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  1. Does anyone know if Cobra is going to offer combo sets of the Pro CB's and MB's?
  2. As a Pack fan, I was definitely dissapointed in the loss but if we meet again in the playoffs I feel the Cowboys are very beatable. First of all, we were missing two of our best defensive players and Romo and T.O. played great. Also, that interference call was very questionable. Favre played horrendous before he got hurt but it was nice to see Rodgers come in and really step up and play well. That is a good sign for the future for the Pack. I look forward to a rematch in the playoffs as I think it will be a great game between two very good teams if everyone is healthy. Congrats on a grea
  3. Hey guys, Looks like my dad and I will be in Charlotte on the 29th to watch UConn football play in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Can someone reccomend some good courses nearby that we can play while we are down there? Also, what temperatures should we expect in Charlotte in late December? Thanks.
  4. I always wished Rife would make a center shafted Barbados. I guess I'll have to pick one up now! :drinks:
  5. I thought S300s had no pop and were pretty harsh feeling when i tried them. But I also think the R300s are too weak. Maybe soft stepped S300s would work.
  6. I need some advice. I'm launching my irons very high lately and into any kind of wind I have almost no shot of getting the ball to the green without it balooning. I'm constantly hitting knockdowns to control the flight because of this. Normally I am a low ball hitter but after a few swing changes last year I am getting plenty of height. My swing speed with a 6 iron is 85 mph. Backswing is smooth, transition is more agressive. So, can anyone reccomend a shaft that will lower my flight a bit but not feel too harsh? Thanks!
  7. I'm considering switching out my CS Lites for some Project X's. I'm looking for a slightly lower ballflight with less spin. My swing speed with a 6 iron is 83-85 mph and according to the royal precision website fitting chart I am in between flexes. I've heard that PX's play pretty stiff so I'm thinking of going with 5.5s. My tempo is pretty fast but I dont really put a huge load on the shaft. If anyone has some suggestions on which flex to go with it would be appreciated.
  8. Strange...up here the Adams Pro goes for $199 Canadian the 585h $249 :lol: I got my 585h for $170 brand new and the Idea Pro was $199.
  9. I've hit both and the only reason i chose the 585h is because its a little less expensive. IMO, performance was similar with both and they are both hybrids that dont have a hook bias. I find it pretty easy to hit a cut with the 585h and i naturally hit a draw. My 585h also sets up a degree or so open which i really like. You really cant go wrong with either club, though.
  10. Sounds good guys! I haven't found a ball that performs better than the Pro V1 enough to make me switch yet. I love the HX.Tours but the cover doesnt hold up at all IMO. I guess i will have to pick up a box of the Srixons.
  11. I've heard very good things about this ball and was wondering how the cover holds up compared to a Pro V1. My clubfitter told me he switched from the Pro V1 to the new Z-URS because he found a 3-4 mph increase in ball speed. This has really got me interested in this ball. So, how is the durability compared to the Pro V1? I dont want to waste my money on them if they dont last. I'll probably end up buying a sleeve of them just to test but it would be nice to hear some of your opinions first. Thanks.
  12. I'm loving the Scratch gear. How's that hybrid play?
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'll be heading to the driving range this weekend and I'm going to hit a bunch of these irons and see how they work out. If anyone else has any more suggestions or advice please let me know. Thanks! PS - Johann, how much would a very good condition set of TS202s cost me?
  14. Well, I am a pretty good ballstriker i just naturally hit the ball low. I'm a 6 handicap but I honestly think that could drop if I hit some more greens. Hit the Callaway X-20 Tours with 5.0 PX Flighteds the other day and they were very nice... shafts felt good and couldnt seem to misshit them. I also liked the TM RAC LT2's. I hit the MX 23s a while ago and wasnt really too impressed. I think I might go with the Callaways.
  15. mizuno vs. titleistHi all. As much as it kills me to say this I just cant hit my Titleist 735s very well. I simply need a more forgiving iron but I dont want shovels though. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either Mizuno MX 23s or MX 25s or Titleist 755s. Has anyone hit all 3 of these or at least one or two of them and if so can you please give a review or comparison? Is it worth the extra money to go with the 25s over the 23s? I'm looking for something easy to hit but not huge. I'm a pretty good ballstriker but something with a little higher ballflight and more forgiveness would be
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