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  1. I've used many balls. My last favorite was the TM TP Red, but alas..... I use ProV1 and V1X these days - more V1. I've been through E6's, TP3's, 330 RX's, Chrome's, and a few lower-level balls. I always seem to come back to the V1's. For reference, index 9.2, ave drive 235-250 with roll (depending on my swing that day). My favorite part about V1's is their utter stopping power on the greens. Whereas I may get as much as a club longer with , say, the E6's, I can't make 'sm stop for the life of me -- not like the ProV's. I have only tried the 330 RX's a couple of times (balls I found) but I did not like 'em -- seemed too soft or something and I didn't get as much distance. I've heard the NXT tour and Tour soft are great balls, but never tried them either. Anyway, bottom line, if my game is on that day ('On' means 78 or lower for me) the ProV's work spectacularly. They just do what I tell 'em to. And even if my game is not 'on' (80 or above), they perform extremely well. Ymmv.
  2. I am frustrated with the Open, but not because of quivering balls, or high winds, or stocking caps, or the obvious lack of Tiger Woods articles and gossip (kidding). I am frustrated because I cannot see it at all. ESPN got the bid - and I assume it was because maybe the Open won't bring in the bucks on regular TV? Lemme 'splain. I don't have cable. I declared war on cable 15 months ago, after my provider gave me a 'better deal' that ended up costing more. I declared war after discovering many channels are now compressing shows so they can get 90 seconds more of commercial time in for every half hour of broadcast (that means, folks, that in a half hour, you are seeing about 19 minutes for many channels, and even less for others - AMC comes to mind - the absolute world champion of taking a 2-hour movie and transforming it into 4 hours). And I declared war after seeing my milllionth Total Gym infomercial - so old by now the film is actually getting 'fuzzy'. Or new vacuum cleaners, or fitness gizmos, or fat cures, or something.....but bottom line is that I refuse to pay a monthly fee to see commercials. If I'm gonna watch commercials the broadcast should be free to watch, but right now, the providers are getting income from me (well, not any more), and the infomercials, and advertising revenue..... Yeah, I'd love to watch the Open Championship! But the PGA/R&A allowing it to get locked up like this is frustrating. It is a shame, because since the future of broadcasting is streaming video, it seems like the PGA/R&A would have figured out a way to provide broadcasting without letting the talking drones on ESPN lock it up for only their subscribers (and fill it with infomercials, commercials, etc, etc ad nauseum) Not really a shame because I can't see it, but a shame because it is just another notch in the declining interest in the game by millions of younger viewers - the viewers who have rejected pay-per in lieu of streaming.
  3. I've been getting free GD magazine for years because i buy from Rockbottom golf. Today I got the 'Pathetic Little Gretsky' issue. I immediately went to the GD web site and cancelled my subscription. This is cheap pandering to adolescent libidos and the worst I've seen from anyone in a long time. I now HATE Golf Digest, and will never read that pathetic rag again. Not worth it. No wonder golf is fu#$i&g dying in this country. Maybe it'll begin to come back when the young golfers can learn to read and write instead of ogle and when the stupid rags out there can provide some real insight or intelligence.
  4. I tried 'em a couple of years ago (probably from the same ebay seller), and did not care for them. Seemed too hard, not as elastic as some others, flimsy, and the cord work seemed kind of sloppy. The GP NDMC's feel better to me, with a slightly bigger butt end and better-feeling corded area. But I also found the NDMC's lower rubber part gets a little 'slicky' pretty quick - too quick for the money they cost. This year I went to Crossline cords - got a steal of a deal off Ebay. I like 'em better - great feel, very good in wet weather, and to me they last longer than either the NDMC or the Sharpro's. But the best all-around grip for durability, wetness control, feel, softness, hardness, etc is Lamkin PP 3Gens (at least for me). Plus, the PP's also come in a longer wedge grip (which comes in handy, since I cannot seem to hit a green any more...... ) Next time it'll be either Lamkin Crossline cords or Lamkin PP 3gens.
  5. Probably a 9 or 10. I say 9 because my group gives a mulligan on the 1st tee (only) to compensate for latecomers and non-warmuppers. I play by rules the rest of the way. Hit from proper tees, play where it lies, provisionals from the tees, accurate drops, etc. Some guys give away short putts to expedite the game, but I prefer to putt out every time (because I'm not a great putter I need to putt alot). Pet peeve: When I begin to play with someone, and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "Well, the way WE play is...". ******** You can play golf or you can "go golfing". I prefer the former. Some folks prefer the latter. And that's okay, as long as they don't shove their low score at me and brag about their game. That's kinda stupid.
  6. [quote name='596' timestamp='1378482064' post='7806995'] I must be hard of seeing.......I've never seen a "line" on the green in any color what so ever. And I'm an excellent putter. Please let me know what drugs you guys are taking [/quote] "Havana Banana"....
  7. Yes (generally). I usually do a plumb-bob to gain a sense of the slope, then stoop to read. Plumb-bob is good but not foolproof and must be reconciled with an opposing view. THEN the line becomes very visible.
