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  1. fuji pro 2.0 tour spec came out of a SIM Ti 3 wood. $100 shipped through UPS.
  2. Looking to trade my Mizuno CLK 16* Hybrid for a 2nd generation P790 UDI with x flex shaft shaft is a HYT90TX tensei white with a NDMC +4 grip If I have to put a price on it... $225 shipped
  3. Driver - Sim 9.0 with tensei orange 70tx 3 wood - Sim 15 with fujikura pro 2.0 80x hybrid - mizuno clk 16 with tensei white hy90tx 3-pw - 2020-2021 p770 with nippon 120x 52 and 56 high toe - kbs wedge flex myspider x black and orange combo
  4. Shes a beast. If i dont sell it i wont be upset, its a great conversation piece for gearheads.
  5. Have interest for the m1 head. Willing to split if i have a buyer for the shaft.
  6. First up is a 915 D4 8.5 with a diamana d+ 80TX. $200 shipped Second is a 2017 M1 440 with a hzdrus black 6.5 63 gram sold!!!!!! shipped Third speeder tour spec with a titleist tip, this is a 9.2 x flex ordered from will peoples for my D4, pretty sure it plays 45 inches installed. $175 shipped Only trade interest would be a g400 lst 8.5, head only or head/shaft combo.
  7. I have a m1 430 that i love, but i will be trading/selling it for a g400 lst as soon as possible
  8. Really hoping to get these this year.
  9. They dont look too bad. I havent hit one though
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