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  1. Yesterday I played a yellow Pro V1 2019 version that I found. I hit this ball farther than any other ball I ever hit including the same ball in white. Is it possible that the yellow one is longer than the white?
  2. Epic Flash 5W is very easy to hit and you can lower the loft by 1 degree. I am surprised more folks are not fans of this!
  3. I used them for a few rounds. The stock $ taper shafts were too stout for me and the stock grips were very slick in the humidity. The heads are fantastic.
  4. Any interest in PXG 0211 4-PW with TT Elevate Tour Stiff in 5-W and Ctsper s+ in 4 iron? All standard in excellent condition?
  5. My brother in law has the M2 HL 16.5 with AD-DI 7s and it’s a ridiculous combo. And he uses 75 gram graphite shafts in his irons. He hits that 3 wood so well i wonder why he even bothers with his M1 driver w 50 gram Tensei blue. I hit it too and am jealous:)
  6. mackberg

    Rogue Pros

    6 I ordered a set of 6-pw to try for 335 w discount.
  7. Agree w cradd i am a 4 index and have never shot under par:(
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