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  1. Did you take it out and look on the bottom? Usually has the weight stamped/printed on the bottom of the weight. Or get yourself a cheap digital kitchen scale that measures in grams, very useful tool if you like to tinker.
  2. You’ve piqued my curiosity. Any pics?
  3. Looking closer at the pics you provided, your ruler isn’t measuring from the sole of the club where it contacts the ground, but up the hosel a bit. Red line is where the measurement should start from but your ruler (black line) looks to be roughly a half inch above that. Taking that into account and also not including the grip cap (which usually is not included in the finished length), these irons are built exactly to the spec/build sheet you provided.
  4. I had my set in less than a week but I ordered mine from a fitter that had an uncut set on hand, sent him my build specs, he cut them to length, gripped them, and out the door they went. Message Mark at Center Cut Custom Golf, his screen name on here is ThreePutForePar. Awesome to deal with!
  5. Not sure how often Ping updates their website but Cam Champs WITB has completely changed from a few weeks ago when I looked at it. Has him in a G425 LST now, used to be the G425 Max. G410 3-wood now, used to be a G410 5 wood turned down to 16.5. Has him using a G425 hybrid now, never had a hybrid listed before. And here is the biggest change, they list him in a set of I210 irons 4-PW, before he had an Iblade/Blueprint combo. Only lists a 50 and 54 Ping wedge so that would leave room for a 60 of another brand. On a side note I thought it was interesting he mentioned in an inter
  6. Because they want to force everyone into ordering one through Wedgeworks at their “premium” price.
  7. As always standard rules: CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. Will ship out same day or next business day via UPS. Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black Taylormade drivers shafts. Both are in excellent condition, no cosmetic issues, never pulled. 1.) 6X is 44.5” butt to tip, tipped 1” SOLD 2.) 7X is just a hair over 44.5” butt to tip, tipped 1/2" SOLD
  8. 1 golf ball is roughly 1.62 ounces so 3 dozen would weigh about 3.5 pounds, throw in the weight of packaging and it should be around 4 pounds total. I’m guessing these were $5.99 per 2 pack, not the $5.99 for 3 dozen as listed. Interested to see what you guys actually receive.
  9. Just got an email saying my order was cancelled due to product being out of stock. Oh well, I was sort of expecting something like that. Lucky for those that got shipping notifications.
  10. If ppl understood how packages actually moved in any of the shipping/freight carrier systems then they would not be surprised at all how this happens. Everything is loaded into a tractor trailer, which is packed floor to ceiling, roughly 50’ long by 8’ wide by 9’ tall. So image how many packages fit in one of those. Then that trailer is hauled 100s or even 1000s of miles, constantly bouncing/shifting/moving. If your package happens to be in the middle or near the bottom of that trailer and something heavy is above it, well you can figure out the rest. Its almost neve
  11. Not casting any blame on the seller as this falls squarely on USPS but it’s not a good idea to ship a shaft in a box that size unless you completely pack it tight with newspaper or some kind of solid filler. If the box isn’t completely full, the box will collapse and bend/break whatever is inside. I always ship shafts in a round tube, has so much more structural strength. I’ve never run into this issue using the right shipping container. I’ve even gone as far as going to Home Depot and buying a length of PVC pipe and 2 end cap to ensure this kind of thing can’t happen. Just something to
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