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  1. Up for sale is a Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond 9* driver head. In great shape, used for six months, with no major issues. TA serial number. Have two potential shafts if buyer wants: a Graphite Design Tour AD XC-6 in X-Flex with Golf Price MCC White/Black or a Mitsubishi CK Pro Tensei White 70TX shaft. Both with Callaway tips. No trades. SOLD All include shipping. IMG_2386.heic
  2. I'd recommend showing photos with date and your username on a post it. It's a big purchase to make online on a classified forum with no verified pictures. Also the .heic photo didn't post. I'd post a JPEG.
  3. A bunch of fun items: all prices include UPS ground shipping East of the Mississippi. Add $10 for shipping West of the Mississippi. No trades at this point. Payment via Paypal Goods and Services (no exceptions). If you want other pics, don't hesitate to ask. 4. Mitsubishi CK Pro White 70TX Driver Shaft with Callaway Tip with Golf Pride MCC White/Black. Shaft measures 43.25 from butt of grip to end of Callaway tip. Shaft is pured and lightly used, but nothing you’d notice. Shaft is $325 new (+ the Pure), so selling for $250. NOW $150 5. Graphite Design To
  4. Just an FYI for others considering a Puttview yardage book. Ordered a book in 2020. It took 8 weeks for delivery. When I reached out to the company about the delay, they just said it can take that long. Impressively poor customer service. Just an FYI if you're considering a Yardage book, just be prepared to wait.
  5. It was part of the package. I think they wanted to include a GC2 so that folks didn't revolt when it took a month or two to get a Quad. Never opened the GC2 though, so figured, why not part ways! One launch monitor seems like enough.
  6. Should also add that the unit is as sent and never used. Only opened the box to show photos.
  7. Just bought a simulator package from Foresight Sports. Included in the package was a factory refurbished GC2 (the package contained a GCQuad, so don't need the GC2). They included them because there was a delay in shipping the GCQuads. Information on the GC2 can be obtained from their webpage. As you can see, they're selling them for $5,500. So, will put this one up for sale for SOLD (or best offer). Alas, not interested in trades. I will include continental US shipping tracked via UPS at no charge. I know a purchase of this size online is a bit nerve-wracking so I've
  8. I went to a Club Champion location for an iron fitting. I had my eye on the MP-20 HMB but the fitter said the Mizuno rep said they are no longer available. Can anyone confirm this? I thought it was just the JPX. Hoping for a set of HMBs and would be disappointed if they were donzo.
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