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  1. True. Just cool to see, thanks for the pic.
  2. I think if you post about your sick Vokey T, you’re required to post a picture of it.
  3. Baby oil that putter ASAP, then post pictures!!!! Looks amazing!
  4. Why wouldn’t a large OEM clothing company go after him? Puma or Under Armour could make it work.
  5. Buy 2 white 10x10 nets on eBay, put them together and rig it or hang it however you want. Double layer net is the way to go and affordable. Country club Elite golf mats are the best as well, have one of those in a 5x5, worth every penny.
  6. Wait till these come out in black!!!!!
  7. I feel your Pain, been there, experienced that. I think if players are specific about length, which most are, order your clubs/irons uncut, raw length. Hoping and praying that some low level worker takes care of my clubs like they would their own is not something I’m banking on. Always request uncut and do it yourself (like me) or take to a fitter/builder at a club nearby and have it done correctly, the first time.
  8. Acetone and qtip or you can use 91% isopropyl alcohol and a qtip
  9. First of all, keep at it and don’t get discouraged. Watch videos and read books, take little tips from each and work on them individually. Also video yourself hitting shots, then check certain positions and see where you are compared to better players or pros. Also get a good hitting mat (country club elite makes a good one) and a net for your house. Then you can grind it out whenever you want. Good luck!!
  10. ask for a few bucks back and keep it, throw it in a 3wood and it could be a rocket launcher!!
  11. All of TW titleist blades were fire. That bag pick above, jeez so cool. That wooden dowel in the hosel is what always peaked my interest.
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