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  1. LPGA has less eyes on it. On TV. On the Internet. On this Forum. I like the product, I watch it, but I get that it does not have anywhere near the interest of the PGA.
  2. The thread has averaged 1 post a day (2 from me). Case in point around the LPGA not driving enough traffic.
  3. The PGA Tour operators would love another Major - more money more eyeballs on their product, but even they know the fans would reject it. I will never happen.
  4. In our region they can not be used without posting a sign with details on where they were sprayed an how much. I live in a in family environmentally friendly area with agrees IPM laws, so I appreciate that may not be the norm for some people.
  5. There was also a guy on the Big Break that played barefoot - that was kind his little thing to make him seem interesting for the show.
  6. I am shocked that a thread about barefoot golf did not stay on topic.
  7. I have seen several, but I am sure it was not intentionally against bare feet - something along the lines of "only soft spike golf shoes must be worn on the golf course." the idea being to prevent non-golf shoes from being worn. I have played around 5000 rounds all over the world, in that time I must of seen tens of thousands of other golfers - maybe well over 100,000 (you see lots of other golfers when you play). I don't recall once seeing someone play barefoot. So I suspect no policy will ever be needed*. *unless some guy on the PGA tour win barefoot.
  8. I am sure every region is different, but I thought I would look into what was going on at my course. After having a look I can't say I have any concerns if I wanted to slip my shoes off. If people are concerned they should do some research as in many regions chemical use has changed significantly over the years. Part of pest management regulations in our area require everything to be reported. Last year we used 60.74KG (147lbs.) of controlled chemicals. The numbers of all courses are posted and around 200lbs seems to be average. The reporting also breaks down each product used and
  9. How do you know someone is a vegan? Look and them and they will tell you.
  10. Let the caddie master know in advance your plan and they will sort it out. Typically they do their best to keep your caddie with you all trip or at the very least all day - even if you are mixing up groups. Of course practically speaking this is not always possible. For instance if a caddie double bags in the morning and then the two guys play in different groups in the afternoon.
  11. I am not sure how this topic ended up in the golf and etiquette section. But as for the upsetting part - No rules against it, but I actually think it not the good etiquette at most courses. The times I have done it were pretty niche situations including on someones personal course.
  12. I am looking at your questions more as "why do you want to go walking around outdoors barefoot". Simple answers is it feels nice (maybe). For me not something I would do in a real round. But I have played , .000001% of my golf barefoot, and it felt nice on a nice summer day. As to soccer barefoot, yes I have done it. Hanging out in the park having fun with friends kind of thing. Come summer I never wear real shoes unless I am in the office and I run around in sandals & barefoot all the time.
  13. I walk barefoot on the beach and enjoy it - same idea. Walking barefoot on a lush beautiful parkland fairway is actually very nice. I can't say I have every player a round barefoot but have practice putting or played a few holes in flip flops and taken them off. It felt nice - more comfortable then my hardwood floors at home.
  14. Super interesting comments about OM. It climbed all the way #1 on my list at one point. Back down to #3 currently. Trails is the only course that has not been on the top of my list. SR even was up there pre-opening though I have never played the actual course. Some course you love right off the bat, but also know you won't find them interesting after several rounds. Gamble Sands is like that for me - super fun for a one night stand, but not long term relationship material. Other courses you need some time to get to know them. For me my affection for OM has to do with courses in the
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