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  1. ask for a few bucks back and keep it, throw it in a 3wood and it could be a rocket launcher!!
  2. All of TW titleist blades were fire. That bag pick above, jeez so cool. That wooden dowel in the hosel is what always peaked my interest.
  3. You should be fired from golf for choosing that putter over those Camerons lol glws
  4. ping PP58 midsize putter grip is the best ever, and trust me, I’m a grip searching psycho. You’ll love it. Golf works .com has them for $10 I believe.
  5. I’m sure he regrets it now. You can lose your cool but you Lose your cool and yell at people doing their job.
  6. Nobody said he would win because his driver shaft looks cool, you’re just being an internet jerk and you’re unfunny. Post less bro.
  7. Anyone played Tiger recently? I’m here now and looking for good greens. Thanks.
  8. I’d put money Rick to get a Big win this year, maybe a major. Seems to have balance in his life and will get it done this year. That putter will start heating up again, watch out. Also, that new driver shaft looks sick.
  9. Yeah 8 years and nobody has played this course since 2012? I’m here now looking for a good course with good greens. Thanks in advance.
  10. listening to Master of Puppets on cassette. Wish I had started playing golf in 86
  11. This ^^^^^^ It’s unreal that this kind of bullying is allowed in society. It’s a joke. Move along nothing to see here. All the click whores love this material and it’s sad.
  12. Cool putters but I’m interested in playing golf with PGAgreg. I’m in Brentwood. Let’s chat sometime.
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