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  1. Never said it was the Masters print. Its just a hint to what the Masters SHOES are gonna be.
  2. Close. If you put some thought in to it, you can probably figure it out.
  3. Im shocked no one has dropped the catalog on here. Its been out for quite some time now. But i enjoy youre guys speculation and "rumors". Ive seen several renderings of the Victory Tour 2 and 2 pics of what seems to be the finished product. Renderings looked better. But we will see. A lot of good coming next year. Stay tuned!
  4. Fairly certain the ADG 3 will go over a lot better than the 2s. Still have an ADG feel to them but a better design. More of a trainer vibe. I said a few months ago that Jordan Brand had some things coming. Just stay tuned.
  5. Yes i did. 3 base colors and then the NRG stuff. I know they ended up getting a handful of the white/blue also. The rest came from Asia or places like Roger Dunn. And ill let you take over the GolfWRX Nike info from here on out. Haha! Ill keep my sources to myself. ✌ P.S. Go ask Alex Noren if those are the Masters shoes since you dont believe me.
  6. They are 100% Masters shoes. There are other options as well. Some of the Nike guys were going to wear them for the Par 3 tournament. But that's canceled so im not sure if or who will wear them for the actual tournament. The bottoms say LUCKY. All part of the "charms" pack for The Masters.
  7. 100% Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 for Rory. Completely revamped shoe. I think of the Roshe as, cute and comfy. These are sleek and sexy. Ill stick to the Infinity Tour for myself.
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