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  1. Played a month ago and no temp green.
  2. Looking forward to hearing how you like Sweetens. The head pro there used to be at the club I play at. Great guy and pro!
  3. Pictures are awesome. If you are playing in Ohio you better get that in before Thursday. Going to rain then get cold.
  4. I tested the Z Stars for GolfWRX. Very similar to me as Pro V1. About the same distance, feel, etc. I really like them but I don’t find them as durable. Nothing awful but seam did start to show a good amount of wear. I could play them and be happy but think the Pro V1 holds up a bit better. Search for ZStar testing thread and you will find more comments.
  5. What work is being done at Poppy? Thought about trying to get a time there but not if there is work on the course. In the area now and played Pasatiempo earlier today. Course is in pretty good condition considering the amount of play but the bunkers and green architecture is amazing!
  6. Wanted the SL2 so bad as they look great. Know someone that has one and it has been replaced twice for the stitching on the straps and handles coming apart, the pads at the end of the legs came off and it lost plus the material scuffs bad. Second big issue is I messed around with one of the bags in our pro shop and the pockets are super tight and small.
  7. I am seeing the Pro V1 actually being a little longer for me. I think they are very close though. I am a big fan of the new V1. Soft, less driver spin, great flight.
  8. I carry 12. Had four wedges and too many decisions so went back to three (Pw-52-58). Top end is driver, 17.5, 20.5 seven wood then 5 iron. Rarely have an issue but once in a while (once every 3-4 rounds) I’ll have a shot that is a little far for my 5 iron and really have to choke down or feather a seven wood. Going to adjust the 5 or maybe look at a hybrid there but still probably stick with 12.
  9. Regular Pro V1 launches a little lower than either x ball. The BXS is supposed to be a low launch but has probably too much spin for what you are looking for.
  10. Can anyone point me to the Pro V1 thread?
  11. Can’t wait to see Dumbarnie on tv and how it plays. Hearing a lot of good things about it. It opened at the worst possible time. Glad to see the women playing some great courses for the next couple weeks.
  12. You could get the players model which I believe has a spine. I don’t think the original bag had one.
  13. I have had to rebook our groups trip for a third time. Now planned for May 2022. This delta variant and the next one are definitely worse and more contagious. I like you am vaccinated but I am even concerned with domestic travel and potential mandates as the vaccine rates plateau and situation worsens. Hoping it gets better by next year.
  14. Have not experienced anything other than normal wear and tear. Actually the Srixon ball which I liked a lot and was whiter showed more than the Titleist in my opinion.
  15. Both great as mentioned. They are in different areas so not sure if that matters or ok with a more lengthy drive depending on where you are staying. One a modern links and one older but two great ones.
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