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  1. Titan Golf at Birdies and Buckets driving range in Surrey advertises lots of custom work they do, so that could be an option. The owner and club repair guy came from this overpriced place in Richmond called Partee golf, and are good guys. GolfTown Richmond was saying a 10 day turnaround just to even get a regrip done now, so would avoid them.
  2. Just curious if anyone knows who this guy is? Long blonde hair with a visor, and always seems to be walking inside the ropes with the final groups on the weekends. Today he is walking with Mickelson/Spieth/Cantlay. Maybe with the PGA Tour or Golf Channel? Seems like he has a dream job just walking inside the ropes all day long. Not sure if he is actually doing anything? lol
  3. I saw on Instagram that Richmond (BC) Country Club will be opening up for it's members, and just allowing 2 somes out with staggered tee times
  4. Played Surrey golf club on the weekend, social distancing signs and messaging are up all over the place as soon as you enter the parking lot. They have one inch cups so you can still put, all ball washers are covered up, and believe they took away all of the bunker rakes. They only allow one person at a time in the proshop, and do have those big plastic shields up for the proshop staff which is nice. They also had a couple extra marshalls out patrolling as well, so you would see one every couple holes. They can't control human behavior though, so its really up to the golfers to keep their distance, and this is only real an issue on the tee boxes and putting greens. I saw online that Redwoods staff saw a couple golfers giving each other high fives and they were kicked off immediately, so they are kind of acting like mini bylaw officers themselves as I'm sure they get the city bylaw people coming to check on them. I just wanted to also mention that Fraserview/Mcleery/Langara allow you to walk around on the courses without issue, and it's a nice break just to avoid the crowds and get some fresh air. They do have marshalls patrolling to make sure no one has any golf clubs, but they don't care if you walk on the courses which is nice. Tsawassen springs also lets you walk around out there.
  5. Pagoda Ridge website says they are closed for Covid. Slim pickings out there
  6. Some old guys patrolling Langara to keep all golfers away.
  7. Langara/Fraserview/Mcleery now all closed. Just park at Langara and hop the fence like during the garbage strike a while back.
  8. LUCKY15 promo drops it to $211 on Maple hill website
  9. Just sit in front of a computer all day .. works for me ..
  10. Langara certainly isn't a great course, but it is the only one easily accessible via skytrain, and is one of the last remaining affordable courses in the region for "average middle class" folks in Vancouver. This topic keeps coming up every couple years by some pro-development group/city council, and unfortunately this does not look like it will ever go away. I live in the area, and the notion that the course needs to be torn down to make room for more condos is ridiculous considering the current state of Cambie St. The new Oakridge development (~$2000 per sq ft condos) is only Ian Gellispie and Mayor Moonbeam 2.0 targeting foreign $$ as we all know, and it will just be completely empty once complete. The corner of Cambie/Marine drive currently has like 300-400 empty units apparently, and we need to tear down golf courses to build more?? The original promise of the Cambie Corridor was to be a mix of rental/middle/luxury condos with some stores at the bottom, but once the shovels hit the ground, it's all just 100% luxury condos with locals priced out of the market. Langara already has a great 3km walking track around it, and is supposedly very busy with seniors Monday-Friday. Queen E Park is a 2 min drive up the street if you are looking for more park space. But I do realize this is prime real estate, and does have a shelf [email protected] You can have Peace Portal .. that walk up and down those ravines every hole sucks .. lol .. but is a great workout.
  11. Just came back from Palm Springs, and yes, I would agree the Mountain Vista San Gorgonio course is the better of the two. But was really just commenting on the lack of houses (in play) and for the easiness of the courses. The Santa Rosa course has big side hills on each hole so you have to try really hard to lose a ball out there. Also just played Mission Hills Gary Player, and it’s only like 6100 yards from the whites, so it’s very beginner friendly as well.
  12. Escena or Mountain Vista (Santa Rosa course) are a couple good choices.
  13. I don't know anything about The S at Rancho Mirage, but they have a 2 player for $170 deal at Underpar.com .. says Private course, so guessing it's not bad?https://www.underpar.com/courses/the-s-at-rancho-mirage Terra Lago North is a bit of a b**ch .. some good nice views, but is the harder of the two courses and isn't really that fun if you are spraying it. I would play Eagle Falls down the street for $95 in a heartbeat over Terra Lago.
  14. My friend has a house in Indio that we stay at near Terra Lago/Fantasy Springs casino, and it's nice and quiet up there. Yes, it is a little bit out of the way, but all of the amenities are up there, and it's super easy to hop on and off the freeway to go wherever you like.
  15. Thanks as always Pete ..
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