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  1. I like the MG glove for fit / feel / durability. I have had some QC issues with the velcro. Makes one in five sort of useless.
  2. We use the club gloves. I have a collegiate and a pro model. The pro model I can fit both kids clubs in so I can navigate the airport with only two travel bags for three sets.
  3. We have a Rovic Jr and my son flipped it twice on our first round out with it. He clipped his leg pretty good on a slide hill flip and it sent him in a tizzy for the next couple of holes. The other time the front wheel go stuck in a depression/hole on the course. The cart is well made and rolls really well. It is also compact and fits in the car easily. I wouldnt have a lot of trouble with it, but it requres my 12 Yo to pay attention to what he is doing.
  4. Well, it is the day after Valentine's and its clear I don't have a future with these ladies going forward. The best thing I can do is move on. Pricing is shipped CONUS. 1. Titleist 718 AP2 - Nippon 130x - 4-P. standard L/L/L 4 and 5 got very little use as I used the TMBs below. The 130x shaft was just too stiff for me. 7 iron and Pw shown in pictures $SOLD. 2. Titleist 716 TMB - Project X LZ 6.5 - standard L/L/L 4 and 5 - great set of long irons. $150 for the pair 3. Callaway Epic Flash 9.0 with Fujikara Pro 62 stiff. Great driver, hits the ball
  5. at your SS, I would look Mavrik. Not sure if the pulling was head related or swing or face related. Could open it in the settings if necessary. I have had Rogue SZ, Flash SZ and Mavrik and Mavrik is the best for me and have a SS closer to 105/7.
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