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  1. clip on with either carabiner or shower curtain hoop/clip.
  2. That's an interesting top...wonder how you'd organize clubs in that?!
  3. Thank you. I have an original Woode Grom and that layout works so well for push cart (left handed version would be the ultimate).
  4. I tend to agree -- I'd want at least one of club of that manufacturer in the bag. I use Ogio & Ping bags, so that formula works for me. I do wear Titleist hats. I have no Titleist clubs and seldom play a Titleist ball...
  5. Think of the black as the background and your headcovers as the pizzazz... Radar Waves does look nice...
  6. I've only the FJ BOA. but like others love them. Size 14 wide and no issues ever in getting them loose enough to get on.
  7. Well, I already do that for driver, fairway, and hybrid and I'm just wrapping up my putter (blade & mallet) prototypes! https://www.yourgolfheadcovers.com/ We specialize in school teams, but we also do regular old custom orders including individual orders. We make them to order in a variety of colors with logos embroidered on them along with player names, etc.
  8. Flexibility -- you might have 3 woods/hybrids, you might have 4, or use bottom on left for putter or top on right, or bottom on right. Old Woode was a little less defined, but I think the new with "15" just gives more configuration options. I have another OGIO cart bag it also has 15 slots if I recall.
  9. Love the "Woode" top config -- that's going on the buy list for this year...
  10. Clicgear 3.5+ for 7 years and 400 - 500 rounds. Pretty much like new. Highly recommend.
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