  8. I was able to keep a Bionic awhile last year, but just couldn't get past the price(s). I usually make a glove last many rounds, but this year I switched to Crossline corded grips and I am TEARING MY GLOVES UP faster than I can buy 'em - especially in the hot weather - like maybe a round and a half or two rounds for a glove!! Going back to my beloved PP 3gens.
  9. [quote name='dan360' timestamp='1377999002' post='7779205'] [quote name='plus8' timestamp='1377997593' post='7779081'] I agree - I like these better than the ProV's. But when the TP3's dropped so low in price, I bought a truckload of them off The Bay. But the C4's are definitely an outstanding deal for the money. Wonder who makes 'em for MG? Weren't the old ones - I believe - the old 'Black Max' design? Wonder who makes the new ones? [/quote] I read somewhere they were the Hogan Tour Deep [/quote] Oh, yeah, that's right.... Tour Deeps. But I think that was the older model of C4 - before the 'new improved' C4. Don't know who makes that one. It's actually been awhile since I used these so I really cannot speak to more recent cover durability or anything. I do remember peeling a little cover off of the old ones with newer wedges though.
  10. I agree - I like these better than the ProV's. But when the TP3's dropped so low in price, I bought a truckload of them off The Bay. But the C4's are definitely an outstanding deal for the money. Wonder who makes 'em for MG? Weren't the old ones - I believe - the old 'Black Max' design? Wonder who makes the new ones?
  11. [quote name='Wriggles' timestamp='1377347813' post='7736427'] [quote name='KE60Ping' timestamp='1377336569' post='7736167'] I was on the golf course yesterday, it was the perfect day for golf. Sunny, beautiful, a slight breeze, the smell of 'golf' in the air. Everything was just perfect, ya know? It really took me back, because I've been playing golf for 45 years. It's one of the few things you can just plain enjoy in this sometimes whacky world no matter what. I didn't have the best score of my life, but on the back nine I hit all nine greens in regulation. It was just one of those days. It was sort of funny because I came home, and there was my dear wife, and she said "how did it go?", and I said "fabulous, in fact I hit all nine greens in regulation on the back nine". I might as well have said "I have square grooves on my wedges, but it's OK until 2024" Anyway, I play golf because it's the one thing I really enjoy no matter what score I end up with, because I have been able to play it all my life and love every minute of it. Why do you play golf? [/quote] Like you, I've been playing golf for over 45 years. I've enjoyed almost every minute I've been on a golf course. I can play very well, and I can play very badly. I never know what game is going to rear its head. But bad or good score, golf makes me feel glad I'm alive. As I grow older, I enjoy playing alone more than ever. When I was young, I literally hated to play alone. On a golf course, I am one with nature. Nothing is more beautiful than an uncrowded golf course in the early morning or near sunset. The last scene in the "Bagger Vance" movie says it all. Jack Lemmon, pulling his clubs, on his way to meet his Maker. That scene brings tears to my eyes. That's the way I want to go, albeit not likely. [/quote] Well Said! For me, I played at it some when I was younger - before kids, mortgages, career demands diverted my attention. Started back up 3 years ago. Why? Cameraderie with the other guys "who've made it this far"; exercise; something to drive me to get better at; oneness with my surroundings; and Balance - especially when I'm walking the course alone. Nothing like walking my course - by myself - and hitting new shots, making GIR's in the wind, feeling a chilly wind sting my face, finding some lost ProV's in the OB areas, wondering if I can get that extra three yards out of my clubs, looking for (sometimes finding, sometimes not) my perfect swing - or wondering why it disappears so suddenly ..... For me, golf is a mystery - the better I get, the more complex and interesting the game is, and the harder it is to get even better. ******************** In my younger days, I did a lot of solo backpacking in the back country. I think golf is sort of like the Appalachian Trail. It doesn't change. It is the same, and has been the same, inviting but unyielding, rewarding but fickle, harsh but sensual. Golf has no sympathy or love. It will not yield. I have to yield. I have to adapt, to accept its superiority, and become part of my surroundings in order to thrive.
  12. [quote name='BlkNGld' timestamp='1377191224' post='7726056'] I think you're like a lot of gear hos. For a while it's all about the score. Whatever gets the lowest score possible. Then it turns into 'yeah, but...'. Maybe I've gotten to where I can hit those great looking, sweet feeling clubs. Go demo them. Hey, I can hit some GREAT shots with these, and that great feel. I just need to practice more. Really. Then the cycle repeats itself. One options is to hang onto the Mizunos and go get yourself a set of G25s or some other SGI club. If part of this is that you just really like getting new irons every few years, there's nothing wrong with just staying in the cycle. Get whatever lets you get the most fun out of the game at the time. Oh, and the AP1s really are a nice compromise club :-) [/quote] There IS a point to be taken on this post -- I, myself, spend a few scant seconds from time to time, during some rounds, thinking about getting some irons that are easier for me to put a good cut on - I can draw the heck out of them whenever I want, but those soft little finesse high fades are a little (a LOT) more difficult for me with these 800 pro's.......but that is not for today. Right now though - today - your job is to get dirty. P.S. AP1's are NOT a compromise club - they are a GREAT club! Certainly not a Mizzy of course, but not bad.....
