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  1. I try to approximate the hinge in this video, also recently posted in the thread about "Slicefixer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn2ZyA-6E8Y
  2. I liked your post so much that I copied it into my notes for further review as there is a lot of "meat on the bone". My approach wedge game (full shot swing motion for shots from 25-90 yards) is based on a 9-3 swing with my wedges, which I have worked hard to develop for more than a year and is pretty solid. My stock shot is in the middle of my stance with full grip position, although I have started to try middle position. One of these days, I need to get a Mevo!
  3. Great post! I turned 65 in May and continue to play the white tees (about 5,800 yards at my home course).....for now. At this point, the longest par-4 that I can reach is about 365 yards, which takes Driver and 7-wood. From 7-wood distance, there is a high likelihood that I will miss right or left and have to chip on anyway. A few weeks back I played the front-9 from our Gold tees (about 2,700 yards with the full 18 being 5,200 yards) and frankly, had a ball! It was really fun to be able to go at the green with an 8 or 9-iron (or even a wedge) as my second shot. Distance is the key, rather than age. According to "Tee it Forward" based on my typical length of drive, my ideal course length is 5,200 to 5,400 yards.
  4. Love the bag! I play Mavrik Max 5, 7 and 11 woods and love them. I refer the y 11-wood as the pitching wedge of woods! It is great from any lie and I can hit high and low shots with it.
  5. 6H and 7-iron. I bought a 699U 6-iron with an Evenflow Riptide hybrid from Sub70 and liked it enough on the first try to order a matching 7-iron. According to Sub70, these clubs were designed to take the place of hybrids for those who prefer the look of an iron. I like the look of the 6-iron at address and the ball flight and distance when I put even a reasonably good swing on it. Frankly, I tend to hit my 7-iron too low so with a couple of more degrees of loft and even more forgiveness than my Pings, it has a lot of potential. As always, Sub70 is a pleasure to deal with.
  6. I have a pair of New Level Type-M wedges on the way (54* and 58*), which I decided to order after reading stellar reviews. Among other things they were highly rated in Not allowed because of spam's recent wedge comparison and rated as the "Best Value". They should arrive next week.
  7. I have read "Instinct Putting" and am working through the drills, finding that doing the drills helped both lag putting and short putts almost immediately on course. I have begun to look at the hole for short putts and it really seems to work. Like Crossfield, this is an approach which I will likely begin using.
  8. See below. Driver - 5w - 7w - 11w - 6H - 7-UW - 54* - 58*
  9. Today I did Monte's 2/3s drill with an 8-iron and PW with a small bucket. For me, 2/3s of my full swing distance with an 8 and PW are about 72 and 60 respectively and my goal was to focus on making a smooth swing and good contact, while keeping to these distances. Great drill for the full swing motion!
  10. Yesterday I worked on hitting 9:00 shots with 9-iron, PW, UW and 54* using the "Target" mode of my SC100. I set "targets" at 85, 75, 65 and 55-yards respectively and hit 10-shots to each and am feeling like I'm getting this shot dialed in. @ShowMe - Great point about choking down an inch to control the distance. This is an approach that I never think of trying, but will do so next time I'm on the range. Combined with the 9:00 swing it would provide another whole set of distances!
  11. Platgof - Congrats on breaking 80.....twice!
  12. 9-hole league last night. My approach wedges (includes 9-iron) were much improved by taking one more club and swinging to 9 o'clock rather than full (which is about 10 o'clock). I had 7 of these shots last night, four of which I hit really well, one mediocre and two pretty poorly. I shot a 9-over 45 which is my best round on this nine in a long time. It could have been better because the two approaches which I muffed contributed to the two 3-putts (recently aerated greens didn't help either). Clearly there is more work to be done, but I definitely feel that I'm headed in the right direction with this approach (pun intended)!
  13. Murv - Congrats on still playing and enjoying the game! I'm 65 and returned to playing golf in 2019 after a 10-year hiatus. When I quit playing in 2009 I was a 16 hcp, mainly because I could drive pretty well (usually 220 or so and in or near the fairway), hit my irons pretty well (5-PW were solid 150 to 100 carries, respectively) and I could chip and putt pretty well. Although my wedges and fairway woods were poor. Returning to the game was an eye-opener as my now drives carry about the same as yours and I no longer generate the club-head speed to hit any iron longer than a 7, which I now carry about 115, versus 130. I have had to learn to be much better with fairway woods, and stick to the more lofted ones at that (I carry 5,7 and 11), and improve my wedge game, in addition to working on my chipping and putting so they are better than "pretty good". All of it is coming along and I am pretty happy with my progress. My hcp is now 24 (down from about 30 2-years ago) and I broke 90 in June. In other words, I've had to adjust to the realities of my aging body. Some things that I would suggest you consider: If you haven't done so in a while, get fitted for new clubs. Switch to graphite shafts in your irons (I assume your woods are already graphite). The clubs will be lighter and easier on your joints. Consider going deeper in the bag with lofted fairway woods or hybrids. Revisit your course management strategy based on the new realities of your carry distance. Bottom line...enjoy the game!
  14. Great thread which I started to read months ago and should have continued following and doing! Driver carry - 180 (about 190 total distance) PW (44*) - 92 Lately I have been working on 9-3 swings with my irons (7-LW) and get about 70 yards with the PW. Going forward will be following this thread and focusing on these shots. Thanks Monte
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