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  1. I have tested and played both the AV raw 2.0 proto and ventus black in 7x. In testing I felt the 2.0 was much stiffer, much harder to load, and much lower launching. On trackman I was seeing 8* launch and 1700-1800 spin with 2.0. The ventus was around 11* launch with 2000-2100 spin. Tested in a titleist tsi3 head. Both of these shaft lost out to rdx smoke black 70tx, I was able to get the 11* launch but added a touch of spin around 2300 to increase carry.
  2. As a follow up to my GolfUSAManhattan.com order, I received the real deal 2.0 for $175. This is a great deal. Wish 80 tx was offered.
  3. Purchased a Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White 75 Tour X-Stiff 2.0, Taking a chance and will report back when it arrives
  4. Ventus black 7x velocore driver shaft 43 1/16” end of grip to tip. Shaft tipped 1/2”. Asking $190 SOLD Rdx smoke black 6.5/70g driver shaft 43 10/16” end of grip to tip. Titleist adapter. Asking $125 SOLD Rdx smoke black 6.5/80g fw shaft 41 12/16” end of grip to tip. Titleist adapter. Asking $105 Sim udi 2i with tour ad di 105x playing length 39.5” long. Asking $245 Price drop $225
  5. @TrueTemper, please send me a MX proto in 80tx to test in a fairway. Having great success with RDX black 70tx in the driver. The lower torque value has benefitted me.
  6. 1. City and State? Baton Rouge, LA 2. Handicap? 5 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current Iron setup? Srixon 785 w/nippon modus 130x 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? New look and shape. Plus the weight plug in the toe 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  7. Kuro kage 70tx dual core, tipped 1”, length 41.75”, taylormade adapter, $115 shipped Aldila synergy green prototype 70tx, tipped .5”, length 41.75”, taylormade adapter, $115 shipped Aldila synergy green prototype 60tx, tipped .5”, length 43.25”, taylormade adapter, $115 shipped Fujikura ventus velocore blue 7x, no tipping, length 43.75”, Callaway adapter $185 shipped SOLD Fujikura atmos tour spec black 6x, no tipping, length 43.25”, Callaway adapter, $115 shipped SOLD Tensei pro white 70tx, no tipping, length 43.25”, Callaway adapter, $15
  8. Mavrik sub zero triple diamond 10.5 driver head, COR dot still visible. $315 shipped Mavrik sub zero 15 fairway with attas coool 7x playing length 42.75”, $190 shipped Rogue sub zero 15 fairway with tensei pro white 80tx, TC serial and tour id band, $175 shipped
  9. With this above video comparing RDX to Ventus, I wonder if there are two different models like TX (small batch) vs stock oem just like Ventus vs Ventus velocore. The above video is testing the TX version which is likely a totally different shaft than oem.
  10. Tour issue sim version 2 smaller head 3 wood. The no dot next to the loft is the indication of version 2 smaller head. This is the same style 3 wood Tiger put in play at the ZoZo. Currently shafted with the original dual core Kuro Kage 70TX tipped 1”. Playing length is 42.75” at d2 sw. Specs are listed on the wrapper, only slight difference is I changed a 2 gram weight out with a 12 gram. head only $420 shaft only $150 club as is $550
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