't get the face to close properly. I feel it laying out open at impact like the toe is lagging behind. I get ball flight I expect with my G400LST so it's either the head or the head/shaft combination that's preventing me from getting the face square.
  8. Does anyone else see that the SIM is fade biased? I can't turn it over to save my life in the neutral setting. I usually hit a straight-ish flight with a little fade and I'm hitting 30 yard slices with it. I usually only have to move the weights when I change the loft, but with this I may need to make it upright and move the weight to draw setting just to get a straight flight.
  9. I've gone back and forth over the years and here's what I've found... Yes game improvement irons make make your misses a little bit better, but if you hit the ball way off on the toe, it doesn't matter what club it is, you are going to miss the green. Blades like cobra's have gotten a little bit more forgiving where you can just miss the sweet spot and still be fine. The biggest difference to me is that when I hit a blade with a good swing, it does exactly what I want flight wise and my distance control is excellent. When I hit game improvement irons with a good swing, the distance is questionable as well as the flight. So my good shots aren't as good with game improvements, but my bad shots may not be as bad. That means when I'm on with GI irons, my play isn't going to be as good and I'm not going to be close to the hole. When I'm bad with GI, it may be a little bit better, but I have enough confidence in my short game that I don't care if I'm 5 yards off the green or 10 or 15. Therefore, I'll continue to use blades.
  10. After trying SL I think this is one of those things that in theory sounds great and makes sense, but it just doesn't work in the real world. The long irons in SL are crazy hard to hit and get the right flight and distance. I was told, "oh just replace your 4 and 5 iron with a hybrid", but that just doesn't make sense to me. If it doesn't make it easier to hit long irons and makes it more difficult to control the shorter irons then I don't see any benefits in doing it. Even supposedly having the same angles during every swing is a great "in theory". But tell me how many shots a round you hit where you have a perfectly flat lie and are hitting a perfectly full shot? Sure every par 3 you should have a flat lie, but how often are you in between clubs on them? The iron game is about making small adjustments to get distance, trajectory and spin correctly. As much as I would love to say you only need one swing to hit irons, it just simply isn't true.
  11. Putter is sold, the Scotty headcover is still available. Send me some offers!
  12. I've got two putters I need to get rid of. I always do first to paypal gets it. [email protected] Prices include shipping. 1. ~~Scotty TEI3 Santa Fe - 35 inches. BOS did the refinish on this with their Chocolate Patina x3 finish. I had it refinished about 3-4 years ago. Used, but cared for since the finish. The sole has worn most of the finish off, and there are some small scratches on the top of the toe and on the heel. You can slightly see the ones on the top of the toe at address, but it's not bad. I tried to get a good pic of the rainbow colors in it and you can see it on the face well. The insert was sand blasted to give it a rough texture which made the feel a little softer. No dents in it. Comes with a white Matador grip and ~~a St Patty's day headcover (also used). **_Putter is SOLD!!!_** The headcover is available if anyone wants it. **_$70 shipped_** [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/y7/bx9onw9jixs4.jpg "") 2. Bettinardi BB1F - 35 inches. Not used much. Light scratches on the sole, but the rest of the finish is in excellent shape. No dents in it. Comes with stock grip and headcover. **_$190 Shipped_**
  13. > @QuigleyDU said: > > @IHFN said: > > > @QuigleyDU said: > > > > @IHFN said: > > > > Thanks for the info guys. I agree that low spin isn't the ticket, it just surprised me at how much more spin these had compared to the rest of the irons in that test. I expected them to have more spin than several items especially the Apex Pro's and 760's, but didn't think it would be over 1k more. I was hoping I wouldn't need to order them a degree strong as that will increase offset and I'm a headcase that can't aim irons with offset. I'll go try and demo one today and see how it is stock, but based on previous experience with cobra irons (2017 MB, Amp Cell Pro and Fly Z Pro) I'll likely have to bend them at least a degree strong. > > > > > > I have hit the MB 7 iron with the $-taper 130 x shaft a ton. I doubt that these will spin any more than those did and I didnt not find those to be "high" or overly spinny. I went all CB's just because I wanted a little more forgiveness. > > > > Yeah, I was hoping they would be a little less spin because of the weight in the sole of the club, but it looks like it didn't change much. > > I would think weight like that would increase spin not decrease it. Right?? more weight low in the head? If they wanted to reduce the spin they would put it in the top line. These do have a high vertical center of gravity though. It is a little bit higher than the previous model. > > > > > The lower the CG the less spin. Essentially if you impact the ball below the CG, you will have a lot of spin, if you hit above the CG, you will have less spin. Think about it in a driver. You hit high on the face and it spins less because the impact is above the CG. If you hit low on the face, it spins more because you are below the CG. The same works for irons as well. It's interesting that the VCOG is actually higher in this years version. I wouldn't have expected that...
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