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  1. The policy I have seen: - First round of the day cancelled short notice = charged for the round and given a gift card - Second round = no charge I am heading there in March with some Newbies and gave them the advice - pick out what you want to buy, but hold off buying it until the end of the trip incase you have to cancel a round and need to spend a GC. (or return the item and re-buy it with the GC)
  2. Okay super long post but I will respond to a few parts as best I can: It's fair to say that the goal of golf is to provide everyone in a closely-mown area as uniform a condition as is possible (a "preferred lie") I don't agree this is the goal of golf. I think the 'goal' is to provide a better opportunity for a good lie by hitting to the closely-mown area. If divots were such a charming part of the game, why fix them? I don't recall ever calling them charming.... If we did not fix them, eventually there would not be much grass on the course. I like to hit off a variety of lies - it keeps the game interesting. Just like I don't think it is as fun to hit every shot from a perfect lie, I would not want to hit every shot off a bare lie. Golf is not made better by having crappier fairways or by having 2 players hit the fairway and one get penalized randomly. That's not charming. That's a "whoops" on the part of the course maintenance staff. We don't spend millions in course maintenance because we're happy to have bare spots. I love links golf. The fact two players hitting a good shot might end up with wildly different results is not a flaw, but a benefit. Using your logic--that golf is a game which embraces the struggle of bad lies--why not hold US Opens at $15 dog-tracks? After all, it would better sort the field because of the enhanced challenge, would it not? Is that not the argument you just made?! Have you played Chambers Bay? I would not call it a dog track, but the fairways made no effort to be Augusta. I played far more Open Championship courses given my geography, and I can also say most on the Open rotta are not trying to have perfect unblemished fairways. The US Open is a funny event to bring up, as I see the US Open going out of it's way to set up the course so good shots are often punished harshly. I see it as inconsistent and hypocritical that golf allows for LCP as a solution to mud-balls but it doesn't see LCP as a potential solution to other agronomy-related issues like divots and bare spots at local courses. Have a look at model rule E-3. 'Golf allows' preferred lies for agronomy related issues already. In addition to E-3 courses also have the option of GUR. Not sure what is hypocritical?
  3. Rule I would change would be: Drops can be made between knee and shoulder. I think the RB's missed big time on this, for some older golfers the knee drop is awkward and why not give some room for error (kind of like one club length). yep - I dont have many rules gripes if this is my biggest one.
  4. I loaded up and bought 2 year worth in 2021. I have some big golf trips Jan-April so I wanted to have plenty of stock as I play the left dash and you can't just pick it up anywhere.
  5. Tradition? Or is it the very core of the game. Play the ball as it lies is the very basis of the games origin and is the golfs most base rule. I don't think there is any question the on balance LCP favours a less talented golfer. The less variation you encounter the less skill is needed. Does it make the game more fair to favour the lowest(lower) common denominator? I guess in a socialist sense it does, but I tend to think in the long run playing the ball down will more easily determine the most skilled gofer.
  6. Not the case at all. I play lots of links golf for instance. Places like Port Rush, Bandon Dunes, the Old Course. Plenty of gnarly lies to be found despite paying $300+ I grew up playing a course with sand-greens. (greens made of sand and motor-oil, that you had to drag carpet screwed to broom poll to flatten) I know all about low rent courses. Still played the ball down there though.
  7. I am lucky enough to play a lot of expensive course. I have never played a perfectly condition one. They all have some level of lumps and bumps and bare patches. Some more than others.
  8. I am sure most of you are aware of Godwins Law - it simply states the longer a conversation goes on in an internet forum the more likely the Nazi's or Hitler will be brought up as a comparison. I am not sure what we should call this law, but I found in the Rules and Etiquette forum, the longer a thread goes on, regardless what the topic was that started it, the more likely that free relief from a divot will come up. We started with - I don't like people walking ahead, and are hopefully ending with "I should get free relief from divots"
  9. Yes I should of chosen my words more precisely. Proper etiquette varies depending on the situation in golf just as it does life. The required etiquette in casual rounds and competitive rounds can be very different and for good reason. So yes in casual rounds you still need to have 'etiquette' but the expectations can be very different than in competitive rounds.
  10. I just dropped in to comment this thread is a hot mess. If you are casual golfer not playing by the rules - do what you like as long as it does interfere with your playing partners. In competition it is a different beast where rules and etiquette need to be followed.
  11. Gamble Sands. https://www.gamblesands.com/sands-course Holes/fairways are contoured in a way that there is lots of ways to hit a good shot and very few ways to hit a bad shot. Hole 6 is great example, you can fly the ball 220 yards to the green or, hit a 120 yard wedge and let the ball roll down the hill to the hole. Both result in a birdie putt. Very fun course, and it is truly hard to shoot a bad score unless the weather kicks up. Designed by David McCLay Kidd (banding dunes) Par 72 From the 'regular tees' - Rating: 68.6 Slope: 109
  12. 2bGood


    I have to figure the highway being swept away and under re-conctruciton is not going to help them over the next year or two
  13. I agree. Not saying Wagyu beef is a scam. There is good reason for the added expense and it does present a different taste (up to you if you like it better or not). My butcher brings it in and the Wagyu and Kobe beef is a fair bit pricier. Typically I won't buy it at the high price and opt for a nice Ribeye, but when the butcher needs to move some high end beef and puts it on sale I will grab some and do find it a nice treat. Once you use Wagyu for a burger though, though taste is going to be so obscured by everything else going on with the burger that it not money well spent.
  14. Rory before and after the Wagyu Burger. You decided if it is for you.
  15. wow! you wont spend $10 to potentially change your life???
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