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  1. Looking for a Ping Tyne C 35” stock grip and headcover a must. Let me what you have, condition, and price shipped to 15904. Must have putter in hand ready to ship, not interested in having you “order me one for a great price”. Full disclosure, if your a new member or have no feedback, don’t waste my time I will not buy from you. Too many scammers on here as of late.
  2. Pittsburgh PA, at Robinson Town Center
  4. I always have a set of DBM’s hanging around. They are very forgiving and easy to elevate, but I definitely wouldn’t call them compact compared to most everything else mentioned in this thread. Very long heel to toe, similar to the ZX7, but with a thinner top line.
  5. The top line didn’t really jump out to me, so to my eye it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I play RTX Zipcore and I also have an SM8 I’m testing, so that’s what I’m used to looking at. What did stand out to me was how compact the head seemed to look versus the others. Now keep in mind I wasn’t actually holding them side by side, just going from memory.
  6. Was at my local Golf Galaxy earlier today and they had both left and right hand stock sets on the shelf. Really good looking irons, both in the bag and at address. Didn’t have time to hit them but definitely on my list of sets to try.
  7. Early price drop, need to move these quickly. I have my eye on a different set so these gotta go.
  8. Had a set 5-GW MB’s that I’m still kicking myself for selling!
  9. CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. If sending best offers please include your zip code so I can get a shipping quote. No Trades Please 2021 Callaway Apex Pro 5-AW with MMT 105TX. Specs listed on Callaway build sheet below. Clubs have seen 2 indoor range sessions (premium balls) and a couple rounds. Very little wear, excellent condition. If you need more pics just ask. SOLD
  10. I was just at my local Golf Galaxy and they had a full rack on T-22’s. Excellent looking at address, very compact. The denim looks just as good in person as in the marketing pics. I didn’t even think to look and see what grinds they had in stock. I guess Callaway is the culprit behind the “c-grind” legal issues. So how long till Titleist jumps on the bandwagon for the “d-grind” and “s-grind”. So silly, it’s just a name, get over it. Come to think of it Callaway has an “x-grind” but no issue there?
  11. I get very similar performance/numbers from the steel options I play. Not knocking the feel of these at all, it's just very different to what I'm used to, I wouldn't not play them based on that alone. These definitely perform and that's what matters. I wanted to try these because over the winter when I'm hitting solely off mats indoors I can get some soreness in my joints. Hopefully the combo of graphite and switching to a fiberbuilt hitting area will eliminate those issues.
  12. CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. No Trades Please New in plastic Cleveland RTX 4 Raw wedge set. 54/10 Mid and 58/09 Mid. Tour Issue S400 shafts. Standard length and lie. SOLD
  13. Got some time on the sim with the Apex Pro 21 with MMT 105TX. Very accurate shaft, front to back dispersion is crazy good, I was seeing about 2-3 yards max. Very straight ball flight, very little curve to either side. Spin, launch, ball speed numbers were all solid, performance wise I’m very happy. The one thing I’m not sure about is the feel. I’m having trouble finding the words to describe it, the best I can come up with is numb? I couldn’t really feel much in my hands. I knew if I hit it solid or not by the sound but didn’t really feel it in my hands. Very unique compared to anything I’ve ever played. I guess the reduction in vibration could be a good thing for someone with joint issues.
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