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  1. I am not sure where the drama was. Didn't seem to bother Westwood one bit. Ball first, hit the middle of the green make par (which was better than the field). If anything it was good example of why we don't need to fuss about divots.
  2. This. Also as a single you will have a fair amount of flexibility to adjust tee times if you feel the need.
  3. Versions of this story are kicking around in a few places and several other books. A version of this story is part of Golf is Not a Game of Perfect too.
  4. I should have been more clear about my point, my feet don't get wet from walking in water, it more coming in from above in heavy rain that will get you there. Mind you I use some good waterproof shoes when needed.
  5. I guess 'cold' weather is relative term, but March at Bandon should not be cold enough to do anything special to keep your toes warm. You are looking 60* today. Waterproof shoes and your regular socks should be more than fine. Remember when you are walking the entire time so your feet will be generating plenty of heat on their own, they likely will be sweating. I always change socks between rounds and if I have enough time even shoes. Kind of a must do, to prevent blister and just freshen up. One thing about Bandon is even keeping your feet dry is not a major issue mos
  6. That is the perfect way to describe it. I too fall in the extremely low incident of being in a divot camp. Maybe 1/100 rounds do I find myself in one of any concern. I have never had it occur in an event and I play 20-30 a year. Admittedly I play at a private club and tend to play most of my rounds at nicer courses. I actually kind of enjoy getting the chance to hit the divot shot when it has occurred, just like I enjoy hitting other unique shots when they come up.
  7. As a side note, I chose my words very carefully - it likely makes it easier IF raked properly. There are number of wrong ways to rake a bunker that actually make them more difficult and cause plugged balls or cause balls to not collect properly away from the lip. But as I also pointed out a properly filled divot is easier to play out of in general than one left un-repaired. The rules in general don't have any allowance for misfortune caused by poor course maintenance of the golfer before you: If you land a poorly prepped bunker resulting in a tough lie - n
  8. Lots of clubs have twilight times that are perfect for 9 and other course have 9 hole times the first 1hr:45min of the morning starting on the back (so you don't get in the way of those playing 18). I play 9 or less on nice summer nights from time to time or with my kids - it does not really feel like golf, but is a nice walk swinging the club.
  9. I find it interesting that the people that push for free relief from divots never seem to suggest a rule change to repair a 'divot' and replace your ball? It still a problematic idea, that I would not support, but it is another option.
  10. A bunker should be raked (if the course asks you to do it) to leave the best possible condition for the next player and for general maintenance of the course. Likely it will make that bunker easier to play out if raked properly A divot should be filled for the same reasons. A ball mark should be fixed for the same reasons. All three things are likely to make the course more predictable to play for the next player.
  11. Keep in mind the pro-shop credit is part of the financial model for most/allot of pro-shops running a tournament. Most events no portion of the entry goes to the pro-shop for running the event and they make their money on GC's and Merchandise for prizes. Go to all cash prizes and the pro-shop will have to take a cut of the entrance fee
  12. This argument that 'traditional' golf clothes are in some way too hot is a bit silly now that there are so many options with technical fabrics and the good 'old fashion' collar has functional purpose in the heat.
  13. Not sure if it is relevant to you, but played the OC later April in an Open year (2015) and there was no mats needed. They did have a few smallish 'landing areas' roped off that you got a free drop from. Of course these were the areas the pro's land it and as it turns out I think I only recall being in one. I can only recall them a few holes, so either I was not near them most of the round- or they were not a very big deal. I think it was the later.
  14. Tiger has been in the spot light long enough and worked with 'his people' long enough to know to keep his mouth shut and only talk to his people before sharing information with the authorities when he is involved in potential trouble. Not saying this implicates him of any wrongdoing, just saying this is how things operate.
  15. Speaking of caddies and betting, does anyone know the predominant betting games the caddies play using the players? I have taken a caddie too many times, but each time I did I noticed there were betting with the other caddies based on what their players were doing.
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