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  1. Following this thread. The Nike RZN black was arguably the best ball in golf. I hate that it is gone and I have been struggling to find a ball that was close in flight, greenside feel and low spin. If this new ball can close and then hopefully evolve (think pro v1 evolution) then I can put aside the max foo tour x for awhile.
  2. Is it worth the $150 that Dicks is charging for it? I never see them being used by anyone.
  3. Their saving grace was the 2 for $70 promotion. They have had good golf balls since the precept days. They had crappy marketing. They really need some marketing pros on their team and a new website. I thought they could step and do what Nike missed out on. I was mistaken.
  4. Maxfli U6X if you can find it is pretty firm. Only sold via Dicks Sportig Goods. They may have discontinued it.
  5. I like a specific neck style (flow neck). After that, I am a blade putter person. Don’t like soft inserts so the odyssey putters are off the table.
  6. If you have a high swing speed, you will not like these.
  7. Hate the duo urethane. Bought a dozen, split 4 in half off tee shots, we had literally put those balls on the shelf right before I bought them. Never again with that ball.
  8. I have the original Pro Combos and the VR Pro Combos. Still great irons. I have shot some great rounds with them and I don’t see a reason to replace so long as I have grooves.
  9. Must be online. Not in my store. It is 2 for 70.
  10. I would suggest that you do a ball fitting to find out the type of ball that works best for your game. Low spin urethane, high spin urethane, low spin surlyn, high spin surlyn, low compression urethane, etc. once you find out the type then you can narrow the choices of maker down from there
  11. I am gonna try the Bridgestone Tour B X. I tried to use the CS and it was ok. I have used the pro v1x and honestly it is a very good ball just too dang expensive. I have a few dozen RZN blacks left and I mix in my remaining Maxfli U/6x from time to time. Another solid ball.
  12. What is the model number of that putter? I like the look of that putter. I would buy one in a heartbeat...
  13. Same for me. I thought it was a great ball, low spin for the driver and wedge and decent spin for the irons.
  14. Ping Redwood 6. I have one. Great roll and feel. Good looks
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