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  1. The real question is, how did you manage to get that video? Was he okay with it or did you just candid cam him?
  2. So this is my major problem. And i'd like to get some good suggestions/tips/fundamentals. I'm using my left shoulder (i'm a lefty, it's my back shoulder) on the downswing, and I think that its causing me to come over the top and have a slice. On my short irons I usually hit a soft little fade that doesn't have too much right to left (slicing movement) on it. On my mid irons (5 iron), I have more of a fade, but not too bad where i'm slicing it out of bounds or anything. But on my long irons, hybrids, and woods I often have a bad slice, which is worst of course on my driver. I also hook my dr
  3. So the ones i'm considering purchasing are: Golflogix, and Greenfinder. I've also seen Intelligolf, but i'm not really considering because it doesn't seem as good as the other two. So does anyone have either of these? and what can they tell me about them? Are there any other GPS apps I should consider as well? For clarity, I have a Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630.
  4. I'd love to game either. They just look so sleek and stunning! Great give away, thank you!
  5. [quote name='nvr stsfd' post='1864596' date='Aug 4 2009, 05:55 PM']5. All items must have a sale price. Including items up for trade. This will save you all the PM's. [/quote] Okay I edited my post.
  6. [quote name='scanlon92' post='1864572' date='Aug 4 2009, 05:43 PM']i am also interested. pm me or post the price please.[/quote] Sent you a PM as well
  7. [quote name='WAgolferGuy' post='1864520' date='Aug 4 2009, 05:20 PM']Whats the price?[/quote] I sent you a PM.
  8. (With headcover)First person to offer $175 shipped (i'm located in Southern California) gets it. I will ship it the day of or day after payment is received via paypal, depending on what time payment is received. Up for sale is a Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Handed Circa '62 #3 Charcoal Mist Putter. This putter is in absolutely fantastic condition, with no scratches, dings, or nicks. Only signs of wear is slight normal wear to the grip. This putter also comes with a headcover to protect your putter. I'm mainly looking to sell, but i'd be interested in trades for LEFT HANDED hybrids or putt
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