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  1. Thank you GolfWRX and Adidas for this opportunity. I look forward to trying these on EDIT: I did get the shoes last friday but on my way out to NYC with the wife and her parents. I'm back and it's been raining ever since but here she is I even like these non retail boxes and the astroturf on the bottom was a nice touch Now onto the comparison against my current pair First things first. Adidas definitely makes the best looking golf shoes in the business. I was a diehard footjoy customer until i got my first pair of 360 Tour Limited in mustang brown and that pair instantly turned
  2. Just got my MRI results back and it says i have a bone spur in my third metacarpal-carpal articulation/base of the third metacarpal bone. Not sure what it means but i guess i will be hearing from my doc on monday. It also says to get it shaved off if it's bothersome
  3. Haven't touched the club since last friday. I guess i will try to swing easy as possible tomorrow and see how it turns out
  4. I'm having similar issue with my hand. I went out for a round 2 weeks ago and got there 20 min before the tee time and didn't have the time to go out to the range to get warmed up (range is little away from the club house). On the first tee my left shoulder pops and I hit a terrible tee shot. Follow that up with a hand pain on the second tee shot where driver's grip got twisted in the hand. Played my worst round of golf ever in last 3 years. Fast foward to last week. I played in the company tournament and this time i made sure i got properly warmed up. Everything felt good and i felt loose.
  5. TEE E8 Beta has been fantastic for me off the deck or from the tee
  6. Im still playing the E8 Beta 3 wood. Face is so hot everywhere that i have to actually look at the clubface to see where I've made contact. Still haven't felt the need to look at other 3 wood besides this damn forum which is tempting me to look at the m2 fairway wood...
  7. Because below PW is a huge gap that will require controlled PW shots to hit the numbers between his other wedges and the PW
  8. seeing how my co-worker is hitting 160+ yards with his m2 PW makes me LOL. He used to be 2 or 3 club below me on every par 3. Now he uses one to two club less than me depending on the hole
  9. Bobcat certainly did not disappoint As for my vote, M1 has been exceptionally forgiving at least for me.
  10. Will do! I picked up the HZRDUS Black 63g 6.5 today, instantly feel the weight difference in my 2016 M1, coming from the Rogue Silver 75g X-Stiff. My only problem is that I live in Canada and shipping that yellow to me would cost an arm and a leg! I did some more research and found out that the Rogue Silver is actually counter-balanced like the yellow, which is why It felt natural and normal. I had a 75g X-Stiff and couldn't feel the club head in the swing. Since testing with the HZRDUS Black 63g 6.5 I can definitely tell where the club head is and I think I'm going to really enjoy it. My
  11. I've been hitting up Burke Lake and the new range is very nice. Also not too crowded in the evening hours
  12. Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Alexandria, VA How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 4~8 What’s your current shoe brand/model of choice? Why? Adidas/AdiPower Boost. Comfort was a big part of the choice this time around due to the knee issues How do you hear about new golf footwear products (Tour players, social media, TV/print/digital ads, etc.)? Mostly from this website and few from youtube reviews What shoe features do you prioritize (comfort, fit, stability, material, price, style, etc.) Stability, Fit, Comfort, Style, Price, Material What do you wish you cou
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