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  1. Gonna give it a try as soon as the season starts. Thanks for the review!
  2. ShepTR

    3-pw iron set

    I wish I could hit my middle irons as well as my long irons; I have no idea why I can hit a 3i and not a 6i. So much so I just bought a 2i for tight tee shots and low punches under trees. Anyone play a bag with long irons, middle hybrids, and short irons? Hm...
  3. We ran into a couple of those speedy play people last week on the course, who also did us the honor of both hitting into us when they felt we were playing slow, and then when asked why, insulting our golf games! Not to mention they were more than twice as old as us. Clearly regulars who though they owned the place, even though its a public course! For the record, we played 9 and finished in just under 2 hours. Really spoiled a beautiful day on the course, even though my play wasn't so beautiful.
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