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  1. The stats would back you up on this. You would think that ratio of Women to Men watching a sport would go up when it is a women sport, but it the opposite.
  2. Then 'yes' is likely the answer again. Your swing has not fatal flaw or anything that should hold you back. Breaking 90 most of the time is tough, but not that tough. My big advice is remember all shots count equally. The biggest difference in my game came when I stopped practicing my swing all the time and started practicing putting and chipping (like crazy and with consequences). In short I would start each practice session with 100 - 4 foot putts, if I made 90 I would practice something else, if I did not I would start again until I made 90/100 or ran out of time.
  3. Do you want to talk statistically unlikely? This year I had my ball come to rest on top of another ball. I am sure you are imagining this: But it was not quit that dramatic, the ball it came to rest on was plugged almost fully underground. I would have had no idea it was under my ball if we had not been playing Lift Clean and Place (due to the wet conditions). If we did not play LCP I am sure that the very unique lie would have result in something interesting happening.
  4. Wow, I had thought about it, but yes every round I played this year was at my home club. Never happened before for me. I love playing my home course, so no big issue.
  5. If you are shooting 100's you have a lot of issues throughout your game. I have to say I am big fan of learning the game from the cup back. The game is so much easier with solid game inside 100. A good swing comes easier when you have the short game fundamentals in check.
  6. Short answer - "yes" you are always destined to be a high handicapper The statistics say that barely any golfers gets to be low handicappers, so with nothing more than seeing you swing into a net I am going to bet the numbers. As for the swing it looks usable.
  7. The 3-1 has been every year for at least 10 years. This is the first time I took advantage of the Christmas pricing, but only to try the the left dash out before the promo comes up.
  8. Both up and down. Courses have to submit the changes they make in the winter and details about the conditions they typically deal with, their maintenance changes etc. Ratings could go either way. Keep in mind in the new system if players post unusually high or low scores an adjustment is made for just the day of too.
  9. This thread took some interesting turns since I was last here.
  10. We use lifters. The wire on them can interfere the ball going in a times but it is pretty rare.
  11. The tee that day weas set up on the left, the three guys I was with were like Yeah! we don't have to hit that shot and I was like oh no - I WANT to try that shot. So my caddie allowed me to make an exception on that hole.
  12. Reminds me of my time at the old course, hitting it over the 'O' on 17 was highlight shot for me.
  13. All 4's would be up there. 5 par 3's and 4 par 5's, so did not even shoot par.
  14. I play one round a year with my grandfathers old clubs. If I am swinging well, I don't really score much differently, If I am not - wow watch out as my misses are magnified. In think 60's clubs vs 2020 - good players are still good players and bad player are even worse players Thats to say most pros would adjust just fine to 60's era clubs and play very well. They would lead the field if they still had access to the tech, teaching and training they have now.
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