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  1. Thanks for all the great replies and introspection. I have to admit I was not too intentional about using the term 'self esteem' but I really like the discussion it opened up. For me I feel better about myself when I play well. I am not sure how there can't be a correlation about my self worth and an activity I do 18hrs-20hrs a week. At my core I am goal oriented, competitive and expect to enjoy a return for my effort. Golf has been very helpful in coming to terms with delayed gratification and ideas around taking joy in the process rather than results but all the same playing poorly leaves me feeling dissatisfied with myself. Not in a dramatic way though. Playing good gives me a great lift and elevated self confidence for me. Of course I would be lying if I said it did not at times work in reverse - bad day = bad golf and vice versa.
  2. The type of turf/grass/conditions etc play a big role. I have been on the greens committee off and on at our course for 20years and we can see a big difference in damage from push carts v carrying golfer. This happen particularly in the winter when we see lots of rain. The push carts all travel similar paths to get around greens and really cause some big damage that later results in compaction and can even present as hydrophobic areas over the summer. We now make a point of roping off areas to force the push carts over to paths or away from high play areas. I am like you though, I walk and carry almost all of my rounds as I find carrying easier than pushing the cart.
  3. FYI there are few really good study that looks at the damage caused by carry v push carts v drive. - here is one that ran some of the numbers - The numbers on cart damage Push carts cause (or have the potential to cause) significantly more damage than carrying a bag, mainly because the wheels are in constant contact with the ground. I think banning push/pull carts is ridiculous, but I post this as reminder for all golfers to be mindful where they take carts and not to assume they cause no issue.
  4. I would love to say how I play does not effect my mood, but when I play well, I am noticeably happier between rounds. I would not go so far as to say playing bad make me unhappy, I brush off a bad round pretty easily - but a low score does certainly give my mood a lift and overall leaves me feeling good about myself.
  5. All these guys that call this an Ace or hole in one seem to miss the concept that a hole in one is putting the ball in with one stroke. I mean how many times do you believe you can hit from the tee box and still call a ball that goes in a HIO??? If you hit twice or more it can't be a hole in one (the OP understands this). It is still super cool and a great story. The thing is outside of prizes a course may have for a HIO it is all about a cool story - the OP has a story that is better than your average HIO story now and it is always cool to hole out from a long distance. Well done and congratulations.
  6. Call me crazy, but I am convinced some of the stupid stuff players are saying publicly is all about chasing these dollars.
  7. This is the most idiotic thread on on the internet... Just kidding. Here is my real view: 1. Most of the time, most of the people are actually super friendly here. 2. Some of the time people are being friendly but have a dry sense of humour or don't communicate well in writing and the meaning of their post is received in a way not intended. 3. Some posters enjoy a bit of debate. It is all in good fun, but one party takes it more seriously than intended. 4. Trolls - some people just are. 5. Poor attempts to get in a zinger 6. A few people are jerks All of the above describe me.
  8. I am not going to say I am a hack at the range, but my warm-ups can be pretty suspect. To be honest though my warmups are about 20 balls just to get an idea of what I have the day and get a bit limber. What happens in warm up good or bad has zero correlation to the course - and I have some awful warm-ups
  9. SunMountain Club Glider here. If you have to drag a bag around it is a dream compared to regular bags. Most soft side bags with a stiff arm or broom stick work great. I typically wrap club heads in a towel or rain gear to further protect them. I used to also remove my driver, three wood and hybrid heads and carry them on. I have not lately, but if you are worried that is some extra protection. Your irons are pretty tough so should not cause much concern. Airline losing clubs is another thing. had it only happen once and it was not really a big deal. The airline covered the cost of rentals and I got them the next day. Given I have flow with clubs 50ish times that success rate is pretty good.
  10. I always think you should break range time into three modes: 1. Work on your swing and the mechanics involved. (I think this is what you have been doing and most people do) 2. Work on you GAME at the range. 3. Warming up For 2 you can't just pull the same club and hit to the same target again and again. When I am in #2 mode I play a course in my head. I pull driver and hit ONE shot. If it was not a good shot I then pull a 4 iron and imagine I am playing a low runner under a tree (or what ever the shot calls for). If it was a good shot I play what my approach would be. Basically I play one shot at a time and play a variety depending on the result of the previous shot. For instance I play pitches and chips if my shot was not good enough to hit the green.
  11. Good call. In this scenario it would be reasonable to assume that three of the four players declared a handicap higher than they should have and both sides would be DQ'd. 3=0 7=3 but declared 4 13=8 but declared 10 14=9 but declared 11
  12. I am not sure I would call it 'weak' - but the player is the one responsible under the rules. To me it is very similar to having a marker put the wrong score down for a hole, it is unfortunate, but it is the players responsibility to assure it is correct. Under the rules of golf, the pro has no responsibility but under the contract of his employment - he screwed up. It sounds like one of the sides should have been DQ in this match. Did that occur?
  13. +1 on Dormie: https://dormieworkshop.com
  14. If I was training a young inspiring professional golfer I would tell them "no running" and focus on other less abusive forms of cardio. Especially a big guy like Brooks. Walking as much as golfers do has all the upside of weight bearing exercise that running would give you except the cardio.
  15. People often use their words without precision. My preference is a course that is best played with every club in your bag. Ideally you hit a variety of clubs off the tee - not just driver each hole and to play the the course you need to work the ball both ways. Your approach shots should range from long iron to wedge and every par three should require a different club. I find courses that are bomb driver, hit short iron/wedge all day not as fun as a shot maker course.
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