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  1. UPDATED PRICING -- Act now before these hit the Bay! Srixon Z Forged 6-PW and Z785 4-5 $Taper 130x Clubs are in good shape with a small ding on the 6 iron topline. See pictures. $600 $550 shipped
  2. I have 4 Artisan wedges up for sale. the 48 was barely used as I was experimenting with replacing my PW in my natural set but decided to stick with my Srixon match for consistency. 60 and 55 have Tour Issue S400 and 51 and 48 have $Taper 130X. SOLD! Getting questions on bounces and grinds so I will tell you what I can remember. the 51 was modeled after the nike engage square face with a slight modification to the leading edge. the 60 is low bounce with some heel relief and was designed for opening the face around the greens, the 48 is a pretty standard PW grind but I don't know much about it. the 55 was built for slightly fuller shots than most so do with that what you will. Srixon Z Forged 6-PW and Z785 4-5 $Taper 130x $600 shipped
  3. Thanks for the replies. Hit the range today and it worked like a charm. No shanks. Chip shots were lovely. Bunker shots were back to normal.
  4. I’ve read a ton of material on here and watched YouTube videos about shanks. Basically I got em and I can’t shake em. My issue is primarily wedges — full shots, pitches, flops, chips, and bunkers. I’ll rarely hit them with anything else and I’m actually a very good golfer. 0.3 HC. These things popped up last week and I cannot for the life of me fix it. last night I put an alignment stick down in the living room parallel to the target line and addressed it so that the toe of the club was touching the stick. Thought I’d do some practice swings to see what was happening. Here is what I discovered. 1. Butt of the club pointing just below waist line. Club goes back and when I get back to impact it moved over the stick about 1-2 inches. So a shank!! 2. Butt of the club pointing what feels more like my naval, club goes back and returns exactly where it started. I feel like Bryson standing like this but my wife took a picture and it actually looks 100% normal. Conclusion being low hands are the culprit and I somehow developed this habit. Probably from practicing for an hour and a half hitting high bunker shots where I dropped my hands really low. does this make sense or will I be terribly disappointed on my next range session?
  5. Interesting comments. Thank you
  6. Been experimenting with this method recently and I was wondering if a longer putter would make it more comfortable. Something about the way the hand is that low it almost makes my left shoulder lean too much down and forward. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the input! I gave the bonobos pants a try and am excited to look at some of the other brands listed. Thanks!
  8. I’m looking to up my golf pant game this season and move away from Nike,l and under Armour. Anyone tried some of the trendier brands? Bonobos, Greyson, JL, etc. Thanks!
  9. There is so much info out there about competitive irons (MP-20, Ping BluePrint, Srixon Z Forged, etc.) but so little about these. Does anyone have any personal experience? I just bought a custom fit set with $ Tapers and curious to know what people have thought about them after extended use. Thanks!
  10. PXG is a little too flashy for my taste but agree that they probably fit!
  11. Excellent! Any general thoughts on the merits of any of these?
  12. Does anyone have a list of the different custom/non-standard options out there? 1. Miura (I know they are pretty major) 2. Haywood 3. National Custom Works 4. Seven 5. Vega 6. etc. Thanks!
  13. Appreciate the comedic relief and a few actual answers
  14. I’ve been out to a few tournaments this yeah and noticed a lot of the guys out there are using some kind of powder to mix with water. Anyone k ow what they are using?
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