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  1. What's the stock shaft for FT-Tour? Anyone know the release date?
  2. Is there any confirmation to new FT irons?
  3. Congratulation! Hope you like your job.
  4. I'm definitely more aggressive with my par putts and makes more of freer swings than my birdie putt. With birdie putt, somehow I'm more tentative.
  5. CCI forged iron is more of players iron than Vr full cavity. CCI forged definitely has less offset and narrower sole. If you love your AP2s than I'll go with CCI forged.
  6. Nike please release 380 DYMO to public. Let us mere mortals have something good once in awhile.
  7. I always liked long lines on my putter. It is so much easier to align to the target. That's why I game whitehot xg #7 because they have 2 parallel long lines. I always wanted try spider but couldn't fall in love with stock alignment aid. This custom 3 line spider is just what I have been looking for. I can't wait to try this custom 3 line spider. It is so exciting.
  8. Do you mean 907D4? I have never heard of 909D4.
  9. WOW +5.1 hdcp? If you keep that up, we might see you in PGA Tour in few years. I really envy your hdcp. Good Luck!
  10. I made a switch from X-forged to FT Irons and I never looked back. I hit FT Irons much higher, farther, straighter and because of their huge sweet spot, my distance control is much more consistent too. Also, they are not bad looking either.
  11. I would be really surprised if it didn't confirm. It wouldn't make sense to release a club that will be non confirming in few months.
  12. I try to wipe my clubs after each shot and clean them after each round. Never tried clean my grips.
  13. FT-9 with Fubuki was the longest and straightest driver I have ever tried.
  14. I saw these at local golf store and these possibly has the thinnest top lines I have ever seen. Truly one of the best looking irons I have ever seen.
  15. Since your pitching wedge is 45 degrees, I would recommend 50, 55, 60 combination. I think 58 and 60 is just too close together. You would be much better with about 4 to 5 degrees gap between wedges.
  16. It's been called the open ever since the day it started. No one has ever called it British open until Americans who started call it British open to distinguish it from US open. I think everyone should respect its history and its name by calling it The open not British open.
  17. I actually like when he shows some emotions. It just shows how much he cares about winning and how badly he wants it.
  18. If you don't mishit many shots and don't have much trouble getting the ball up in the air why change? I have tried VR blades and they were awesome clubs.
  19. I was quite disappointed too when I saw the pics. I wanted thinner top line with thinner sole but doesn't look like it. I guess if it's not broken don't fix it, right?
  20. They look really promising. Can't wait to try them.
  21. Do you have to remove paint fill before soak it in solution?
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