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  1. Guys - need help determining whether it's worth me working hard on a significant swing change. Here are the facts. I'm 54 years old and have been playing my whole life. Generally between zero and +1 and have had a successful amateur career at the local/regional level. I have always been upright and steep but over the past few years, I think I've become increasingly lazy with the lower body and I'm now over the top. I can still play but generally hit a pull fade ... divots are always left of target line. I would like to shallow out my downswing and get my legs more involved. I know I don't do that now, and frankly, not sure I ever did because I don't have film of myself older than 5 years or so. I still drive the ball well but my iron game is junk any more .. particularly long irons. I drive the ball well enough that I can still shoot good scores on 6500 yard golf courses but I don't have the ball striking to compete on real golf courses any more. I turn 55 in the spring and would like to position myself for competitive senior amateur success and I'm trying to decide if I should just refine what I have or if a few months of hard work with a coach and video will pay off in the better ball striking I would need to compete at the state level. Appreciate whatever thoughts you might have.
  2. Apologies standard length, loft, 1 degree up
  3. Sadly I think these are a little too much for me. I need some more help. Clubs/grips are very nice … hope pics tell the story. NS-Pro Tour 120S shafts. Looking to sell or trade. Trade interests would be P790s or other nice irons. Asking $725 $ 700 shipped conus.
  4. Nice set of P790s ... just looking for a change. Standard L/L/L. KBS Tour C-Taper 120S. Grips in good shape. Used about a half season, little range time. Looking for $750 shippped conus or would trade for a set of Blueprints, AP2/3s, TM770s, even forgiving blades .... you get the idea. Cash is always good but open to ideas.
  5. Guys - beautiful set of Miura irons here. 4-PW with Steel Fiber 95 Stiff and perfect multi compound grips. They are in very nice shape ... not perfect but very nice. I'll ask $800 and hope that is reasonable ... shipped conus. Open to offers if that price is high. Trade interests would be something more forgiving like 790s, JPX, AP2/3s ... you get the idea.
  6. Guys - Nice RH GOLO 5 here. 34", Superstroke 2.0 and original headcover. $225 shipped conus but would prefer to trade ideally for a newport/newport2 style with sante fe neck. Second choice would be same with plumber's neck. Open to different brands.
  7. Any trade interests? Have a few Interesting things. If not, would you take $160 shipped to OH?
  8. Very nice Shape. 34.5”. Superstroke 2.0 PistolGT. Includes extra weights, wrench and Original HC. $210 shipped. Trade interests would be 3 iron utility or wedges - need 50, 54/55/56 and 60 (mid bounce).
  9. Pretty nice club here. Stiff shaft. Been gamed but crown is excellent and overall, in very nice shape. Looking to go with a utility 3 iron, Srixon, UDI, Ping etc. Let me know what you've got. Would also be interested in a center-shafted putter.... $125 shipped conus.
  10. Have a 52/12F and 58/8D. I have had them about two weeks. 52 has been hit less than 10 times, 58 shows a little wear in the sweet spot but still barely used. Standard LLL. Gapping is not right for my new irons. Would sell individually. $100 Each or $190 for the paid shipped conus. Trade interest would be for a set of 50/55/60 or similar. I could add cash if needed
  11. Guys - I've always been a Titleist guy and want a mid-spin shaft for a TS-3 10.5. I guess I say "mid" spin because I've always found drivers to get squirrely for me if the spin gets too low. I'm a zero handicap with 108 swing speed and generally higher launch. I would love a recommendation or two. Thanks a bunch for your help.
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