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  1. Only people at WRX give a shit. Rock what you like, nobody cares on course. In almost 20 years of playing I've had only a single person comment about my scotty cover on my TM putter. He is a member of this site I randomly met and paired with at my local track. And he only commented about it because he liked the design and colors.
  2. I've had my Bushnell Z6 for about 8 years now. Waterproof and solid build, play about 40 rounds a year and only on my third battery. Had the V2 before and that was solid, just went to the Z6 because it was much faster... little sleeker.
  3. I wish they would drop the stupid 4 way, if they did I'd pick up a new lefty sun mountain. Heck I'd even take a 14 way and then hacksaw it down to a six or eight myself ha. But the 4 way just sucks. I completely agree on the custom route, can't really justify the price. The 3.5 gets it done in every respect. I guess I'm just waiting until SM makes a change.
  4. In the same boat, been rocking my 3.5 for many many years. And now that they went to a 4 way divider, I'm hanging on to my six way even more. The only other company that would even consider doing a lefty was Vessel. I talked to them a few years ago and they said they would switch all the pockets to make the bag left carry.
  5. I carry one of two setups. Ball mark tool, ball, driver and iron tee, close thin marker and a bigger fatter far marker.
  6. IMO the magnetic headcovers like these pumas below are the best out there. They don't stretch, sag, come loose/off while playing. They are super fast on and off and have lasted me around 12 years so far. Would love to find another set or someone to make something similar in my own design. I've tried every other style of headcover and nothing compares.
  7. > @SubaruWRX said: > A white bag strapped to a cart that’s driven on a bumpy course. What did you expect? > > There is NO white bag of any quality from any manufacturer that won’t get those marks after being strapped in a cart. This isn’t a Vessel problem, it’s your unrealistic expectations. That's just a lie. What a bs excuse for shit China quality at custom USA made prices.
  8. I've torched this one different colors over the years. Main marker and I use a smaller one when closer to the hole. ![](https://i.imgur.com/2QDsafn.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/yGCtKdc.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/HH655hs.jpg "")
  9. Some I made. ![](https://i.imgur.com/gN2LPWT.jpg "") ![](https://i.imgur.com/Q2wQe8E.jpg "")
  10. > @GoGoErky said: > > @smitty said: > > 500 per %$#king club? What a joke. > > Their limited quantity and marketed to golfers who don’t care about price. That’s the kind of pricing you see when there isn’t a budget that marketing and r&d are working towards. > > Oh I get the tactics, I'm a marketer myself. Guess that was more me saying I don't think any iron is worth 500 per club. I take that back, I'd pay that for a custom one of one forging.
  11. 500 per %$#king club? What a joke.
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