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  1. I am really interested in upgrading my shaft in my putter (Diamana, Stability, etc.). I am wondering if an upgraded shaft and the improved feel matters in a MALLET putter? Curious to see if anyone has installed one and has the feeling changed much?
  2. North Haven, CT 6 Titleist TS3 22* Evenflow Black 90 stiff Stiff Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YES!
  3. Looking for some ideas. Have played PSI (non tour) and looking to make a change. What worked for you?
  4. I got fitted for Nippon Modus 105. Not really loving the feel. Maybe the lighter hears and the lighter shafts make them feel too light. Any other experiences to share?
  5. I am high 90's and was fitted for a G400 LST. Haven't pulled the trigger yet ($$) but I plan on it.
  6. Has anyone compared the PSI (non-tour) vs P-790?
  7. TM Name: fazzy75 Current driver: TM M2 ('16) 10.5, Aldila Rogue 70 stiff Current handicap: 5 RH
  8. Current USGA handicap: 4.5 (but I play like 8) What are your current irons and shafts: TM PSI with KBS Tour 105 stiff, 1* flat & 1* strong Were you fit for your current irons? Yes. TM Experience in Las Vegas, NV Why? I play cast clubs now but I really like the feel of forged after hitting some Mizuno's earlier this year. What holds me back is this perception that I won't be able to get the distance & forgiveness that I get from cast irons (play PSI and Rocketbladez before that). So I want to challenge my theory with some real-ball data and share it with those who have this same idea
  9. I hit the APEX CF16 with recoils in them and like the feel and the distance improved. I really like my PSI irons so I can just have them swapped out.
  10. Thinking about re-shafting my TM Psi irons from KBS Tour 90 to UST Mamiya Recoil 95's (not prototypes). Anyone have any experience moving to Recoils whether with TM or otherwise? Is it work the time & expense? Thanks.
  11. Current USGA handicap: 3.6 State the goals for your golf game in 2017: Specifically, I need better iron consistency and a more accurate short game. Coming off knee surgery in 2015, 2016 was a rebound season with little expectation other than to enjoy myself. It was also my 40th birthday too boot. After the surgery, I know my swing has changed due to my posture being different and a little less mobility. So my goals for 2017 are to get back to consistency and to hone my short game. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at Callaway Golf: First of all, I am an equi
  12. **All Items Sold** Three shafts for sale today. Graphite Design 1. AD-DI6s Black Version TM Tip 44in tip-to-butt No grip $sold$ 2. BB6s TM Tip Golf Pride Cord Grip 44in $sold$ 3. AD-DI7s Callaway Tip Golf Pride Cord Grip 42.25in $sold$ All prices include UPS Ground. Will Tues. 9/6 on account of Labor Day holiday. US only. Paypal. DI6 tip. BB6 tip. DI7 tip
  13. Aeroburner TP Fairway Tour Issue Purchased from Taylormade's THE VAULT site (will produce invoice if required) see photos for specs Condition: Brand spankin' new Shaft: Graphite Design ADDI7s Grip: Golf Pride Cord Shafted by professional clubmaker For sale only. No trades Price: $212 via UPS, add 5$ west of Mississippi Paypal only.
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