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  1. 1. City, State? Baton Rouge, LA 2. Handicap? 6 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? I would like to try UW as a 3wood replacement. Looking for a 250yd carry 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? Depending on the lie, 3wood's are not my favorite club to hit. Never have tested a hybrid that didn't want to go left 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  2. The white proto sounds like what i have been searching for. Currently have av raw white proto 2.0 in the driver but it lacks feel.
  3. For sale Scotty Cameron champions choice FB 5.5. Putter was originally 35” it has been shortened to 33” and has a tour issue superstroke 1.0p installed. It has been used 3 rounds. Comes with cover and original bag. Price $845 now $800 shipped US only
  4. 1. Handicap? 5 2. Right or left hand golfer? Right 3. Current wedges and setup? TM milled grind 1, 50,54 milled grind high toe 58 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? Correct bounce is a key component to good wedge play, I need to have better wedge play 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Yes 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yes 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Absolutely
  5. any suggestions on a shaft that fits cameron over the hosel? I bought a .370 putter shaft and tip trimmed inch by inch trying to get to .390, but after 4" i ran out of room for finished length. Trying to resgaft the flowback 5.5.
  6. I also received a shipping notice from DSG this morning. Fedex tracking number was also provided
  7. A copy and paste of the DSG response Thank you for reaching out to Dick's Sporting Goods regarding order # xxxxx. Your order is a Presale item and is expected to ship 09/13/21-9/24/21 per Titleist. Please reach out to this email if you would need further assistance. Sincerely, Customer Service DICK'S Sporting Goods
  8. received an email from DSG stating the expected ship date provided to them from Titleist is 9/13 - 9/24. If this is correct, this is a huge bummer.
  9. For people that have or will change the shaft in the flow back, how much did you tip a .355 shaft to get to .390?
  10. I supposedly have a 5.5 flow back coming from Dick’s. In search of a Newport.
  11. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? I have tried out the blue and black 7x in drivers, but just a touch too much launch - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? a red 8tx - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? I would like to put this in a 3wd.
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