  13. [quote name='ColinMB' timestamp='1377132256' post='7722426'] I spend a lot of money with instructors... too much. I am assuming at this point I suck too much for something like 825 pro's but for the sake of this thread I really kept track of my last round which happened to be a competitive match so I was really trying. I shot 42-39= 81. On the front 9 I put a friggin ball in the water on 8 to give myself a double bogey (off the tee it over faded into a slice and instead of a short cut I was looking at a very long drop.). As the round went on I made sure to count every shot... fairways, irons, putts. It turned out my putting was very poor. I didn't 3 putt a ton, but never one putted even if I had 4 feet for bird. I had an eagle attempt from just off the green... about 15 feet to the pin, and sure enough that was my only birdie. And that is sad because I had several shots at bird and I plain sucked so bad from outside of 3 feet my playing partner (who is an amazing putter) had me trying some kind of funky claw grip thing just to get my mind off of the line/speed. I played another 9 holes to break a tie, and after 27 holes I found number one fault was my putting. Number two is my iron play from 170+. (who can't hit an 8 iron, right?) So I'll continue my lessons, and practice but not sure what to do with the iron situation. [/quote] Dude, it's in the dirt. Period. Your first post sounds like me (and, I assume, a lot of others). I also ended up with JPX 800 pro's after cruising through some old Dynacrafts, Ping I15's, a (very) short stint with some Cobra S2 graphites, etc, etc, ad nauseum.... I can say that while the 800 Pro's do let you know if you hit something badly -- well, they ALL do -- so you shouldn't feel special about that part. Next thing is, if you are a 9 index, you already ain't a bad golfer, just inconsistent (just like me and Phil Mickelson - so you're in good company ). I love my 800 Pro's with their combination of forgiveness and workability, and the only change I've made is that I went from S300's to R300's this year - and I am loving them even more! I realistically cannot imagine hitting anything else in the foreseeable future. That having been said, the G25's seem to be making a splash these days, so if you really have lost confidence in your clubs - and if it is worth $800 to buy some more confidence - then go for them..............but that's not the problem if you're hitting JPX's - they are frankly quite forgiving - in fact, I'd say an iron that's any more forgiving will hide your feedback and may even stifle your own development. The problem is your swing consistency. If I were in the same boat you're in right now, I would spend some time in the dirt, swinging, taking divots, target practicing, working alignment and takeaway (and finish - especially finish if you are pull-hooking everything), and keeping focused. After years with Pings (eye 2's, I3's, I15's), my discovery of Mizuno really helped my game and made me want to practice more (in the dirt, that is). BTW, your mention of putting was significant. I dropped several strokes when I went with a ctr-shafted rossie-style putter. The fact is that your putter is twice as important as your driver - maybe THREE times as important. Why? because you're hitting your driver 9-13 times and your putter 30-36 times. Like others have said, get in the dirt and practice - then get on the green adn the fringe and practice. And I wouldn't spend all my marbles on lessons, either. You've already done that. Some lessons are good to burn in the fundamentals - like impact position, takeaway, grip, etc, but eventually everybody has to find their own 'spot', and I think too many folks externalize their flaws by trying to copy some pro's swing, or some TV swing, or some video thing. Heck, you're already a 10 hci. Just accept that fact that it is just as hard going from 10 to 7 as it is going from 20 to 10. Maybe harder.
  14. I live there and play Carolina Club and the Pointe regularly. The Carolina Club is interesting and affords a challenge, particularly from golds or blacks - Pointe is more open while C-Club has some woods and a good amount of trouble to get into if you're not making shots that day. Both are in great shape right now and both are lots of fun. Only issue is this time of year - peak tourist season - lots of visitors don't bother repairing their ball marks on the greens, so please do that. When the wind kicks up, they are both different beasts. Kilmarlick (about 1/2 mile north of Pointe is nice I hear, but too expensive for what you get imo. Nags Head Links is also good - links style. I do not particularly care for SeaScape - feels cut up (which it is) due to residential construction - but some folks like it alot. Duck Woods is a semi-private place with challenging fairways and great greens. Others include Currituck Club (expensive), Grandy Golf Club (not a great course but it's cheap), Holly Ridge (I played this one once - okay to bring the kids and bang it around but not my cup of tea), and Eagle Creek (way up north by the VA border - and not at all worth your time). I you take a left toward Manteo and go inland that way, you can get to Sound Links at Albemarle Plantation - another great course and depending on the rough that day very challenging. Fun layout. Also out that way is Scotch Hall - Arnold Palmer course and another great option. Scotch Hall will also bite on a breezy day - lots of water there. Personally, I would highly recommend the Pointe/C-Club for you - if you repair your ball marks, that is..... Hope this helps.
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    [quote name='ejmac' timestamp='1374114999' post='7478366'] I have whopping $35 in mine and no intention on it leaving the bag, generally 32 putts per round with no less than 5 lipouts that just have easily could have dropped in the hole. Just gotta go with what works for you the individual. [/quote] 32 Puts per round??? I'll give you a thousand bucks for it.... ....just kidding.
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