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  1. hit one of these today, absolute nuker i've finally found something to replace my bomber for the first time in years, glws!
  2. [color=#1C2837][size=2][b][size=2]With the R11 irons, I will become a more complete golfer, fitted clubs will help me reduce my handicap from 12 to shoot in the low 70s![/size][/b][/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2][b][size=2] [/size][/b][/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2][b][size=2] [/size][/b][/size][/color]
  3. this is some of the best stuff, used this when i played hockey...could go for some more now
  4. loved this thing since Jason Day at the masters, i want one!
  5. i recently bumped my wedges from the bag and need new gamers, sign me up
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