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  1. Brand New FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Black/Red. SOLD New with Tags FootJoy Vests. Large. Charcoal Sold. Spearmint. $40 each shipped. New with Tags FootJoy stripe Hunter green/white stripe. Large. $35 shipped. Worn once, like new FJ shorts waist 36. Purple/black/white plaid. $20 shipped.
  2. I wouldn’t call Cantigny mindless golf. Hillside is pretty easy but Woodside/Lakeside has some thinking to do. Woodside: 1. Depending how aggressive you want to be anything from driver to iron could be played 2. Second shot you can go for it, layup to island fairway short or layup even shorter of creek 5. Again depending how aggressive you want to be anything from driver to hybrid off tee. 6. Slight dogleg but need an accurate drive with woods on both sides 7. Need an accurate drive to go for in 2. Green doglegs around trees up by green so go for it or layup 8. Island green with bunker short. 9. Layup off tee to back to front sloped green Lakeside: 1. Tier in middle of green 2. Layup left or drive or pond. Then go for in 2 with woods around green or layup 3. Be aggressive with driver to a narrowing fairway with trees about 100 out or layup short to wider fairway to avoid trees 5. Need to avoid bunkers off tee to go for in 2 6. Get agressive with cut driver or 3 wood, hybrid layup 7. Draw driver or 3 wood layup 8. Tier on left and right side of green 9. Need to pick a club to get over water off tee but stay short of water through fairway. Depending wind, tees I think there’s quite a bit of options you can play. Most greens have some sort of back to front slope so I wouldn’t call them flat. Greens are not Country Club fast to impact the slope as much but I’ve always enjoyed the course and it’s always been in great condition.
  3. Love the course. Played it twice, once a week after the tourney. Awesome experience with the stadium up and course in perfect shape. Seems like people in AZ feel like it’s overrated but it’s one of my favorites. Maybe just because it’s not a true desert course.
  4. I was at Cantigny yesterday practicing. Haven't played the course yet this year, but the range was in pretty rough shape. Let us know what kind of shape the course is in! Hard to imagine not good, but I have never seen the range so chewed up. Played Cantigny a few times lately and the course was in excellent shape.
  5. Titleist Vokey SM7 54F. Brushed Steel color. Used 1 range session and one round. Shipped $110. Used in good condition Titleist 816 h2 19 degree with Diamana White 90x. Sold. Brand New with Tags FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Pullover Navy/grey. Large. Sold Brand New with Tags FootJoy Hydrolite Rain jacket short sleeve. Blue check/lime. Large. Sold. Brand New with Tags FootJoy Windshirt. Large. white/red/navy. Sold Rogue Max 65x with Titleist tip. Used in my 917 driver. New Multicompund align grip. $60 shipped
  6. Seems like the AV is a softer version of the Pro blue So really doesn’t look like much difference? Would little softer mean a little more spin?
  7. I hit the TS3 with Evenflow white but the fitter didn’t have the other stock options. I was fit into the Tensei Blue Pro which is a current upcharge. Is that similar to the stock Tensei Blue AV?
  8. Has anyone gone through a fitting and can you comment on what the stock shaft offerings are?
  9. Looking to do a weld neck on my Scotty Cameron 5W for a cleaner look. As well as refinishing the color. Any recommendations of where/who to do that through? Thanks!
  10. Sorry I made a mistake in the description. Idiot me thinking you pull it over to put it on but it is the half zip wind jacket. I have edited post to update description
  11. Little small compared to the shirts I have It was Sunday and the lines were long for checkout and fitting room. Just wanted to get in and get out.
  12. Went to the PGA Championship at Bellerive and bought a nice FJ Half Zip Wind jacket(red/navy) and Drop Needle sweater (Navy) both with logos but got home and neither fit. Both size large and new with tags. Paid $130 for the sweater. Half zip sold. Looking to sell $60 for sweater.
  13. Brand New FootJoy Tour S sz10W. Out of box but never worn. Retail $250, $160 shipped Priority. Rogue Max 65x with Titleist tip. Came out of my 917 driver. Shaft is like new with Brand New Golf Pride Align grip set to A1. $75 shipped OBO.
  14. Brand new with tags. FootJoy shorts waist size 32 -Slate lightweight -Navy Performance -Khaki Performance Retail $75 each. Take all $100 shipped priority
  15. New FootJoy Hyperflex in size 11.5W. Just couldn’t get a fit for me. $70shipped priority. 11M, 11W sold Set of Titleist Ap2 714 4-W (8 irons) used in good condition. Project X 6.5 shafts. Golf pride grips. Used for 3 seasons. 7 and PW are more used in photos but still plenty of life left in this set! Also including Vokey SM6 56 degree S grind and 60 degree K grind both in great shape! $Old DNA Boa 2.0 in Black. Sold
  16. Brand new with tags FootJoy Spun Poly blue shirt with pocket. Red/Navy Windshirt new with tags. Both large. Take both for $80 shipped priority.
  17. Never really paid attention to the putter as much as the Titleist clubs, but does Scotty Cameron have a similar product cycle? Just saw the new Select lines. I’m more of a mallet type guy so wondering when the next Futura/mallet line might be coming out. Thanks!!
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