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  1. Old '12 Ping 4 series with 13 clubs (I don't use 14 anymore), sand bottle, water bottle, balls&tees, 2 towels, 2 gloves, sunscreen, hipflask, sometimes a jersey If its raining I'll take the push cart to hold my umbrella.
  2. We are indeed heading into spring, usually a great time of the year to play, everything starts softening up and the greens really come alive. That wind was a strange one, its been so calm the last few days. I'm pretty sure I watched a couple balls stop dead in the air and fall straight down on Sunday! I would have packed up if any came back over my head though...
  3. Thanks No Catchy,I'll definitely take it! Yeah the setup was a bit tougher as well, apparently they saw the wind forecast and eased up on some of the tee box positions but not by much... we are about 30km from the coast so we get some wind but never as bad as this. If we we on a coastal course like Durban Country Club yesterday I imagine we would have been called off.
  4. Thanks No Catchy! Had a rough first day, just couldn't get off the tee and got stuck on the bogey train... Yesterday there was hectic winds, probably averaging around 40km/h, balls were being affected on the green, playing into the wind was like 3 clubs more than usual, downhill/downwind putts were practically impossible. So obviously I played my best golf yesterday, I think I even ended up with the best round of the day shooting +4, which I'll take in those conditions.
  5. Club champs weekend for me this weekend, looking for a smooth no fuss 2 days of golf. Hitting my irons so solid at the moment which is encouraging, just need to roll in a couple of putts!
  6. Should never have gotten rid of my MP68's, those look incredible
  7. Those conditions were brutal, loved watching it, nice change from the normal tournament.
  8. They really are solid once you get them out onto some turf, also managed to get through the turf really well which is what I liked about them. The putting is really biting you at the moment, I would have taken a 2 week break and then given up if I had 39 putts in a round obviously time for a new putter... but thats a good show breaking 80 after the hernia problems! My set was also non-conformimg, those conforming sets are unicorns I reckon
  9. I can second the Callaway Protos being a sweet feeling iron... Glad you liked them! Solid finish on the back 9 there
  10. 100% this, it's actually pathetic, irons shouldn't be the price that they are these days. I got lucky with my new ones, found them on FB in great condition and at a 3rd of the retail price so I couldn't pass them up, especially since I've had my old irons for 8 years.
  11. Mostly cause I'm poor... But really, if I find a set I like aesthetically and I hit them solid then I honestly have no reason to change. Rather use the money I've now saved to go play golf.
  12. I'm the exact opposite at the moment, I can't get off a tee to save my life... short-game is saving me. Obviously I need a new driver
  13. I think it was their putting fundamentals video, posted about 5 months ago. I've also moved the ball position up which has definitely helped me, problem is it can sneak forward and then I end up catching it thin on the putter which I did this past weekend much to my playing partners amusement. I'd love to do a proper putter fitting, the best I've got here is taking a few putters on to the putting green to hit a few putts...
  14. I hear you on the reading of putts, something I do need to practice. It's frustrating when you hit what you think is a good putt and the ball goes sailing past... TXG actually had a video up on alignment for reading putts, it's worth the watch, I figured out that I was seeing everything about a ball left of where it should be which explained why I was missing left the whole time. Fun game this
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