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  1. So I took the M85 Re-make out with me to the practice tee. Perfect wind to practice, left to right hard and a little into. I got nice and loose, then I pulled the head cover off and starting just ripping medium high trajectory draws and fades and really nutted a couple that I swear were flying just as far as my latest Epic Speed Max LS. Now I missed a few for sure but I'd say the majority were pretty darn good. That muted thack sound is just the best. That golf club makes you want to hit great shots. So much fun!!!
  2. Oh well. Like I said still very pretty. Was this made in the 80's? Thank you!
  3. So I got this today. I fear it is a re-make. Can anyone confirm. Its still very beautiful.
  4. Great information. I have read too that the older woods had 5 screws on the sole plate vs 4.
  5. What are signs or things to look for to ensure that the woods are true 50's persimmon and not remakes. I grew up on wood, woods and blades in the late 1970's but I really couldn't afford the high end stuff when I was younger. Thank you!
  6. Need some advice. I'd love to get my hands on a classic 1950's Macgregor M85 but they seem pretty tough to find on Ebay and they are quite pricey. I'd really love a driver from the 1950's, from everything I have read there was something about the "old" persimmon that was used to craft those clubs. Can anyone recommend another model, make or brand? Maybe Tony Penna? Thank you all!
  7. Yes! That's the one! Were there sets produced in the 80's that had that look and similar markings?
  8. Thank you. I think I'm just gonna try and find what appear to be the nicest set I can find, buy'm and have fun. I really enjoy this classic thread forum. As a kid in the late 70's early 80's I fell so in love with the classic game. Every bit of it. I was very lucky that my parents belonged to a private club and was taught the game by classic old school men. Besides Persimmon, Blades and Balata: they wore pants, smoked cigs, wreaked of The Clubman after shave, wore shined leather golf shoes, drank brown booze, played cards and played great golf!!! The sounds and smells of that were the b
  9. Totally Agree. About 25 years ago I played in this after work league. There was a guy who played these beautiful Macgregor irons from the 1950's they looked brand new. He had special covers for them cleaned them after after shot I mean they were perfect. He also had Macgregor Persimmons, same deal, perfect. He wore cut off jean shorts, white t-shirt and the old school kilt full leather shoes, perfectly shined. Never saw him shoot a number over par. In fact he carded several 32's, we only played 9 holes. Made him pretty happy and no one ever said a word about his gear or attire. He was
  10. Thank you for the feedback. I keep checking ebay!
  11. Years ago I played with a guy who had a beautiful set of Haig Ultra Irons. I have always want a set. Does anyone know of the best Haig Ultra Irons to have? I also love the Crenshaw grinds but those seem Impossible to find. Thank you!
  12. Currently have a "T" serial number Taylor Made R510 TP Driver that I will never sell, ever. I hit the best drive of my golfing career with that playing in a Pro Am with Curtis Strange in 2006. He was a true pleasure to play with and a gentleman. I ripped one about 20 yards past his on the first tee and we're walking off the tee and he says "Nice fing drive, now don't do that again." Of course, he had his arm around my shoulders with a huge smile on his face. Probably the one of the best golf moments of my life.
  13. 100% worth it! I know they are expensive, but so worth the money. They also last forever, I have had several pairs last 3 seasons. I play 4 times a week. Gotta take care of your feet.
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