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  1. Just purchased this Driver and curious if it is a TOUR issue head. Does not have a “+” sign but has a serial number ending in T. Is that just a coincidence? Thank you in advance!
  2. Did not plan on any trades. Would prefer to sell outright. Too many clubs in my office and not enough time to play them.
  3. I have a set of the 2009 TP Forged S-200 Shafts. The shaft band is missing from the PW. All others are fine. $575 + shipping. I also have a set of the Japan version Black ZTP wedges with Dynamic Gold shafts. 54/12 and 60/06. $125 + shipping. For more pictures, please PM me your email address.
  4. How do I tell if it is regular or Stiff?Happy Holidays! Is there a way to tell what the flex is on a KBS Tour 90 shafts by measuring the stepping to tip? i have some shafts that have not label. The stepping is farther away on these than my Stiff shafts that came with TM. Thank you in advance.
  5. Tour Issue BBLB 10.5* Super Deep TP, R9 Graphics Kai'li 60xTour Issue 2010 groove compliant RAC Satin TP Wedges - 52, 56 and 60. All with Player initials and hand stamped lofts. "10" marked on the toe to signify 2010 grooves. Each has custom grind. Dynamic gold Tour Issues S400 shafts. Tour velvet grips. $115 each or $325 fro all three shipped. Tour issue 10.5* BBLB Superdeep TP driver with Txxxx serial number and "+". Magnetic headcover. $400 shipped. Take $25 off with any shaft comby below. ( $575 with Kaili 60x and $600 with the DI 7x ) R9 graphics Diamana Kaili 60x. Apprximately 44.75"
  6. Rombax 85S wood shaft, Rombax 95X driver, Whiteboard 63X driverR9 TP Graphics Shafts: Fujikura Motore F1 85 Stiff 3-wood shaft with R9 TP Tip. Approx 42.5" Black TM FCT grip. $95 Diamana Whiteboard 63x pulled from Adams Speedline Classic driver. Approximately 42.75" length with Golf pride Tour velvet round grip. Played 44.5" in the Speedline driver. 1.5-1.75" Tip prep. $115 R7 TP graphics Rombax 85 Stiff shaft. Approximately 41.75" in length with Golf Pride Tour velvet round grip. Pulled from a 15* R7 TP 3-wood. Played 42.5". 1.5" tip prep. $60 R7 TP graphics Rombax 95 X-stiff shaft. Appr
  7. Cleveland TG60 & TG56ALL TOUR Wedges: Taylor Made Z TP wedges 54 & 58*. No Serial number. S-400 shafts. $75 each or $135 for both. Titleist Vokey Oil CAN SM60.04 . No Serial number. DG S300 shaft. $75 Titleist Vokey 256.10 "S.S" stamped. Steve Stricker?. TC on hosel DG S400. $75 Cleveland TG 60 RAW. TG stamped on hosel. S-400 shaft. $65 Cleveland TG Gunmetal 56. TG stamped on hosel. S-400 shaft. $65 Cleveland DSG 54*. No serial number. Satin finish. S-400 shaft. $65 ** Take $10 off if buying more than one *** 2. MANDATORY! - Please provide clear original pictures in For Sale or Wan
  8. Question!I was wondering if anyone has tried this - if i stoft step Project X 6.5 two times ( 3-iron shaft in a 5-iron hed) what flex will it play? I usually like to soft step DG x100 two times ( 3-iron shaft in the 5-iron ) and like the flex which turns out be. Thank you very much to you club and equipment Gurus out there in advance!
  9. Some club guru knows this!My question is if you are currently using irons which are slightly offset, if you switch to slightly less offset or NO offset, does the lie angle need to be adjusted a little mor flat because your hands would not be as forward as the the offset clubs? Anyone know the answer to that or is it a dumb question and the lie angle is still the same no matter what the offset?
  10. Graphite Design YSQ-ST 75x with TM R9 graphicsDiamana Ali'slei Limited Edition 63S shaft with R9 TP Sleeve. Plays ~ 45.25" installed. $175 shipped. Graphite Design YSQ-ST 75x with TM R9 graphics. Length is 46". Tip was not installed or gripped. The tip was removed to be used with another shaft. $80 Graphite Design YSQ-ST 65x with TM R9 graphics. Length is 43 7/8th with grip. The tip was removed to be used with another shaft.
  11. New Decade Multi Compound white / black gripsJust got these yesterday. I have developed tendinitis in my elbows and need to switch to graphite shafts. Yikes! They have upgraded Project X 5.5 shafts and New Decade Multi-compound White and black grips. The length are the old standard 5-iron ~ 37.75" and lie ~ 61*. SOLD!
  12. Answers to questions received. No trades at this time. Price is pretty firm. Why am I selling them? I am sticking to the Pro Gold Blacks. Was used to the A-Tour look. Also the black gold shafts seem a little heavy for me.
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