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  1. 51 years old and got my first hole in one today.... one good thing is the club had free beer today so all Bod Lite was on me.
  2. If jeans were not allowed at the bar at our club they would lose 75% of the members, most of the members stop in after work to have a drink and shoot the bull...there's no way they would go home and change before stopping in. We are deverse in the line of work of our members both white & blue collar workers. So I don't have a problem with jeans in the club house and we do have a dress code for the course.
  3. Would love to game a putter made up the road from where i live (Pulaski)if I had my choice it would be the center shaft...Thanks
  4. odie

    Wedge Poll

    52 & 56 for me Cleveland Dynamic Gold Not sure why Cleveland wasn't in the pole....may have been most of the others.
  5. odie

    Tired of trying

    Like you said ball postion is the key, I just can't find, I guess. The Adams hybirds that I hit were the Pro Gold, too much draw for my liking. Well see how the nine wood works out, I know the 7 wood is fine, I hit 190 to 205. I'm looking for the right 175 to 190 club.
  6. odie

    Tired of trying

    [quote name='jameslacy3509' post='2158288' date='Jan 3 2010, 02:16 PM']What hybrids have you tried? I have had a hard time with them too but have decided to add one to my bag in between my 3w and 4i...I personally like the adams pro black the most and think it will work well for me. I prefer woods and it sounds like you do too, so have you tried the Titleist 909h? It is the only other hybrid I like. To me it hits more like a fairway wood. I am getting rid of 3i to add a wedge and am afraid the gap between 5w and 4i is too much. So I figured the only other option is a hybrid between 3w
  7. odie

    Tired of trying

    Removing all hybirds from bagI just purchased a Cleveland Lancher 9 wood from ebay already have a Titleist 904 7 wood so hopefully hybirds will be gone forever. Have tried to like hybirds but I have had no luck. Has anyone ditched them for a couple more woods?
  8. All my clubs are older than the picks except putter and one wedge, but that's okay.........I did get to pick Powerbands and Powerband Sports.
  9. I have Powerbands and Powerband Sports, both great shoes very comfortable.
  10. Not sure of offset but G2's better clubs than G5s
  11. In the first year of playing golf I had no idea of working the ball, I would try to play to the strength of your present ball flight. Work on your short game: putting and chipping. I think your irons are fine. Good luck.
  12. Was a big fan of the Ultra Tour Balata golf ball. Great looking clubs.
  13. I play the 4 & 3 (see below, swap the 3 for 7 wd depending on course) they are decent clubs, very easy to hook. I had been looking for a 4 hybird and seen this club on ebay at a very good price, after hitting the 4 I got the 3. A couple of things that I don't like is they don't have enough feel and for me they are hard to fade, both are set on netural and I don't have a weight kit. I think I paid around $40.00 new for both, would not have given the $200.00 plus price tag that was on the shaft. Hope this is of some help.
  14. odie

    Who bags a 4 wood

    I play a 4 wood as well as a 3 wood, the thing is I hit my 3 higher than the 4 (shaft I guess) which is the reason I carry both. The 4 wood is a great club.
  15. Sounds good to me about 2 hours from Pulaski, keep me posted. That's a good weekend Vol's are off that weekend.
  16. +1 for the Powerbands, I also have a pair of Powerband Sports that I like.
  17. Haven't tried the robin but every Yes putter I have tried has a very nice roll.
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