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  1. CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. No Trades Please Callaway Epic Max LS 9* with Fujikura Ventus Black 6TX matching headcover and wrench included. Shaft was purchased new and built using an OEM adapter (no cheap aftermarket junk here). Shaft is untipped and measures 44” from tip to butt ungripped, will play 45.5” once gripped and installed. I can butt trim to your preferred length prior to shipping and will install a Callaway Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard grip. Head is in great shape, light wear from typical use, see pics and make your own judgements. NOT looking to split head and shaft at this point. $585
  2. Anytime I come across anything golf related (mostly clubs) on eBay that are clearly fake I immediately report the item to eBay as counterfeit. The item is usually delisted shortly afterwards. This would a bit harder with grips though, just going solely from pics the seller has listed. Now if your talking about listing the eBay sellers in this thread that ppl have been burned by with fake grips, then absolutely this is a good idea!
  3. Its a Tour Authentic head, that’s how they come from Callaway, they aren’t fully spec’d like the Tour Issue heads.
  4. Currently have a set 4-PW coming so 44* PW. Also have an SM8 48 coming, still undecided what I'm doing after that, maybe 52, 56, 60 or 54, 60 or maybe 53, 58.
  5. These are the first thing that came to mind and honestly the only set I can think of marketed as "draw" irons.
  6. Almost every course I have ever played sells balls by the sleeve.
  7. Correct. The Ping Tour 75 I have no idea on its history. The Fujikura I assembled and ran out of the OEM rubber ferrules so used another .335 ferrule I had on hand.
  8. CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. No Trades Please 1.) Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X with G410/G425 adapter - Shaft is tipped 1.5” and is 42.5” from butt to tip. Has a Golf Pride BCT grip with 3 extra wraps. Ideal for a fairway wood or a short driver build. Graphics are aligned with neutral setting so will be down in playing position. $105 to your door 2.) Wilson Staff 8802 Milled headcover - excellent condition, never used. $30 to your door 3.) G425 Driver Headcover - New never used $25 to your door Ping G425 Max 9* Head - Hotmelted neutral/forward to 207 grams with a 23 gram rear CG weight. Sounds infinitely better with hotmelt. Head is in great shape, no dings, dents, or scratches. Sole has minimal wear from normal use. Face is clean. Matching headcover included. SOLD
  9. The owner of the largest private golf shop in my area ordered himself a set of G425 irons with Recoil DART shafts towards mid/end of August. He had them in 2 weeks from time of order. I just happened to be in the shop the day they were delivered and we got to talking about Pings backlog. He kind of just smiled. He’s on Ping staff and also a top 100 Ping fitter in the country. I guess Ping takes care of their own first…..
  10. 4.5” from end of a Callaway tip to the E in Velocore.
  11. I have a DG X100 wood shaft that plays around 44” depending on the head it’s in. The raw shaft weight was 127 grams. You want heavy and controlled, look no further
  12. Just a follow up, I got swings in with the hot melted G425 Max. DRAMATIC change in sound. The hollow, tin can sound is completely gone. Very solid thud now.
  13. I just finished hot melting my G425 Max. Added about 6 grams neutral. Just tapping the sole with my fingernails, I can tell the sound is already much better. Will be hitting it tomorrow to see how it goes.
  14. Yes just loose. Cotton balls, Poly-fill, and Yarn. All old school tricks to muffle loud drivers. It would take more than 2 cotton balls though. The idea is to completely fill the head with something really light. Slows down the sound waves. Similar to what we used to do back in the day with stereo/car subwoofers boxes.
  15. CONUS Only, PayPal for payment, PM me with questions/offers, item is for sale until payment is received, once a deal is reached I expect payment immediately. No Trades Please 10 Ping Arccos grips with sensors, standard size. Grips were ordered loose, blown on and used for one round. $85 OBRO
  16. Looks like right where the face would be welded to the body. If it’s going to crack that would be the weakest part of the head. What a nightmare for Titleist if this turns out to be an issue with the entire line and this isn’t just a one off issue.
  17. You can get the Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX with no up charge.
  18. Still looking for a set of Ping I210’s. 5-PW minimum but would also be looking at 3,4,UW. Preferred shafts are Modus 120X or TX, Modus 125X, Modus 130X, DG X100 or X7, KBS $-taper 130X, PX 6.5. Will consider other shafts for the right price, would also consider heads only. As clean as possible, nothing beat up. PM me with what you have and price shipped to 15904.
  19. My Maltby DBM setup gets me exactly 15 yard between all my irons. I really think the fact they are relatively high spin helps keep my gapping consistent, especially in the longer irons. I know I'm giving up distance compared to everything else I've ever played as these are about a club short loft for loft but they make up for it with distance consistency. Front to back dispersion is usually only 2 or 3 yards. 4-iron 23* 220yds 5-iron 25.5* 205yds 6-iron 30* 190yds 7-iron 33.5* 175yds 8-iron 38* 160yds 9-iron 42* 145yds PW 46* 130yds GW 51* 115yds 56* 100yds
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