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  1. Gamed a SIM 10.5 turned down to 8.5 with a Ventus Black 7x this summer. I'm seeing similar ball speed and launch with the G425 LST 9* set at -1 flat with Ventus black 6x but spin is actually a bit lower. Mishits are so much more stable and less punishing than the SIM. I think the G425 LST is going to be the best overall driver of the year.
  2. Even with their ridiculous fees, I end up netting more on Ebay. Reason is with Ebay the buyer pays actual shipping fees. Around here everyone thinks shipping is free. I guess Amazon is responsible for that by conditioning everyone that shipping is free, or atleast not a cost the buyer should be responsible for.
  3. Both come out right about D3. The Alta is counterbalanced so even though it plays longer, swingweight is the same.
  4. Both heads come in right around 200-201 grams, then add 4 grams for the adapter which Ping includes in their published head weights.
  5. You are correct in your assumptions. Both heads weighed within a gram of each other but the MAX weight was 9 grams heavier, so with no weights installed in either the MAX would be 9 grams lighter than the LST.
  6. As always standard rules: CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions, PLEASE NO TRADES, item is for sale until payment is received, don’t say you’ll take something then disappear. So who wants to be the first kid on their block to have a G425 Max driver? Well here is your opportunity. Ping G425 MAX 9* driver with 2 stock shaft options and matching headcover. Shafts are a Ping Tour 65 stiff that plays 45.25" and a Ping Alta CB slate stiff that plays 45.75". Both shafts have the new Ping Arccos grips with protective sticker still in place. Has hit less than
  7. Just the norm on here anymore. I cant count how many times I've made a deal, agreed on price, they ask for PayPal info, then you never hear from them again. Really annoying but what can you do.
  8. Jump on 2nd Swing's website, click on the new G410 of your choice, then click on the customize button, it will bring up all the shafts Ping offers along with upcharge pricing. You wont find a shaft list for the G425 because it's not released yet in the US, but my guess is whats currently available for the G410 will also be available for the G425 plus maybe a few new options.
  9. Got another quick session in tonight on the Skytrak. The LST just flat out works for me. Much more consistent contact and better overall numbers. For whatever reason I've never fully gotten along with "max forgiveness" model drivers. Tried the G400 Max when it came out but ended up with the G400 LST. G410 + early this spring but ended up in the G410 LST. This summer tried a Speedzone Extreme and ended up in a SIM. Sorry @osubuckeyes691 but the LST is staying with me. The MAX will be up on BST in the near future.
  10. The Ventus Black I have plays at 44.5" and both G425 heads with stock weights come out to D0. I havent messed with adding weight to these heads at this point. The C8-E0 range of swingweight was referring to drivers I've had over the years, not the G425's. I was going to swap the 23 gram weight from the MAX into the LST. Should bring the swingweight up to about D4 on that setup, more just experimenting than anything. Dont want to do anything permanent to either head at this point, one will eventually be sold and would like to leave it stock for the next person to di
  11. The weights are completely different, not interchangeable. The MAX I have came with a 23 gram weight. Also adding that much extra weight to a G410 head at standard playing length would make the swingweight unmanageable.
  12. Also just an FYI on how I have my Skytrak setup. You have the option of displaying spin 2 ways. Total spin with spin axis which is how I have mine or backspin and sidespin without spin axis. The total spin shows the back spin and side spin added together and gives a separate spin axis measurement. So actual back spin is lower than what the numbers in the charts above are showing. I might change it to see the actual backspin numbers. Only reason I mention any of this is to illustrate that both heads are in fact quite low spin. Even using the stock stiff shaft, my spin numbers
  13. Usually around D3-D4 but I have no problems with lighter. I've messed around with setups as low as C8 and as heavy as E0. I might swap over the Max weight into the LST. Would add about 9 grams and bring it up to right around D4.
  14. I’ve ordered from them on eBay in the past. Not sure what shipping costs are via their website, but shipping is free on eBay. Had the clubs the next day, yes you read that right, free overnight shipping from Japan! Absolute top notch organization, have no worries purchasing from them. Didn’t have to pay any duty fees and my order was over $1k. Maybe just got lucky....
  15. So here are the updated numbers with the Ventus Black 6X. Again played both heads in the standard loft setting with the CG shifter in neutral. Shaft is tipped 1” and plays at 44.5”. No additional weight was added to either head, swingweight came out right around D0. The LST is red on the charts and the MAX is green. As you can see from the averages below, the LST works better for me. What really surprised me was how much tighter the dispersion circle was with the LST vs the MAX. Just felt really dialed in with this combo. @SwingBlues The sound definitely improved
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