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  1. We were supposed to. But they are delayed. Production issues. I was told they will be here eventually. Hearing May
  2. Haha! No. Those are the ones that go along with what theyve done with the denim and corduroy packs. The shoes will be searsucker.
  3. So I have to admit that i was wrong. The Masters theme this year is the Space Hippie style shoes and when I saw this print and the alien polo with peace signs I was under the assumption that these and the polo were for Masters week. These however, are for the Waste Management. This other pic is what i was referring to for the masters...which is why i got it all wrong. My bad guys. Also, all the clothing for it is up on Nike right now.
  4. Never said it was the Masters print. Its just a hint to what the Masters SHOES are gonna be.
  5. Close. If you put some thought in to it, you can probably figure it out.
  6. Im shocked no one has dropped the catalog on here. Its been out for quite some time now. But i enjoy youre guys speculation and "rumors". Ive seen several renderings of the Victory Tour 2 and 2 pics of what seems to be the finished product. Renderings looked better. But we will see. A lot of good coming next year. Stay tuned!
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