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  1. I should add that my bag also contains a G400 driver, G410 5 Hybrid (about to get a 6 Hybrid), a Glide 3.0 Eye-2 sand wedge and a milled Anser 5 putter, so I am pretty close to being all Ping.
  2. I am a fan of using a hybrid to chip because I find it a low risk shot.....with practice! The stroke is more like a putt which combined with the wide sole, reduces the chance that you will skull the ball across the green or stub it way short. You can find lots of video content covering this technique: Monte talks about it in his "Use the Bounce" videos, Stan Utley shows something pretty similar with a 9-wood, etc. Back in the day, Tiger would occasionally chip with a 3-wood. I use a 5 hybrid (26*) and can always get the ball on the green. I tend to use this shot, rath
  3. RoyalMustang -Did you had a particularly bad putting day, or does your putting needs a lot of work? Only you can answer that question. I returned to the game in 2019 after a 10-year hiatus and last season it hit me that my putting was really bad, even for a high handicapper (i.e. 26-38 total puts with 4-5 three + putts per round and unimpressive GIR). Discovering Obee's Putting Improvement thread from a couple of years ago turned me around. Although I did change my putting technique such that it is pretty similar to Obee's approach, it was his emphasis on learning to put a good ro
  4. I worked pretty hard at putting indoors (PuttOut mat and Perfect Putt trainer) all winter and it showed today. First round of the season and I had 30 putts with no 3 putts and sank 3 of 5' or longer. Obee - Thanks again for this thread and all of your guidance in general. I am using the claw grip with a Ping Anser 5 and rolled the ball really well today....no wobble in the aiming line!
  5. Three: Ping - Driver, 5 Hybrid, 7-SW, Putter; Callaway - Heavenwood and 9-Wood, Sub70 - 4 Utility iron.
  6. Curious what you are using for a head?
  7. Dan - Despite being a high handicapper and short hitter, your concept makes a lot of sense to me. I have long thought that tighter gaps were much more important for short irons and wedges than mid-irons and longer. Once I get outside 130 yards or so, my likelihood of hitting the green drops significantly, making tight gaps much less important. I think you are on to something here.
  8. Ping fan here....I played i5s for years and now have G710s. Echoing others, the clubs work and it is a family owned business!
  9. Interesting thread, Obee! While watching The Players over the weekend, I mentioned to my wife that I'd have a hard time breaking 150 on that course. Although this was said off the top of my head and somewhat "tongue in cheek", I guessed that it was probably not far off. My HI (based on myscorecard.com) is 26.5 and my average score for 2020 was 96.6, which according to "The Grint" means I play more like a typical 20-22. Based on having done some further research, I would say that my scores would fall in the 130-140 range....not far off from my original guess.
  10. I second the recommendation for Sieckmann's book! My short game has been poor and so is a focus area for me this year. Another resource which I have found VERY helpful is Padraig Harrington's video on chipping. Spend time on his "alignment stick" drill and you will not hit fat or thin chips again. Although the video has been posted a few times, it's worth posting the link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zX5bvANF48
  11. Platgof - I am familiar with PXG and Cobra F9 irons, but not Epics. Is Callaway making irons with the Epic name?
  12. I have one.....a 4 that Sub70 modified (bent weak to 23*; shortened 1/2") such that it is similar to a G710 5-iron (I play 7-UW). Based on sim testing last week, I hit the club 160 (140 carry) and straight off a tee, making it the right call for longish par 3s and short, tight par 4s. I hit it surprisingly well off the deck and anticipate it will be god for recovery shots. Sub70 customer service is terrific and I am a satisfied customer.
  13. Call them. They may have misunderstood what you need. Also, Jon and Steve (it is a two person operation) get really busy and may have missed your second e-mail. Didn't you ask this question about a month ago? It strikes me that in order to switch out the ferrules they need to pull the shaft, remove the old ferrule, prepare the shaft and head and reassemble the clubs with a new ferrule. In otherwords a fair amount of labor is involved.
  14. Another "Mickelson Claw" grip user here. To Obee's point, when I started using the Claw last July, I went to a 34" putter with standard lie, versus a 33" putter set 2* flat. I just picked up a 34" Ping Milled Anser 5 in mint condition which I am "A/B-ing" versus my Bettinardi BB56. The Anser came with a Pure putter grip on it which I like a lot.
  15. Has anybody read Sieckmann's putting book, "Your Putting Solution"? Thoughts?
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