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  1. I havent bothered to ask anyone because the answer I got back at the beginning of summer was, no. Not saying they didnt whip something up but it didnt sound like it was going to happen.
  2. Whats good boys!? Its been a minute. Glad to see the same arguments are happening. I know people dont like to hear it but there is a reason companies like to keep things under wraps as long as possible. We are still 4 months from 2022 and 6/7 months from when certain new styles will drop. How much sooner do you actually need to see things? Heck, there are still a couple big time releases still to come for this years stuff. Be patient. They will leak. I used to be the guy who wanted to get the pics out there asap. But then one year i did and my Nike connects confronted me and told me to stop and followed that up with why they dont like it. Its been discussed multiple times on here so i wont go in to all the details again but for my instance, it had to do with a certain style Nike was coming out with and another brand seeing it and copying it. Not just copying it but then bringing it out before Nike did. And this company definitely got the credit for this style instead of Nike because it was first. Obviously new colorways of an older version arent as big a deal but when it comes to a totally new or revamped style, they want to keep it under wraps until the time is right. So sit back, wait patiently, and soon enough, someone who doesnt care about all that will post them. Haha! Ive shown a few people things over the years on my Instagram and told them not to post anywhere....within the day they had posted here not knowing who i was on here. They dont get pics anymore. Besides the new version of the Infinity Tours and Pros not much different from Nike. But i suspect youll love what Jordan is bringing.... ✌
  3. We were supposed to. But they are delayed. Production issues. I was told they will be here eventually. Hearing May
  4. Haha! No. Those are the ones that go along with what theyve done with the denim and corduroy packs. The shoes will be searsucker.
  5. So I have to admit that i was wrong. The Masters theme this year is the Space Hippie style shoes and when I saw this print and the alien polo with peace signs I was under the assumption that these and the polo were for Masters week. These however, are for the Waste Management. This other pic is what i was referring to for the masters...which is why i got it all wrong. My bad guys. Also, all the clothing for it is up on Nike right now.
  6. Never said it was the Masters print. Its just a hint to what the Masters SHOES are gonna be.
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