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  1. My short game practice tends to be goal oriented. An example would be to chip 17/20 attempts within 34 inches (the length of a putter). Make sure that you have 5 different location and move to the new station after each shot. If I don't make 17, keep doing it until I do. Chose a tough enough challenge that is make the last few chips meaningful. I actually also have a rule that one holder chip erases 2 missed chips outside of 34". By the way I try for 95/100 putts for 34" as another drill (5 spots around the hole). When you get down to the end and now you the last putt are start again it adds some good pressure.
  2. +1 I have done this for years, it does help bring the range game to the course.
  3. Yes taking about course handicap. Would it make more sense to you if I said I ranged from 7-2? I started the season high as I had arm surgery nearly 2 years ago and did hit the hard cap on the high end when I tried to come back last season to golf and started this season as a 7. Once I got back to 'my game' I got down to around 3-4 most of the season. Comically and almost as if scripted I shot 2 under par today (playing off of 5) and won everything. When I posted my score I went down to a 4 again (nearly a 3). At any rate - as the guys I play with all range around the same cap, playing straight up has always made sense to us.
  4. This has been what I have seen. Players with challenges chipping, still have trouble with chippers and they don't really help them for a prolonged time.
  5. I playing too many events that don't allow slope to bother having one with it, but I play with guys that do have it and yes it seems to be accurate - atleast as accurate as a mid single digit handicap golfer needs.
  6. Out of the option you gave - Titleist. They used to sub-contract Sun Mountain to make their bags. I don't believe they do anymore but much of the same DNA remains. If I could pick any bag maker - Sun Mountain for sure.
  7. Here you go based on our round today - we played single strokes play and a few individual matches (we switch around): I am 4 today - but ranged from 2 to 7 this year. One of the guys was 3 today and has ranged from 3-6 The other is 5 and ranged from 4-7 The last is guy was a 4 and also ranged from 3-6 As we play lots (4 or 5 rounds a week) a good week and we can drop fast, a bad two weeks and we go up even with 8/20. So today we had a 3 (who was 4 on Wednesday), two 4's (one was a 3 last week) and 5 who was 4 last week). If we looked at indexes - the difference is even more slight. We played even today. The 5 won. He went back to a 4 when he posted as he shot 1 over, and I went up to 5 as I knocked out a low round. Tomorrow we play again and I feel pretty good about my chances even though the 3 is two strokes better than me today - but normally I shoot lower than him.
  8. Correct over 40 groups - some times more sometimes less typically we run it from 10am-4pm.
  9. I think we are talking league here - so much more players - our league has typically 160 each week. For small field off the low many makes sense though.
  10. No reason to upgrade unless you are desperate to have slope. The V4 (and V5) lock on to the flag a bit faster/easier without picking up back ground objects as much. I can't say have had any issues with the V3, but from time to time I did get a bad number as I got a tree behind the green instead of the flag. I golf enough and have a feel for distance enough that I know when this occurs and take another reading. It the sort of thing that happens to me once every 5 or 6 rounds I would say.
  11. I feel dirty just talking about this. Leave it alone.
  12. Why would any 18 want to play in that game? You have to accept that there is a reason someone is an 18 and you can't expect them to play a 0 straight up. Even in a skins game.
  13. Yes silly rule. If it is big field net skins should be off the card, not the low man. Having said that you buddy would have a significantly better chance at gross skins than most of the field, so I bet at the end of the season he still comes out on top.
  14. You have already pointed it out - but you don't like match play and it is not about fair or not. In the context match play everything was fair and as it should be. In the context of stroke play (a different game) it may not feel fair. What someone shot for 9 or 18 means nothing as that is not what the competition was. It would be like a 100Metre sprinter entering a 200Metre race and not thinking it was fair they lost as they ran 100M the fastest.
  15. Korean domination of the LPGA is pretty unique and has a few factors in my view: 1. Money. A Korean player has far more upside playing the LPGA than an American player as there is more money involved through sponsorships. If you don't have sponsor interest playing on the LPGA is not a great career choice unless you can be at the top. 2. KLPGA. This is a great development tour. Big Money, next to no travel, great competition and actual sponsorship deals. Nothing like it in America. 3. Culture. Better support from parents to chase the dream. I am really not sure that all of this will translate to the PGA as 1 & 2 are more about a vacuum on the lady side.
  16. That was me - spouting off about foursomes rather than what I meant - fourball. I love foursomes too though, but it can be a challenging format to get your rhythm going.
  17. We play it ALL. High/Low, second ball tie breaker, added scores of the two balls, multiplied scores of the two balls, the two digit number game (ie a 4 and 5 = 45 versus the other teams 5 and 6 = 56 (11 points won) etc etc etc. Really depends on the group - with higher handicaps in the mix fourball is nice to keep things moving, but agree with better players having the two balls in play is more fun.
  18. Only had one of those days. Wicked rain and super high winds. I was soaked and the rain felt like bullets hitting my face. My buddy and I were the only one dumb enough to go out that day amongst all the hard corse Bandon golfers. It was fun to say we did it - but I would not try it again.
  19. I find people always talk about these things as if they are static. You may notice in my profile my handicap is a range not a number. Most of the guys I play with are playing 3-6 times a week and their handicaps move up and down in a 3 or 4 strokes range pretty regularly. It is not that unusual for one guy to be 2 strokes lower than me one day and few weeks later for me to be 2 strokes lower than them. Then when you make it match play (or even more so foursomes) the odds of me (and my partner) beating a lower handicap (who recently had the same handicap) are pretty decent. So if you play with the guys regularly and you know what their typical range is, it pretty easy to ignore handicap and play straight up.
  20. I think you miss some of the fun of foursomes. You are supposed to 'ham and egg' it around the course. If your partner is in good shape for par - you play way more aggressive to try to make birdie. I play holes differently in foursomes than I ever would in stroke play so looking at my overall score is irrelevant. A good example is a tight front pin over water. Stroke play event - I hit to the centre of the green almost always. In foursomes if my partner is on the green in regulation I am playing to the pin for birdie but bringing bogie or worse into play if I don't hit it perfect. Both my partner and I making pars does us no good, so the high risk/reward play makes sense.
  21. Yes + handicaps really mess things up - that's why the recommended system is to play off the low handicap not the card. In the real world I find it exceedingly rare for near scratch golfers to play with strokes.
  22. Yes it should, but you offer up an extreme example. Yes the data generally supports that in one on one matches the lower handicap wins more often. Things shift when you get to larger field and other formats.
  23. Yes this a common low cap scam - "lets play off the card today..." High Handicappers that are not educated on the system think it is great as the get all their strokes, but someone educated on the system realises all this does is move the strokes to where they are less likely to be relevant.
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