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  1. I use both the Skycaddie SX500 and Nikon Coolshot 80i VR. Both are great doing the job I need them to do. The Skycaddie gives me a yardage book look at the hole. It helps me on where I want to aim and how far I want to hit it from the tee. The main course I play has elevated and deceptive greens. It is difficult to figure out pin placement so the Nikon is great in giving yardage so I can figure where the pin is on the green looking at my Skycaddie. The image stabilization of the Nikon makes it very easy and quick to get a yardage. I can have my yardage I want to hit and club pulled quicker than if I had to walk the yardages using the sprinkler heads. Also I have a Caddie Buddy holder for both. For the Nikon, they sell a pouch you can pull the Nikon in. It a lot safer and secure than trying to use some kind of magnet jacket.
  2. I got one too. I figure they paid GolfWRX Promotions to send the emails. GolfWRX Promotions sent one from Warrior once. Plus there have been others from companies that have less than a good reputation. All of those emails got quickly deleted. I love the forum but their advertising partners sometimes have been less than stellar.
  3. Not really. A few now live in the US full time but many rent a home to use part of the year when they play in the US and have homes in their home country were they are raising their family and spending much of their off course time. Growing up they learned to play in the cooler temps.
  4. It is not just about high temps. What is the temp before sunrise and near sunset. It can get cool, especially if the wind is coming off of Lake Michigan. They are going to be bundled up when play starts. Not exactly the short sleeve and shorts weather they are used to at their South or Central Florida Homes.
  5. I did not include Sawgrass in my list of courses because that is the one course that even Euro’s that do not play on the PGA Tour know as all of the top players play in the Player’s. My first choice is TPC Scottsdale and I would swap the 9’s so they always play what is normally 15, 16, and 17. Could you imagine the Stadium surrounding the 16th if it was the Ryder Cup? There would be a huge adrenaline rush as you go the back nine.
  6. I saw the same thing. Bundled up in jackets and wearing wool hats. Euro weather not the warm weather that the US team is used to playing in.
  7. That is why I mentioned that the PGA Tour would getting a large amount of X number of dollars. That golden goose provides a lot of money to grow the game and support teaching pros.
  8. In light of the comments, is it time the PGA Tour says to PGA of America we are taking full control of the Ryder Cup and we will provide you with X number of dollars from each Ryder Cup the PGA Tour runs? I was very disappointed when the Ryder Cup committee was created and the issue of course sites was not addressed. If we are playing in the US, we need to have the Ryder Cup at a course where the US team has home field advantage just like the Euro team does when it is held in Europe.
  9. Why does PGA of America keep picking courses that leave the US team at a disadvantage? The European team selects courses that are part of Euro Tour and have weather European’s are used to. The PGA of America keeps picking courses that most PGA Tour players have played as much as Euro players and have weather that is more like Europe. The American courses should be be in warm weather, have Bermuda grass, and run PGA Tour events. We are talking TPC Scottsdale, Bay Hill, Innisbrook, Quail Hollow, PGA West, East Lake, and PGA National. You should never see long sleeves on anyone. It is like the PGA of America considers the Ryder Cup as a income generating event and do not care if the Americans win. The Euro Tour smartly played the Euro Tour event where the next Ryder Cup will be held opposite the Tour Championship, preventing top US players from playing the event. Let’s have the Ryder Cup at TPC Scottsdale. I would love to see the fan advantage the US would have especially at 15, 16, and 17.
  10. I consider it a R+ based on decades of playing both regular and stiff shafts. For me shafts are all about feel and finding a shaft that both feels right and performs. Numbers only can give me an idea of which shafts I might want to try.
  11. I used to play the LZ 5.5 and would consider it R+. For the most recent irons I played with the LZ, I had Callaway soft-step them one time to get them down to 5.2.
  12. There was no snub with the Ryder Cup phone calls. No one that did not get a phone call earned one. Also I am 100% certain whomever that would be named as an injury replacement has been told. They would have been told to keep their game ready and not make any plans just in case they have to be on the team.
  13. I played one course that had GPS on the cart and ads would play between holes.
  14. The bottom of the barrel has been officially scraped. No Live From the Tour Championship and pre game from Stamford, not from a set at the Tour Championship. How cheaper can they get.
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