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  1. I believe it was just over 600 yards on a cold damp day. Driver, 3wood,3wood, 6 iron, still came up short on the front collar..Cahoon Plantation in Chesapeake, VA
  2. It was the sound of his backswing combined with being away from the mic...it was delayed because well, sound takes time
  3. I just thought I remembered the chip being the start of it all. Seems like he took it harder than I've ever seen a player hitting a bad shot... never heard anything about him starting a family. Best of luck to him
  4. Wasn't he like no 4 in the world at one point? Then he flubbed that chip at the Ryder Cup and hasn't really been seen since. I noticed he was in a web.com event earlier this year, but has he been hurt? Did missing that chip mess with him that badly?
  5. Even if it can't be heard what's the harm in yelling fore when you know it's headed for somebody? The person who gets hit by it may not hear but everyone on the tee box will... that's good enough at that point imo
  6. Well let's take a look at it. What's the disparity between a 30hdcp playing off the rack vs clubs bent a few degrees? Said player will still play to their ability no matter what. Tour pro same thing. They'd still be a plus handicap although I'm sure it would feel uncomfortable
  7. If we're going to be looking at a comparison to swing speeds and clubs from decades and decades ago let us also look at the body types as well. Heck guys used to play dressed like David Feherty. Surely shedding all that clothing adds some speed
  8. Hopefully he doesn't take too much time off for him to get rusty again. Is his 2019 schedule out yet? I feel like we won't see him again until around April
  9. If you're good enough to play at that level you can't possibly be confused by a gust of wind or a break on a putt to fall two holes behind...you just can't be. Especially on the senior tour, I mean haven't you seen it all by that point? Surely you've been on the range on a Gusty day and know how your ball will react. Pull a club and get on with it. If that's the case anyone who doesn't have Bob Rotella on speed dial ought to be dq'ed
  10. This is the reason I gave up playing golf. I still watch, but I'd rather spend 4 hours here and look my score is -1?
  11. Euro's were hitting balls in the water left and right but you know what? They had the passion to overcome it. What about all the ridiculously long putts they made? Rough had no effect on that. We got beat plain and simple. Euro's routinely beat us at home(since I've been watching anyway) rough or no rough. They play better team golf regardless of the setup.
  12. Balls have been heard saying "good shot!" as they rocket off the club face
  13. Does this event count for FedEx points? Pretty strong field to be just starting the new season after so many conesecutive playoff events and RC.
  14. He has shot under par at a driving range After he hits a shot he gives trackman the data His golf clubs were selected for jury duty...they declined and were instead rechromed for the inconvenience When he's reading a green the other greens gather round to listen His divots have been used to start other golf courses For him, a sleeve of balls is three balls too many Instead of yelling "fore!" He shouts "one!" as the ball sails into the hole Push carts always roll 30ft behind him He's been known to tee off with a divot tool and fixes ball marks with his driver He once hit a ball so hard it changed brands mid flight He hit his ball into the water once. All the fish in the lake jumped out When asked what his handicap was he said "booze" Golf didn't leave the Olympics for 100 years...he won all the medals upon the day of his birth He once took a divot out of the cart path. It replaced itself
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