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  1. Jordan golf shoes from Dicks ($100!), 54 and , and 58 Ping Glide 2.0 wedges, and PRGR launch monitor.
  2. Titleist 755 irons was the 1st "nice" set of irons I ever had. Got fit on a local range by the local Titleist rep. Actually just bought a used set off of ebay, PW-4, for $99 to keep at the beach. They are in great shape.
  3. +1 for Club Pro Guy. I have his "Drive for show, punch out for dough" shirt. Nice, soft cotton-poly blend. Good quality shirt. Fairly fitted. I wear a 42 jacket and the large is a bit snug but not terrible.
  4. I'm a low ball hitter and play a Callaway XR 5 wood and 7 wood (no 3 or 4 wood). XR 5 wood is a beast so it goes plenty far. Liked it so much I hunted down a 7 wood (as a prior poster said, sometimes finding a Stiff shafted 7 wood can be tricky unless you custom order). I've hit a lot of good shots with the 7, but I'm currently experimenting with a 2 hybrid to see if I can get a little more control.
  5. I was at Fripp Island for the 1st time May 2-5 for a golf trip (24 guys). I really enjoyed the experience. Both courses are in great condition but I'd say I preferred the Ocean View course. Creek course has some nice views of the salt marsh though. Wildlife is abundant and the deer will eat right out of your hand. Guys that had been there before warned against searching near ponds because of the gators and I did see a few big ones. Amenities wise, it's pretty sparse. There is a pool and tiki bar that overlooks the ocean and there is a restaurant in the marina. The Ocean View course has
  6. I've got a woven/web J. Lindeberg belt in navy that I wear all the time. You can find Nike, Under Armour, Adidas...etc for less than $50 easy.
  7. I try not to think of anything except for holing the putt. After I pick my intended line I use a line on the ball and square my putter to that. After that I just try to put a good stroke on it. I don't do any practice strokes or anything. Kind of the Dave Stockton approach I guess. Just let instinct/athleticism take over. When I practice I will do practice strokes and use putting aids to groove my stroke, strike, and speed in hopes that all that carries over into my round.
  8. You can get a decent box set of Ladies clubs at Dicks/Golf Galaxy to start. I bought my wife a used set off of ebay a few years back. She's a lefty so that was a little more difficult to find. I think we've actually played 9 holes once since she got them but it was fun. We just laughed and drank some beers and enjoyed our time together really. She does like to go to the range as a family, though (we have 2 kids that like to hit balls on occasion). Good luck!
  9. I was a Footjoy/spikes only guys for years and bought a pair of spikeless, skate-shoe style Nikes to keep at the beach. Like them so much I started buying spikeless at home, too. For some reason I feel like I hit the ball better in the spikeless shoes? Maybe because my feet feel flatter on the ground? I have not noticed a lack of traction. Also, the last time I changed my spikes I had a heck of a time getting them out so there's that solved...
  10. Thanks for the opportunity Golf WRX and Cobra! Have heard great things about the F9!
  11. That Toulon may have everything I'm looking for in a putter - plumbers neck, alignment line on top with help from the wings, stability...Hmmmmmm. How do you like it?
  12. Looks like an original Ozik Program shaft. I've got the Program 130 in my wedges and they have similar graphics.
  13. Great bag! How do you like the full set of T-MBs? Do I see an AP3 in that last pic?
  14. I picked up a set of Adams XTD Forged Irons earlier this year and really like them. Don't see them leaving for a while. Actually got them LW-5.
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