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  1. FWIW, owned a C130-S and still own a 514 RTC. Both are really good bags but there is a big difference between the two.. The RTC is a cart bag that you can take range. The C130-S bag is a carry bag that has been updated so you can put on a cart. One difference I noticed between the two is that the 514 RTC lets you store the strap so it is not dangling while on the back of the cart. The C130-S strap is left dangling and seemed to always have to be moved to get to the pocket I needed to get to. So for me, the 514 RTC is better for the way I use it.
  2. Apps and technology are not ruining the game. But how they are used by the golfer or designed by the developer can significantly slow things down and ruin the game. I use a lot of tech when I play but it has to have the requirement it is easy to use. I have my Skycaddie SX500 in a mount so I can see my yardages immediately when I get to the ball. No fumbling around to use it. Some of the greens where I play can be deceptive so I might shoot the flag with the laser and I have that in a pouch attached to my cart so I can quickly get it and shoot the pin. I just got Shot Scope for club yardage tr
  3. I have not received the email yet but I did login to check and I received my annual rejection unlike any other.
  4. My dead battery issues are on the tag for Game Golf Pro. As it is, the Game Golf app did not want to allow me to assign the Game Golf Live tags to the clubs in my golf bag. So for right now, both Game Golf Live and Pro are a no go. So I will just go out play and get my yardages from my Skycaddie.
  5. For right now, I have the answer, Game Golf Live. When I tried to setup Game Golf Pro, only 10 of tags would connect and pair. Seven others, four originals and three replacements, were DOA. So in the mean time I will use Game Golf Live. Tagging each shot is not that big of a deal. It is easy to put it in my shot routine. I would occasionally miss tagging a putt which is easy enough to correct. Also I do not have the gut overhang that was causing GPS issues. I did send an email to Game Golf support to see what I need to do get replacement. If it is a battery issue, it would been sma
  6. FYI, Game Golf was bought, they did not go belly up. I emailed Game Golf support and within minutes I had a response to help me.
  7. I have been away from the game for 1.5 years due to fibromyalgia but recently decided living as a zoned out zombie due to medicine is no way to live life. So I dropped the medicine and will put up with the pain. The zombie is gone and I am ready to start playing golf again. I used Game Golf Live and other than occasional GPS shot location issues (due to trees and large gut) it provided me good info on my game. About the time that I stopped playing, I got Game Golf Pro and it was a mess. I had to have additional tags sent to me because some just would not pair. I am putting new grips on the clu
  8. The problem is probably that they could get the most money for the properties they want to sell if they were sold to a home developer but getting them zoned so homes can be built would be difficult.
  9. I am doing my best to see if I can get one. As I said on the Callaway Community, these are not just a home run, they are a grand slam.
  10. Ever since Club Corp bought Canongate, I have been surprised they did not sell off a number of the lower end clubs in order to reduce the debt load they took on with the purchase. My thought was that most of the clubs south of I-20 would have been sold off along with a few clubs on the northside.
  11. With anything Callaway makes, if Phil want changes to it, Callaway will make the change. They have made clubs specifically for Phil in the past based on what he wanted. The Phrankenwood was originally a Phil only club.
  12. But some day that 7 iron will become your 155 club and you will like that you can find a club that keeps your 7 iron as your 170 club.
  13. Give Phil a break. He is getting older and needs to still compete against the young studs. I finally have my Epic Forged adjusted to my game and considering his pull at Callaway, he would have his dialed in exactly the way he wants them. For me, compared to the Apex CF19 with the same shaft, they play about 1 club / 10 yards longer.
  14. I use my Mevo+ outdoors in my backyard but the net limits the clubs I can use. I have to use it in short indoor mode. My mat is on 10 x 10 pavers with it at one end and the Mevo+ at the other end of the pavers. The net is a 10 ft. wide x 7 ft high net that I put about 10 ft away from where I tee the ball. I really need a 10 ft. cube net just like you would use in a garage. Does anyone have a recommendation on a net like that but withstand being used outside and is a reasonable price.
  15. I would recommend going to a fitter and work on finding the right shaft. I just did that for my driver and fairways and the right shaft got my yardage back without swinging harder. I ended up with the Fujikura Pro 2.0 R2-5 for the driver and R2-6 for the fairway all with a D4 swingweight. I found I lost too much distance with a R flex and the club head felt too heavy with an ultralight weight shaft. Dropping about 10 grams in the shaft and going to a shaft that is between senior and regular worked best for me.
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