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  1. another vote for bombas - not sure what they do but it just works...and is hella comfortable as well. the performance no show are legit. https://bombas.com/collections/mens-performance-no-show-socks
  2. Personally I couldn't get used to the squared off toe. I've used Titleist hybrids and like their more rounded shape. I actually bought one and used it for a bit before selling it. really wanted to like it.
  3. I remember when I was consistently shooting in the 90s and happy about it. I shot a 37 on the front 9 once. Was *jacked* shot a 54 on the back. Best 91 I've ever shot in my life
  4. amazed at what half an inch to an inch will do when you look at how little it is but 44 to 44.5 always help me find the center of the face consistently for some reason. tried 45/46 and just was all over the place.
  5. broke it up this year into woods (+2) irons (std) wedges (GP 2G wrap) All comes down to clubs I want more 'feel' with vs those that I want to swing faster.
  6. I grip the club too tightly and tried a club with a lamkin soft grip on it and it felt great. Never really tried those and am thinking of switching from the standard GP tour velvet. Grips are definitely funny - you usually know right away when you don't like something.
  7. +1 on MTB-X Snell has a sample box you can order with 6 X and 6 black to help decide which is best for you. Best price:performance on the market that I've found...
  8. starting to get it on the inside of my right elbow. I hit off mats when practicing because that's what is available. What does switching to graphite help with? Does the shaft flex more on impact or something?
  9. Have rarely been able to spin the ball much and switched the Cleveland ZipCore recently in 50/54/58 and getting great results from them. Very forgiving as well.
  10. 1. City, State? -- Franklin, MA 2. Who is your local Srixon dealer? -- Wentworth Hills CC 3. What is your current ball? -- Snell MTB-X 4. Why do you want to try the Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide golf ball? -- putting and chipping practice
  11. @MonteScheinblum has such a good way at describing concepts in the swing. I've always tried to tell myself to push the ball similar to sweeping with a broom. I think a lot of people get so intent on taking a divot that they think hitting steeply down will allow that.
  12. an enormous amount of pressure on Strick trying to pick the 6 non-qualifiers. not sure I'd want that job if I was a PGA pro. You're hoping the stats back you up buy you never know when guys get on the course.
  13. just goes to show how tiny the margin is between being top tier and not... he really is confounding to me and has fallen flat lately. Guy hits it a mile (at least he used to) and winning at pebble on those tiny tiny greens isn't easy. hopefully he can put it all back together. maybe he should try armlock? Seems like one of the best and most genuine guys on tour. Not many would have done what he did with Amy B. at the Waste Management.
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