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  1. I came across this set of CB-202 for a really good price.. really good price because owner had lost the 7 iron and the clubs have name stamped. So the set is 3-P minus the 7. What intrigued me though is that it is black, and I didn't know CB-202 had a black finish option. He said they were special ordered some time ago directly through "Chip in GA". I assume he meant ChipandPutt, which is definitely legit. I searched high and low online and couldn't find any info on CB202 with black finish, other than a set on ebay that was refurbished in black cerakote. The black finish on this s
  2. I think you also need take into consideration some other factors, like where you are in life and where do you plan to go with your golf game. Back when I was in the 20's and first started golfing, I was shooting well over 100, and I got myself a set of Hogan blades for practice and played a set of Nike original Pro Combo. I wanted to get much better and I didn't mind the punishing pain blades could deliver. Ironically the Hogans were so good that it was the Nike's that were much more painful, but that's the another story. My point is that SGI clubs like Sim Max would make the game
  3. No.. I am hanging on my old drivers because no one else wants to them either... I have a R7 Limited (First interchangeable shaft driver which really started my club hoing), R7 Superquad Tour Issued, R9, R9 Supertri, 2 SLDR. Then in current line up: M1 440 and M5 Tour.. Nike Vapor Flex and Vapor Flex 440. I do admit that I am hanging on to that M1 because i was hitting it well just feel more confident with it than M5.
  4. I am amazed that mods hasn't busted him for posting for sale ads here.. breaking all kinds of rules
  5. check out this thread and the links posted in there.. you'll be shocked how many fakes are out there Do a search on this forum for fake Miura and there are more discussions. It's probably more involving the newer models.
  6. I wasn't a fan of the old Tiger, but I like the new Tiger much better. However in either case, it's still sad to see something like this happen, regardless of the cause, and wish him a full and speedy recovery.
  7. It is niche but there are definitely fakes out there since they do cost a lot. I recall not too long ago reading about a lot of fake MC 501's on market.
  8. 4-P are Tournament Blades and they seems legit. The 3 iron isn't the same set, and it is the Asian market model where the brand is Miura Giken and it looks to be Forged IC-6001 but the marking is slightly different with the extra Miura stamping. I am not familiar with that particular club so maybe someone else can chime in.
  9. If you think Vapro Pros are terrible, that is your swing, not the clubs.
  10. Let me list of some of the irons sets I have sitting around that I think have cult followings... 1. Taylormade 2005 TP RAC CB 2. Taylormade 2004 TP RAC MB Smoky 3. Miura Tournament Blades 4. 2007 Callaway X Forged 5. Srixon Z745\545 combo 6. Nike original Forged blades
  11. Honestly you would probably be better off separating drivers, woods, irons and wedges. It's going to be challenging to have someone who want to the entire set. Also pictures of the iron faces would be great as well.
  13. Ok.. who's got some tour issued iron covers? I want some... not..
  14. LOL.. well I can imagine red fades into pink.. but my bag was grey and white.. I don't even know how it became pink. Here is a picture I found online: This is what mine looks like now:
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